8 Of The Best Letter Search Apps For Android & iOS

8 Of The Best Letter Search Apps For Android & iOS

Many things have changed since the time when our parents were little. For example, now to eat pizza you only need to take your smartphone, open or find your favorite restaurant application or delivery shipment and click the “buy” button, after one hour you have enjoyed eating hot pizza. Our parents didn’t even dream about that. The same situation is with education, children’s behavior, hobbies and things like that.

Let’s look at education. Nowadays not only people can take part in children’s education, but also new technology. Time is running out and new technology is also being developed. Nowadays children can learn the alphabet, whether from kindergarten or school or from home, using several tools and devices. Some people in somewhat agree with the point of view that gadgets are good friends in learning problems and that they can replace teachers. I cannot fully agree with that, we must not forget factors such as human attitudes and the ability to discipline and motivate not being interested in student education.

On the other hand, the gadget will help your children to prepare for elementary school and get more knowledge besides kindergarten classes. I told you about a special letter search application that gives little humans a great opportunity to explore the world and learn the basics. There you can also find up to 8 Best Font Search Applications for iOS and Android.

1. Kids Academy games: preschool learning kids games


Every parent pair knows that children’s minds must be developed by different tools and in various fields of life. In this application, people find up to 1300 educational games and tutorials that can help their children explore the world. Get them access to math, writing, phonics, and reading games. Little future geniuses will be able to hone their writing and reading skills, develop mindsets for mathematics, sharp visual perception and hand-eye coordination – all through interesting gameplay. Believe me, they will be interested throughout the day.

As for features, all games in the application are divided into age groups due to various levels of development skills.

Toddlers for children from two years to four years; Preschool for children from three years to five years; The kindergarten group is for children aged 4-6 years.

This application is visually appealing with bright colors and pleasant graphics. The learning process will flow quickly and easily! This application is perfect for learning the Alphabet, tracing letters and numbers and taking the basics. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a homeschooling family or a traditional school family.


2. Alphabet Board


The first thing small children must learn is the alphabet, of course. In other ways, they will not be able to read and speak fluently in elementary school. If you are looking for some easy and easy to understand tools for your honey, this application will solve all your problems.
I have never seen such a simple and minimalist design in the application. Say: “A little more” – it’s absolutely true. You have access to all necessary features:

– Ability to change the alphabet language
– Uppercase letters for easy tracking
– Attractive sound effects
– Alphabet background music
– fine lines
– All features are displayed


3. 123 Tracing Numbers: Montessori math game for kids


Math games are the best in children’s education problems. They develop children’s brains and minds in a good way. In addition, numbers are crucial for successful adult lives, professional careers, and other things.

This math game teaches basic math concepts that are important for preschoolers: identifying numbers; one-to-one correspondence; reading number symbols; associate symbol with quantity etc. Proper instructions are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills. If it’s a game that makes learning numbers fun.

As for features, everything is made with great love for children, so navigation will be very child-friendly and easy to use.

Repetitions are often designed to help children learn numbers and their sequences. In addition, children also like surprises, and the developers try to make children come back to get more because the exploration environment is rich and full of surprises and verbal encouragement. Another feature is the unique curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education experts. There are audio instructions for better understanding if someone is afraid of making mistakes.


4. Reading Raven HD


This is an application that makes children think that they are getting old. It is very important for them to do the same thing or similar things as their parents. Just imagine they will be very happy with the application made especially for them-for children. People describe Reading Raven as “a serious educational application that directs children from initial phonological and phonetic awareness to reading complete sentences while integrating printing and teaching skills through play”
As for features, there is a complete list that you can highlight your favorite
Self-study takes children away from reading before reading sentences!

– 11 types of super fun games / activities that teach critical sub-skills!
– If you have two or more children, configure a profile for both.
– Fully adjusted based on age or reading level!
– Speed ​​and tolerance dynamically adapt to motor control capabilities!
– Reward stickers that reinforce what has been learned!
– Very effective voice instructions and feedback!
– Free writing letters and forms!


5. Gappy Learns Writing


This is considered as one of the well-designed educational applications for children. In other words, the game traces mysterious mystery letters to preschool and kindergarten students. Make sure, this application immediately attracts the attention of children. Color graphics, animated cartoons, and characters help children learn how to write each letter correctly. If you ask what method they use, they will learn letters in the form of a playful fun dot game.

What’s more, children have access to three selectable handwriting styles that develop their imagination together with interactive letter practice pages and 52 coloring pages based on the alphabet.
There are no problems with the right phonics – the sound of letters to help toddlers learn the right phonics.

6. ABC Phonics: Songs, Tracing, Games and Photos!


Every parent pair knows that it’s important to change children’s games and learning in a different way. We offer you to see one of these ways. Learning the alphabet has never been as funny and easy as now. Trust the ABC Phonics of your child’s education and make sure, this application will do the best for your children.

ABC Phonics is perfect for practicing at home in the alphabet. It’s full of interactive and dynamic learning games that are right for the children’s first ABC.

Regarding features, words, listening to songs is one of the most effective ways to study little humans. This application offers fun phonetic song animations from A to Z. In addition, there are several search tools for learning letters and alphabet with more than 100 online alphabet flash cards through interactive games: upper and lower case letters. Finally, you can find up to 26 educational games to play with words, adorable photo frames for impressive reviews.


7. Preschool Learning Games Kids


A few words about Preschool Learning Games Kids. The developers present a beautiful world for learning the alphabet, letters, various shapes and numbers that can prepare them for future life.

The ABC super alphabet adventure features a beautiful, bright, colorful design and kid-friendly interface. All items to be manipulated are large enough to be easily grasped by children’s fingers and there is no complicated menu that a child must access to play the game himself.

As for features, it offers four unique and interesting game modes: Letter Puzzle, Animal Puzzle, Sky Puzzle, Beach Puzzle. Try everything to improve your skills. The possibility for parents to turn on / turn off only the games they want their children to train in gives them complete control over the educational process. Many adorable animations and hand drawings for each letter only help children to focus on important things and classes. All pronunciations by professional voice artists.


8. Alphabet Tracing And Writing


Another well-designed educational application that can help your child to take basic language and math skills. Let’s talk about letters. What will we do without them? How do we arrange words and sentences? There’s no way. Our language is based on the alphabet and its letters. That’s why we have to start learning our children to write letters correctly as early as possible.

This application will help you do it without discomfort. First, looking beautiful and colorful is important for young children and helps them not to be disturbed. There is a complete list of letters from A to Z available for tracking. In addition, a child can practice in correct pronunciation because of the support of “sound effects”.

If something goes wrong, there is the ability to use hints and tips that give children all the necessary information about writing correctly with about fourteen colored pencils.


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