8 Of The Best Currency Converter Apps for Android & iOS

8 Of The Best Currency Converter Apps for Android & iOS

As long as we live in a world with many different currencies and we travel a lot, we need to have a brief knowledge of the amount of money we need in other countries. We can travel there for a week, or for several hours, if there are transit flights. In all cases, we may require a sum of cash in the appropriate currency for each country. And just in case, if we don’t know the exchange rate we might exchange less money we need and get stuck in a city that is roaming around looking for an exchange office or bank.

Here we have compiled a list of currency converter applications that cover most of the world’s currencies. Some of them are available for iOS, some for Android.

1. Currency Converter – Exchange


Currency Exchange Converter is the simplest yet powerful application that helps everyone including tourists to see rates for different currencies. It has data for around 150 currencies. I think that’s enough for everyone. So let’s look at all the features offered by the application.

Main feature:
  • Regarding location, the application will offer you currency. For example, if you are going to travel to the country and do not know the local currency. You can launch the application, choose a country, and find currency rates.
  • All currencies use symbols and abbreviations used throughout the world. For example, the famous dollar is written as USD which means US dollar. In addition to the US dollar, there are Australia, New Zealand dollars and more. There are about 20 countries that have dollars as currencies with different exchange rates.
  • Works offline without an internet connection, but for more accurate results it is necessary to update the latest rates.

Additionally the application has data about the history of currency fluctuations which are presented in graphs and graphs over different time periods. Many users find this application practical and easy to use. So far not available for iPhone devices.

2. Currency: Exchange rates, Travel accounting&tags


The second application in our list is a very special application for various features. This is called a currency but with the features listed in its name: exchange rates, travel accounts, and tags.

From the first look, we might think that an ordinary currency calculator with the most currency rates exists. Choose any currency and see how much money your country needs to travel. Select multiple language calculators to check multiple currencies if you are traveling to not just one country.

The second main feature of this application is a trip expense tracker. You can add each expense and mark it. They will be categorized in labels such as food, transportation, accommodation, entertainment. Use the ‘accounting for travel’ feature and view all reports. Monitor your expenses every day. Currency converter will help you see how much money you have spent and how much each item is priced in your country’s currency. This way you can avoid exorbitant prices that stick to your travel budget.

This application is only available for Android users but also gets huge popularity and high ranking. Worth trying, especially it offers several features for free.

3. Currency Converter Plus Live


Currency Converter Plus is a great and simple currency application. It is available for Android and iOS too. Trusted by millions of people who have installed it to different devices and continue to use it. They clearly found that it was acceptable and comfortable. This application rate prove it.

This application provides the latest currency rates and calculators. But this calculator application is more sophisticated as we can imagine because it allows us to add the currencies of many countries in one calculation. Select an initial currency, the application will display the amount of money for various countries. This is called conversion of many currencies and this is a very useful tool.

Being an advanced application supports not only currencies but metals and bitcoin. We cannot imagine the market now without the last two. For better analysis, the Converter has a statistics section with each currency trend for the last time period that you can choose yourself. Such graphs can help you to continue exchanges faster or post them for a better time.

4. My Currency Converter & Rates


A completely free application with a few extras that appear will be very helpful for any traveler traveling in another country or country if there are no borders crossed. It is available for iPhone devices only. Useful and useful does not require any tutorial. Anyone with or without a finance degree can understand ideas on how to use the application in a short amount of time. Just choose the currency for which you want to convert money and see the exact number.

It is claimed that my Currency Converter supports 150 different currencies. In addition, it offers the prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin. All prices are updated automatically if you have an internet connection. For any use, there is a toggle button to change currency. This application displays three decimal numbers for more precise calculations.

For those who are interested in fluctuations in value and the latest trends, there is a section with diagrams that show how currency rates move for the last year, month or day.

5. Easy Currency Converter


Easy Currency Converter is the easiest but most popular application. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times. It offers currency exchange rates for 200 countries and cryptocurrency as well. All data is relevant but requires an internet connection for the latest updates. If you are offline, the latest saving level will be displayed.

This application supports the Personal register feature, where users can add multiple currencies to monitor rates. This application also has a search bar that simplifies the process. Sometimes it is difficult to scroll through whole currencies which also looks a little confusing. Adding currencies to your list has never been easier. Simply tap the star in front of the currency name.

Fortunately this application offers graph statistics for each currency or cryptocurrency since 2011, so users can see trends over different time periods.

This application is only available for Android devices.

6. Currency Foreign Exchange Rate


Currency Exchange is a simple calculator for currencies and precious metals. This application weighs several and will not occupy significant space but at the same time will be a tool to save the situation. Luckily this application is available for Android and iOS. It also includes 170 world currencies, Bitcoin, Gold and Silver.

This application has something different from other applications. This allows users to modify rates to calculate and convert correctly according to certain bank interest rates. Saving rates online allows users to have access to all offline tariffs.

But this application is available for free, it offers in-app purchases.

7. Unit Converter


Unit Converter is a unique application that offers conversations for various units including currency, weight, length, temperature, time, etc. There are many different features offered by this application. As long as different countries have different systems for example temperatures can be reflected in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

But the most important feature we are looking for is currency exchange and calculations. This application is great even in this financial sector. This will display all types of exchange rates. There are more than 150 world currencies with constant updates. Typically, application updates will be assessed once a day when the application is launched. The design and interface of the application is very attractive. Especially if you see a currency that matches the country’s flag.

This application works fast but doesn’t consume a lot of traffic.

8. iMoney – Currency Converter


iMoney is another advanced application for viewing currencies and their exchange rates. This application offers a quick and easy way to get all the necessary information you need. The easiest way to get the latest value for the currency you need to exchange. Either you want to travel or have money from another country. This application is right for you. It is available for iOS devices.

Having a great design and comprehensive interface, this application offers a list of most world currencies with an easy way to find each one you need. Surely this application supports a list of favorite currencies marked with stars. This means you can choose up to 5 currencies and will be on a separate list for faster access.

This application not only displays official exchange rates but the buying and selling prices of banks, as we know, are different. The level graph shows fluctuations in each currency exchange rate. This application supports offline mode with the latest exchange rates saved.

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