9 Best Apps Like Flipagram Android & iOS

9 Best Apps Like Flipagram Android & iOS

Currently, we store a lot of pictures, music and videos on our mobile devices. That’s why there are times when we don’t know what to do with all that content or how to manage it. But in reality, there is a very good way to use all those files – we can make home movies from our smartphone screens, even without having knowledge of the subject. There are many applications that help you achieve this goal – applications that can combine video with photos and music, and which have various features that make it possible to get great results. And can you believe it? They are free to use!

Let me guide you through some of these amazing applications.

1. VivaVideo


With this application, you will get the opportunity to personalize your videos and photos, in a simple and intuitive way. It has options that work really well and lets you create slideshows called “Photo Films”. You can change the title, use different types of transitions between photos, apply effects, stickers, and filters. Better yet, it comes with some interesting camera lens effects and supports different capture modes.

You can even use selfie effects to get brighter, more natural photos. Additionally, if you have several videos stored on your phone, you can create a video collage using one of the available templates. When finished, you can export and share the results on social media or via email. The best part is the free video editor. Although there are some limitations in the free version, such as watermarks and time limits per video, it’s still worth a try!

2. Animoto


This is probably one of the best applications for making videos with photos and songs. Animoto offers a catalog of outstanding effects and a pleasant interface. In addition, the end result may surprise you! Because of its quality, it can be considered semi-professional video editing. Although the videos that you make with this application are limited for a certain period of time, the quality of this editor is outstanding. All you have to do in Animoto is choose the picture you want to make a video and choose your favorite music, or, if you want, you can record at the same time, then you have to choose an audio clip and then choose one of more than 50 available template.

3. Quik


Quik is an automatic video editor, formerly called the Playback Application. Although it may resemble Animoto, this is a little different. Its main feature is that you can let the application assemble your images based on the selected music and template, and have a high level of adjustment. This is ideal for making adventure videos outside your room because it has many templates designed to make photo slideshows in strikes and in a very beautiful way.

4. KineMaster


KineMaster is a video editor for mobile and tablet devices. This is also a very complete tool for editing videos on Android. It has many choices, such as titling, transitions, and themes. This allows you to edit videos and make quality presentations with photos without leaving your device. The free version allows you to export videos to 720p but with a watermark.

The disadvantage of the paid version is that you can’t buy apps with a single payment – you are required to pay for a monthly subscription or for every video you make.

5. MiniMovie


If you don’t know how to make videos with photos, MiniMovie is what you need. This application is the best tool ever for beginners. It was developed by Asus and includes all the most necessary features, so you can easily produce videos with photos online from your mobile screen. You don’t need to be an expert at editing programs because this application will guide you through the process in an intuitive way.

There are various templates and themes. You can view and edit previews from your screen and, if everything is perfect, you can save your video and then share it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or even send it via WhatsApp, Line, etc. This application includes intelligent face detection modes, transitions and offers support for photos in the cloud. This is undoubtedly one of the best applications for making videos with photos and music for those who don’t have much knowledge of making videos with smartphones.

6. iMovie


iMovie has no competition for iOS users. It is stable and precise. It can be used on mobile devices, iPod Touch or iPad. When Apple decided that mobile devices could work with video material in the same way as Mac works with their famous video editor, the company launched the iMovie application and then began to improve it and push it for the best quality related to Mac editors.

With the advent of iOS 9, the application has been updated and has the possibility to edit videos in 4K. With the camera upgrade on the latest iPhone, this update is exactly what is needed! So, this is how the dream of high-quality video editions on the iPhone comes true.

7. Wondershare Filmora Go


One of my favorite video editors is FilmoraGo. This program aims to make videos easily and feed your creativity. It has many original graphic elements that will allow you to tell your story in an authentic way. In addition, it comes with free copyright music, which is perfect for making videos with images and audio. It also has a save effect if you want to expand various themes and their effects.

This application has a free trial version where you can play with all functions but with the awareness that your end result will have a watermark. After it’s done, you can share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks. No doubt, this is a complete option that needs to be taken into account when choosing an image editor for Android and iOS.

8. Music Video Maker


Music Videos is a good tool for making videos that will include your favorite memories. This application is free and very easy to use. In addition, its usefulness makes editing easy on all types of screens. This is one of the best options for simple and fast editing.

This application offers three options: You can make videos with music, make videos with photos and edit videos that have been previously created by you to add more content or to change effects. Music Video Maker has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to make interesting videos with your favorite photos in just one minute. Another big advantage is that you can add audio that is stored locally.

9. PicPlayPost


This is an interesting application for those who like to experiment with photos provoking their favorite memory. Instead of a slide show or photo compilation, you can use a unique interactive frame that can contain various videos and images. The first thing you should do is choose one of the many frame styles to create your own work. You can combine up to 6 videos to make a collage in a frame.

The second thing you have to do is import videos from your gallery. You can also include background music and photos that match your video. If it does not match, drag the video into the frame, zoom in or out. You can even tilt it if you want. When you’re done with all of that, just touch any video from the frame to play it. This application can be downloaded for free, but has several advertisements and adds a small watermark to the processed video.

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