Best 11 Apps Like Pandora for Android & iOS

Best 11 Apps Like Pandora for Android & iOS

If you are reading this then you are definitely looking for some Pandora alternatives.

The good news is you have a choice. There have been many Internet radio applications that have exploded over the past few years and its competitors have included many things that make Pandora special. What’s more, all of these applications allow you to listen to music for free. Sounds good, right?

This free music application will help you listen to music in almost every imaginable way. By using this application you will be able to listen to your personal music library, discover new artists, identify songs, listen to streaming music, and find radio stations near you.

So here is a list of the 11 best apps like Pandora for Android and iOS users that are available for free.

1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best streaming applications for discovering new music. And whatever your music tastes, Spotify is the perfect application for you.

This is a great Pandora alternative that gives you the ability to follow your favorite musician artists and add music directly from your desktop. Just like Pandora, this application lets you create playlists so that the application can play recommended music based on your interests.

Using this application you can search for music with the top list or the latest release. Apart from that, you can also add several songs in a playlist to save them all in one place to be listened to.

One of the best features of this application is the fact that everyone can create their own playlists and then share them with other users. This application also allows you to get a report when it is the following musician who has published a new album or added a new song to the playlist.

However, this application is not completely free, so if you will be very disturbed by advertisements, you must make a one-time payment to remove it. In addition, you also have to increase your account to premium if you want to download music. This will also give you the opportunity to listen to the full album which is not always possible in the free version.

This application has a beautiful and simple interface that makes it easy to use.
In addition, this application has a connection with Facebook so you can see what your friends are listening to. You can also register using your Facebook profile to save time.

But Spotify isn’t just made for listening to music. Using this application you can also find a lot of non-music content such as stand-up shows or podcasts.

In short, Spotify is a great application that allows you to easily create, share and install music and playlists. So you have to try it.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an application that allows you to play your favorite music and create unlimited customized playlists. By using this application you will get access to 35 million songs! Impressive, right? It also has a built-in feature that empowers you to play songs that are similar to the one you listen to the most. That way you can find new music that you will most likely like.

Speaking of application design, Google Play Music has a fairly minimalistic interface that gives you access to a large library of songs and even internet radio. That way, you can get everything Pandora gives and a little more.

This application also features to recommend some music according to your mood, the things you do or even throughout the day. In addition to streaming normal music, you can also upload songs and download them. In addition, this application provides high-quality voice music recognition tools.
This application has a free version that displays skippable advertisements but still allows you to upload more than 50,000 songs to the cloud service that you can listen to without any ads.

However, if you want to increase your account to premium, you can buy a subscription for that you have to pay every month. That will allow you to store any music and be completely ad-free. This application will give you full access to your favorite music from any place you want. With Google Play Music you can easily learn about new music and discover new artists.

In short, if you only want to listen to your favorite music while on a trip without difficulty, Google Play Music is the perfect application for you to try.

3. 8tracks

8tracks is a great Pandora alternative that lets you listen to your favorite music, enjoy and share various playlists and follow users with a taste of music similar to yours.

Using this application you will get access to more than 7 million songs so you don’t need to worry that your favorite songs will now be found. This application also has a nice default search that can show you how many playlists in this application you might like. That way you will always have an interesting mix of songs to listen to when traveling.

This application will give you a nostalgic feeling about the past when you will make special mixtapes for our friends. Using this application you will also get free access to playlists created by real people. That way, you can find the right song for every occasion – from when you want to meditate or exercise in the morning.

This application has a free version that contains advertisements and limits you to streaming for one hour for a week. However, there are premium packages that make you ad-free and unlimited listening features. It will cost you $ 5 a month but you can also increase the weekly limit by creating playlists that get lots of likes.

You can also find interesting mixes by searching for artists, moods, or music genres. In addition, there is an option to search by mood so you can add filters such as “happy” or “sad” and immediately get a list of songs that suit your condition.

In addition, you can listen to songs that you add to favorites on SoundCloud or YouTube – they will be collected automatically together. This application also has a unique sleep timer feature that will stop playing music when you fall asleep.

In short, 8tracks is a great application that includes everything you expect from a music streaming application. Try.

4. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is one of the greatest applications for independent artists and music lovers who are looking for a place to promote and listen to music.

This application allows you to connect with your favorite local bands and support it. There are also opportunities to get tapes from different artists and labels. And no matter how much experience you have, you can set up pages to sell your music and merchandise.

By using this application, you will be able to fully control all the money that you can get from your songs online. That way if you are an artist who wants to understand the music business section, Bandcamp is the application for you. At the same time, this application can give you the opportunity to upload your song anytime you want. Another great feature is that you can choose the song you want to release and make it available from pre-order. That is why you can release a song without waiting for the publisher to accept your song.

Apart from other applications, Bandcamp can give you the opportunity to download high quality music. So you can also enjoy the application if you are a music lover. This application allows you to quickly run or download your favorite songs and share your collection with friends.

In addition, you will get an e-mail containing all the songs that the following people have purchased. That way you can always find new music. You can also follow various blogs and get notified about your favorite band tour. In addition, this application directly sends the money you get in your Paypal account so it is quite comfortable to use. Bandcamp has many features that allow you to add your own merch, send fan’s personal notes and give them a free download code.

In short, if you are an independent artist who wants to make a big statement, Bandcamp is definitely right for you.

5. LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events

LiveXLive is a great music streaming application that gives you access to the latest live music tracks and events by your favorite musicians. This application has millions of songs, so whatever genre of music you like – you will find it there.

Whatever music interests you have – this application can help you. This application allows you to create customized playlists so that all the songs you like can be in one place.

When downloading LiveXLive, you will immediately understand how it works. You need to make a special playlist based on the music and the player you like. That way, this application will recommend your song that is similar to the song you like so you can enjoy it. When you open the application, you will see all the music genres that you can listen to. And when you listen to your favorite songs, you can also change the settings so that the application will more easily recommend music to you.

Using this application you will also be able to see some interesting news about popular musicians so you can stay connected to new ones in the music market. In addition, this gives you the ability to watch several music festivals and online shows in real life mode. In addition, this application gives you access to previously created playlists and statins so you can find new songs and artists. This application is also intuitive and has an easy-to-use interface so you won’t have any trouble using it.

LiveXLive has a free version that contains several advertisements and doesn’t allow you to listen to music offline or skip songs without limits. However, you can easily achieve this feature – you only need to buy a premium subscription.

In short, this application is the best way to discover new music based on songs that you already like.

6. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an application that will give you access to a large library of music artists and podcasts. This application also allows you to find several independent artists, listen to music, and even release your own songs. In addition, SoundCloud gives you an entrance to millions of songs that are uploaded every hour and every day so you can always find something interesting to listen to. That way you can not only listen to some popular songs but also find something great from the musicians to come.

By using this application, you can follow several music artists to view their personal playlists and get notifications when they launch new releases. At the same time, this application gives you the opportunity to create customized playlists and share them with your friends. Additionally, you will be able to upload your own music tracks. When you install and start using SoundCloud, you will mostly see some random songs in “suggested” but that will change quickly because the application will have more information about you.

After a few moments, the application will know more about you and can only recommend music that you have the potential to like. This application gives you the entrance to many songs that are constantly updated. You can even find several songs that can be downloaded for free. Soundcloud is one of several great applications for young artists who are just trying to develop. With this application, unknown and independent artists can upload their music and be sure to find their listeners and even producers.

Another great feature for independent artists is that they will get copyright protection when they upload songs. Unlike other applications, SoundCloud does not have a paid version. That way, if you want to save your favorite songs and listen to them without ads, you only need to create an account.

Overall, SoundCloud is a great application if you are looking for music that is not popular in your favorite genre. SoundCloud offers you a great way to enjoy and discover new music.

7. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a radio application that gives you an unlimited library of music tracks and podcasts.

Using this application you can listen to your favorite music and even make your own music playlists using your favorite songs. You also find several playlists made before in various music genres – from pop music to rock-n-roll in the 90s.

This application contains several unique features such as giving you the ability to set your favorite song as an alarm clock with a daily plan directly from the application. iHeartRadio can also be used to set a sleep timer that will automatically stop after a few hours or minutes.

In addition, there is an option to search for song lyrics on iHeartRadio. It also contains some brief information about biographies, news, and artist podcasts to keep you up to date. Along with just listening to music, you can also listen to the radio from almost every corner of the United States. Using this application you can even make your own playlists using the songs that you like the most.

Along with other similar applications, iHeartRadio has a paid version that gives you access to more features such as unlimited jumps and more. But you can easily use this application for free without all that. No registration is required and no advertisements can disturb you and disturb listening. However, you can only skip a number of short songs every day.

In short, if you are someone who likes to listen to your favorite station, iHeartRadio is a great application to have. Unlike most other similar applications, you don’t have to pay to get additional features.

8. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an application that is very similar to other streaming applications. This allows you to play stations and playlists that can be filtered based on mood, genre, and activity.

Amazon Music is a service that you might have access to, you don’t know about that. If you are one of the millions of Amazon Prime customers, you also get access to Prime Music.

By using this application you will get access to millions of free songs and also to all the songs that you upload and that you specifically buy from Amazon. Apart from other applications, this one has no limits. You can download as many songs as you want without adding anything.

This application also has an offline mode for songs that have been downloaded for listening offline. That’s quite convenient for the moment when your internet connection suddenly disappears.
The catch here is that you need to look for this model in the settings to activate it. Once you find it, you can also easily turn it off when you are back online.

In addition, this application is 100% user friendly so you will not encounter problems on the way to good music. That way you don’t have to deal with things that you don’t need. You can also use various devices for one account, which is also a good choice.

This application has more than 50 million songs that you can listen to, so you will never face problems when you don’t have songs to listen to. You will also get recommendations that will feel very similar to the one you like the most.

The most important thing that makes this application unique is that Alexa has a built-in. And very easy to use because you only need to press the Alexa icon on the main page. You can use Alexa to search for songs, specific albums, and even search by lyrics

Overall, Amazon Music works well and if you want an application with a variety of music, this application is for you.

9. Shazam

Shazam is an application you might know because of its music detection skills. However, it can also be used to stream music after it has been recognized. It even contains lyrics for whatever song you choose.

To be honest, Shazam might not be the best music application to use alone. This works much better in pairs with several other streaming applications.
As you already understand, one of the most popular ways to use this application is to recognize songs. And if you are looking for it, you should know that there is an automatic shazam mode that will listen to every song it hears until you turn it off.

You can also use automatic mode to listen to all songs when you open the application. In addition, every song you tag in this application will automatically be saved to your account so you don’t have to take screenshots every time you search for songs.

Shazam works easily – when you open the application it starts listening to the song that is playing and then gives you the name and artist.
You don’t even need to give the complete song application, the cut will be more than enough. That being said, confession only takes a few minutes. After the song is recognized, you can share it, watch music clips on YouTube or find information about it. Additionally, you can even create a Pandora station with it, based on the artist.

Every song that your Shazam recognizes will also be saved as a tag that you can use to share with your friends. In addition, their Shazam findings will also be seen for you. And if you will create an account, you will have access to all songs from your PC.

In short, this is a cool music application that you definitely have when you don’t know the name of the song.


Tidal is a popular music application that gives you access to a large library of high quality songs. This application is one of the first applications for music streaming that offers music with good quality. So, if good music quality means a lot to you, Tidal is a good choice.

When you start using the application, you will see that it has three main parts. My collection is the part where you can find every song you like. It also contains artists, albums, and even videos that you like. That way, if you want to hear something familiar – look no further. In addition, you can listen to all your favorite songs without an internet connection.

Another section is called Home and suggests you some songs and playlists that you might like. At the same time the Explore section allows you to split tracks by genre.

Using Tidal you will get access to millions of songs. Impressive, right? Apart from that, you will be able to listen to all of these songs with good quality.
Another nice feature of this application is that if you like an album, all songs will be automatically added to your collection. That way you don’t have to search for each song individually and you will always have easy access to everything.

Tidal provides the best quality audio that you can find in this kind of application. And this is especially noticeable when you listen to master-quality albums. Of course, you need at least good headphones to fully appreciate the sound quality, but that’s not necessary. However, sound quality is very subjective and you can also like quality that does not contain.

In short, Tidal is the perfect application if you are looking for exceptional sound quality that you hear.

11. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of the most popular music applications that gives you access to the largest music library in the world.

To be honest, if you’ve ever tried Spotify, YouTube Music will really feel like it. This application allows you to search for songs, listen to playlists, and more. YouTube Music also has a large selection of music from independent artists. In addition, with this application, you will get the power of Google’s advanced search so you can search for lyrics or even describe songs to find them on YouTube Music.

This new application is definitely aimed at people who value music videos but now your device’s display may die and you can still listen to music without interruption. However, what’s interesting here is that you must have their premium service that gives you YouTube Red.

YouTube Music also has a large collection of cover songs, concert recordings, and alternative versions of songs so you will have many choices. In addition, this application can find your favorite album recordings that are played directly on a certain day on a certain date. The interface in this application is user friendly and its features and search functions are amazing.

This application has a free version that contains advertisements. But there is also a paid version that allows you to listen to ad-free music, and also gives you access to background listening and offline downloads. All these fun features will be available for YouTube Music Premium accounts and will cost you $ 10 a month.

In short, YouTube Music is a great application that will give you the ability to play long-lost music through its video safe. So this application is definitely a must-have.

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