The 5 Best Apps For Watching Formula 1 Live (Android & iOS)

The 5 Best Apps For Watching Formula 1 Live (Android & iOS)

If you like F1 racing, we are pleased to announce it for you – on the Android and iOS mobile platforms, there is a special application that allows you to watch Formula 1. live. Let’s look at an application like that.

1. F1 TV


F1TV is a great program that will be useful for all fans of the royal race – Formula 1. Thanks to the F1TV application, users can view all Grand Prix with high quality. Thanks to the internal server, the F1TV application provides high-quality and reliable signals.

See the race carried out in direct mode. F1TV allows you to enter not only royal races but also for the GP class. Racing fans will be happy. Adjusting the video in the F1TV application will allow you to adjust the picture quality.

This is the end of the function of F1TV tools. Also worth noting is the easy interface, powerful search engine, and simple navigation.


2. Formula 1


This application was developed for fans and lovers of the most popular races. Here you will find the latest news from the team camp, read and watch pilots’ interviews, live videos, find race schedules, weather forecasts on race day and other interesting information.

This application has strange features – Time settings and sensors in real time. You can watch rider places, lap times and so on in real time. During the race, the program shows the position of each pilot on the track, the lap times and the track sector in which it passes. There are text comments about what is happening on the track.

The curious section: sports and technical regulations. Many interesting things have been written about the changes in this season, as well as about all the technical things.

Application features include:

  • Online broadcast of all stages of Formula 1.
  • Information about sectors, tires and stops.
  • Interactive map showing driver speed and DRS usage indicators.
  • Analyze pilot exit from curves.
  • The radio talk team and the pilot.
  • Some application features become available only after a paid subscription.


3. FuboTV


Shaking, lovers of Formula 1, now you have the opportunity to watch the race directly on your mobile. Application that works in many countries, offers television video streaming at very reasonable prices.

Movies, TV shows, sports … lots of content available! This application offers us dozens of channels of all types, free and paid, paying monthly subscriptions. This is a very convenient way to see our favorite programs, the best films, and series and all types of sports: F1, soccer (LaLiga, Premier League, Champions League, Champions …), NBA, NFL, tennis, baseball, MotoGPб etc.

And the most interesting feature is that it offers a place in the cloud to record videos from 30 to 500 hours (depending on our subscription) so we don’t miss our favorite programs or broadcasts:

  • Dozens of television channels.
  • Large coverage of sporting events.
  • Grating program for all channels.
  • Function to make broadcast alerts.
  • The ability to record content to watch later.


4. Sky Sports


Sky Sports is a mobile application that allows you to watch Formula 1 broadcasts directly from your mobile. You need to sign or pay for daily access to content. Nice interface, clear functionality will allow you to enjoy live broadcasts fully.

Sky Sports is a special application, which is entirely devoted to Formula 1 racing cars. Spectators will watch professional race broadcasts, preparation for competition. Thanks to this channel, it becomes possible to monitor every stage of the race in a good picture. Watch Sky Sports online means getting the latest news in the sports world every day. Fans are waiting to meet and interview with famous racers. In addition, all competitions are voiced by famous commentators.




The ESPN application covers a variety of sports, including your favorite Formula 1. Each different sport is displayed as a separate tab on ESPN SportsCenter.

ESPN gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite team from any sport, and the results are displayed on the first page of the application. Click on the results and you will receive race statistics, summaries and information about the race. The updated application now also contains videos so you can watch all actions on your mobile.

You can set alerts for your favorite teams. The volume settings on ESPN SportsCenter are very impressive. Including push notifications, you can request a warning every time something happens to your favorite team. This includes the latest news and analysis of the race. You also continue to update the news through the integrated Twitter channel on ESPN.

The most annoying part of the ESPN application is advertising. Too many advertisements invade the screen when you try to use the application, especially when trying to view videos.

Comprehensive application for sports fans using ESPN sports coverage and commercial rights to provide a great application for all sports fans.


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