9 Of The Best Free Face Recognition Apps For Android & iOS

9 Of The Best Free Face Recognition Apps For Android & iOS

Now it’s much easier to find friends or even strangers on the Internet. You no longer need to enter information, just upload the photo.

Modern applications have features like a face recognition system. You don’t need special equipment or an expensive smartphone. Just use the application data and photos you need.

This technology compares photos with millions of images stored on the Internet. And the most accurate is finding the picture. Especially regardless of the shooting angle, light, and the position of the head. And now you have seen the user page.

In addition, this application can protect your personal data. Use them to lock your cellphone. Only with your presence will the phone be unlocked.

In this list, you will be given the best application for this purpose.

1. BioID Facial Recognition


BioID Facial Recognition application can recognize human faces.

To do this, it uses the default smart algorithm. With the help of this interesting and fascinating program, you can find the face you need.

This technology finds faces in photos taken. You can also find similar faces. This application improves photo quality to make the process faster.

In the first photo analysis, the BioID Facial Recognition application selects several candidates. Then get involved in sorting the most similar people.

Each face compared to existing features. This application can be used in a video surveillance system or in a database.

In addition, the BioID Facial Recognition application has many other interesting features. It recognizes a person’s age and gender in a photo. You can also identify someone.

This application uses a photo database from the Internet. It becomes a picture and identifies the face. It can also recognize text in photos. You will receive a notification.

You can also search for photos of people like you. Just upload your photo. The application recognizes your face and starts working. If you find a match, you will see photos of similar people. Because the application uses an internet database, you can also get a link to this person’s social network. You might get several matches.



2. Luxand Face Recognition


Luxand Face Recognition application can identify a person’s face from a photo. This program perfectly complements all the standard functions of your mobile.

The main function of this application is to protect your personal data. It uses face recognition technology. Conventional password protection has long been unreliable.

Facial recognition will confirm your true whereabouts. So, this application creates complex authentication without enhancements.

You can set protections for each application. When you open the Luxand Face Recognition program, you must show your face to confirm your identity.

Luxand Face Recognition application identifies human faces in photos. Automatically improves photo quality. So that it can better define facial features. You can also find people like you. After the verification process, the application starts selecting similar people.

This facial recognition method can be used in a video surveillance system. You can also use photos in this application to get information about specific people.

Recognition occurs using an integrated neural network. Quickly search for similar photos for a reason. For example, image weight, resolution, and so on.

Based on this feature, in your search results, you can see a link to someone’s profile from a photo. But, this rarely happens. Usually, there are people with similar appearance or decoration in the photo. For example, if his face does not look well.


3. Face Recognition!


Facial Recognition! is a photo search system. It does a good search in all segments of the Internet.

Looking for photos, it is recommended not to upload photos with multiple people. In this case, you might not get the desired results.

Do you need to find as much information as possible about someone who only uses the photo? Then it’s better to use a similar method.

Face Recognition Application! have a default browser. With this, you can see the results.

Directions for searching through this service look like this:

  • On the main screen of the application, click the photo search icon. It looks like a magnifying glass with a camera background. Located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • When you click “Select File”, a window will open where you need to select or take photos.
  • Below you can see the tags that apply to the uploaded image. Using it, you can find similar images.
  • Next is a block with similar photos. This might be useful for you because the same photo is selected according to a certain algorithm. If at first, your similar picture did not see the photo you wanted, then click “More Similar”.
  • A page opens with all similar photos. Suppose you find the photo you need. Click to enlarge and find detailed information.
  • Here pay attention to the right block. You can find more similar photos in it, open this one in full size. You can also go to the site where it is located.
  • You can also scroll to the bottom of the page directly below. Here you will see which sites host the exact image that you upload. This block is called “Site where the image occurs.”
  • To enter the desired site, click the link or table of contents.

Face Recognition Application! free for the Android and iOS platforms despite having in-app purchases.


4. LogMe Facial Recognition


The algorithm used in the LogMe Facial Recognition application helps recognize faces in photos. That’s looking for the same person. For this, you need to use high-quality photos. The face must be clearly visible on it.

The instructions are as follows:

  • After opening the application, on the search bar, click the camera icon.
  • Select the download option. Provide links or download images from your mobile device. To switch between download options, just click on one of the labels at the top of the window.
  • A page with results will open. In the first block, you can see the same picture, but in different sizes. Under this block are the appropriate tags and sites where there is a similar image.
  • In this case, it is recommended to consider the “Similar Image” block in more detail. Click on the block title to see more similar images.
  • Find the desired image and click on it. Here you can also view these images in various sizes or find more similar photos. You will also get the chance to go to the site where it is located. To go to the source site, click the “Go” button. You can also click on the title at the top right of the screen.
  • Additionally, you might be interested in the “Pages with matching images” block. Here you will find a set of sites where the exact same image is found.

The main purpose of this application is to look for similar people. So, the Face Recognition application LogMe uses face recognition technology for this process.


5. Firebase Face Detection



Firebase Face Detection will give you the opportunity to identify strangers from photos. This is based on comparing photos with an Internet base.

How does it work? First, you take a photo of the person you want to identify. Then upload photos to an application that searches for photos on the Internet.

Wait a few moments until the image is full. The same picture will be displayed at the top of the screen. But here you can see it in other sizes.

Next, it shows you things that are considered similar. The face recognition algorithm of this program is unique.

In addition, you can search by image URL (link on the Internet). You can also upload photos from your phone gallery.

Every time someone uploads a photo to this application, he or she chooses something similar. Basically, the application downloads all information from social networks. The database contains photos and information from each member of the popular social network.

When there is a match, the application connects this person with their profile. This will tell you the name and contact information.

You can also find someone’s profile on social networks from someone’s photo. However, in this social networking privacy setting, users can check the box in front of certain items. Because of this, the page will not be able to browse search robots and see unregistered users.

If the person you need has this privacy setting, it will be very difficult to find the page from the photo.


6. Face Detection and Recognition


To identify someone who uses Face Detection and Recognition, you need to upload a photo to the application and start the search.

The application automatically recognizes faces in photos. The results will be found matching by a link to their profile on social networks.

This service will help you find someone’s profile on social networks if you have a photo of it.

You can use further analysis to find out what you need about the person. From his home town for travel and preferences. For this process, the application has a default browser.

Face Detection and Face Recognition Search Application uses face recognition technology. However, search engine algorithms are also accurate enough to provide results. Among them there will be the desired image.

The search engine looks for images like the photo of the person you uploaded as a search query.

Quick instructions on how to use the Face Detection and Recognition application:

  • The main screen only consists of fields where you want to upload photos. Take a photo of someone or upload the finished one.
  • After downloading, this service offers several pages from social networks. It has examples of similar people. Each profile has a match score. If the score is higher than 0.67, then this is “full coincidence”.

To repeat the search, the page needs to be refreshed. Without this action, uploading the new photo button will not work.

Face Detection and Recognition application to quickly and well recognize faces in photos. In addition, there are no native ads.

7. Face Detection-AI


Sometimes it happens that you only have a picture of someone and you don’t know anything about him.

Suppose you need to identify him to check whether he is really an eyewitness to the event or working in a certain place. Looking for people on the Internet will allow you to find someone if there is at least something known about him.

If you only have photos? In this case, the Face Detection-AI application will help you. He knows how to “recognize” who is depicted in the photo.

In some cases, the service will answer your question. It shows the name and surname of the person in the photo. But such answers are not always obtainable. But this application can find similar pictures or even someone’s profile on social networks.

In some cases, face recognition helps identify people in a group photo, to compare two faces.

This is one of the most useful tools for finding photos of people. By using this service, you can upload photos and find users on social networks. Naturally, search works with certain errors. In addition, the photo must be clear enough and the face must be clearly visible on it.

So, if the photo with the person you want to identify isn’t very clear, the Face-AI Detection application might not do a search. You can also re-edit photos. This will help the application recognize faces better.


8. FaceMatchR


FaceMatchR is a search service with face recognition.

This will give you basic information about the person in the photo. To do this, he scans the faces in the photo. In addition, this service will show which celebrities look like the people featured in the search.

Here you can upload photos for analysis. You can also provide links to photos published on the Internet. The FaceMatchR program is a professional face recognition software.

Users are asked to upload photos. After that, the service will provide a large list of data about the face shown in the picture.

These items include:

  • age
  • race
  • Facial expression
  • the presence of beards and glasses
  • hair color and beard
  • the presence of a mustache
  • chin size
  • eye color and position
  • eyebrow color and thickness
  • long hair
  • head shape
  • the shape and size of the mouth and nose
  • tooth
  • other small parts

This service also offers similar people from celebrity databases. It presents more than 40 thousand entries. For each photo, a coincidence percentage will be presented. The photo with the highest percentage of chance must show who is shown in the photo.

The FaceMatchR application can not only “recognize” the user, but can also find his profile on social networks. You will learn about his preferences and interests. This information can be seen in the search results.

Looking for similar face images on the Internet can be very useful. This technology is also convenient for tracking one’s activities on the Internet.


9. Face Recognition


The Face Recognition application lets you find people through photos. To do this, he uses a face recognition system.

This service is designed to search for people on social networks through photos. In addition, this shows a link to the profiles of the people who posted it. This means that you can take someone’s picture somewhere, and then add the photo to the system.

Then the Face Recognition application will find this person’s photos on any social network. In this case, you will receive a link to the page.

In addition, this is a unique program that allows you to find your clones. The application interface is perfectly adapted for mobile devices. The whole design looks great.

You can also use this application to unlock your device and access data. This is an excellent protection of your personal data. 3D cameras must be involved in the recognition process. This is used so that it’s impossible to fool a smartphone with photos.

The Face Recognition application also uses face recognition in real-time and real-time conditions. In this case, it is closely related to the video surveillance system.

To use this service requires authorization. In the search results, a link to someone’s profile and photo is immediately displayed.

The Face Recognition application has a special algorithm, which finds all pages on social networks. They publish this and other images of users. Even in a personal photo album.

For all these processes, this program uses a face recognition process. For this, you need to use good quality photos. It must clearly show your face.


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