8 Best animation apps for iPad

8 Best animation apps for iPad

Drawing is attractive to people all the time. People visit exhibitions, draw on their own, buy portraits from artists. At this time, the picture starts to take special features. For example, if the previous cartoonist had to draw each frame on paper, today it could be accelerated and made with the help of technology.

Maybe you are also interested and want to try doing animation. But if you don’t do it professionally, but also want to join the art world, then you will be assisted by an ordinary tablet.

Buying an easel, paint and brush will leave a strong imprint on your budget and welfare. Also today there are many brands of graphics tablets, specifically designed for creativity, animation, sketching, and even drawing. But still buying new equipment – it’s quite expensive and maybe you can’t afford a quality graphics tablet.

However, many people are now happy owners of the iPad, which at first glance, is perfect for the role of virtual horses. To make it easier for you to work, as well as to adapt to new ways of drawing and creating characters, we have chosen for you the most comfortable and modern application. In total, we found 11 of the best applications that are perfect for animations on the iPad.

1. Animation Creator HD


Hd animation maker Serves the tops of different apps on the App Store, in the entertainment category you can find Animation Creator HD right away. This is one of the best paid applications that you can buy for drawing and animation. This is ideal for those who choose to draw, but do not yet have sufficient skills or talents.

In fact, Animation Maker has the simplest, yet most classic and powerful tool for drawing and telling stories. Plus, you can feel like a real director or editor – adjust everything from frame order to frequency.

Not only can you make comic books or cartoon style drawings, but you can also make real pictures in painting and portrait styles. You can then see the whole process of making an image – both upside down and moving fast.

As you already understand from the titles, images and animations created in Animation Maker are marked with high resolution. The developer gives you complete freedom, unlimited animation possibilities and frame creation.

Drawing tools, as we have said, are the simplest – brushes, aerosols and even pencils for sketch or outline mode. The results can be exported to galleries or sent via email or social media.

Also, Animation Maker works with Cineverse, a special platform where people can share their creative and inspired results. The main thing is that your creation will be seen as soon as you finish your animation!

2. Animation Desk Classic


By manually drawing elements, you become attached to the characters and everything you display in the animation itself. At Animation Desk Classic (pay attention to these details in the title), you can create dynamic images or entire videos from your own images. You can make real art work – believe in yourself and start!

This application gives you a set of the best and most comfortable drawing tools. You can always find additional tools in a special tab, as well as directly from moving widgets to other developer products. In general, Animation Desk Classic supports 3 levels of work with images, and can also copy and paste the elements you need. There are also stickers, text, and text throughout all video orders or in certain frames.

You can preview your project and decide if it’s perfect enough. If you are satisfied with the results, you will be able to convert the notes to PDF format, for example, and send them to social networks. There is also a special AniZone community that brings together fans who work at the Classic Animation Desk. So aside from ordinary art, you will also get to know lots of creative people!

3. Animation Desk


Price on the App Store: free, by subscription

Unlike the Classic version, the Animation Desk even has more functions and abilities. Because the application provides paid subscriptions, you decide what features you need. You can import and export the results in various formats, and immediately send them to your other Apple devices.

You can work on 9 layers – it’s much more convenient to develop the same frame plan, and make small changes to the results. You have a large number of tools that you can use, including copying, around 50 brushes, and intelligent image layer processing. The Animation Desk supports Apple, Wacom, and Adonit stylus pencils for easy drawing. So, you can choose the most convenient option.

For yourself in this project, you can leave comments and notes for each frame. Of course, nobody forces you to make a full cartoon at once. This application allows you to make simple GIF animations. If you decide to make a film, you can add music or other sound effects to it.

Remember that functions in the application are divided by status. It is recommended to read it carefully after installation. Of course, there are several tools in the free version, but you might want to make animation more professional and you will need more complicated details and tools to work with.

4. Animation & Drawing by Do Ink


Vector graphics are one of the most popular trends in visual art, as well as in the creation of images and videos virtually. That is, to make vector images you will need a device – for example, a tablet or computer, and the desire to draw. Animation & Drawing with Do Ink allows you to work directly with vector graphics, which may be of immediate interest to you.

This is a good choice if you want to involve your brothers and sisters in drawing and tell them about the basics of animation. First, Animation & Drawing by Do Ink is easy to use and does not require initial drawing skills. Second, although simple, you have access to several advanced animation tools. For more experienced artists, there are also more sophisticated features, but this application is still best suited for those who are just starting to get involved in animation.

Children can easily make their school presentations on Animation & Drawing by Do Ink or design projects and experiments. The flipbook presented in the application will be clear from the first use. You can highlight the key frame or drag and drop it at the right time in the video.

Children will only work in the application, because soon it has basic geometric shapes – stars, rectangles, circles, etc. The brush set allows you to effectively draw by hand, and the eraser will help correct the flaws. For best results, you can work on different layers, scale items, or group them into one item.

Images can be saved to the project or played on the camera, which can then be easily sent to others or completed later. In general, Animation & Drawing by Do Ink is ideal for beginners and students, even according to the teacher.

5. Stick Nodes Pro – Animator


As the name suggests, you basically work with stickers. Stick Nodes Pro is specifically designed for use on iPad. With this application, you can easily make real clips or even films from ordinary stickers, and if you need fast animation results, GIF animations are at your service. Videos are saved in MP4 format, so you can easily play them on any device with a player.

Because the application is paid for, you don’t need to worry about watermarks, permanent advertising banners, and other inconveniences. Add music and sound, make real cartoons even with color reversals and overall color balance.

With Stick Nodes Pro, you will be able to work with a virtual camera that allows you to zoom in and out while you are working and change designs. Even adding text or extracting it with replicas can now be made using standard templates.

In addition to footnotes, there are thousands of other stickers available, which are templates for your images. You can also edit this template in the future, add something new to it or change it completely if you want.

The “business cards” of Stick Nodes Pro consist of people whose animations are made in vertices that connect parts of the limbs. This application has a whole community where artists can share their results. In addition, you can watch a large number of videos on YouTube, which will give you fresh ideas.

6. FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation


Most often these animation applications have a basic standard size for work. Usually this resolution matches the resolution of your screen in horizontal or vertical orientation. On FlipaClip you can set your own canvas size – up to 1920 in 1920!

You can touch or draw with Apple Pencil. Use various brushes, shapes, and tools to edit them – content, eraser and so on. By the way, you can no longer worry about the problem of “thick fingers”. After an error, you can fix everything with one click and it won’t affect the results.

With the Pro version you can work in 10 layers of images at once – though, you should consider the possibility of your technique. If you exceed 6 layers, your tablet may start to slow down or become a little more difficult to work with.

You might want to make the picture more realistic when you film. FlipaClip can handle it! Manufacturers have created facial skin control features that will give you a clearer view of facial expressions or features. This feature will also be useful when you are voicing something.

You can add photos, upload audio and video files yourself. You can send the final results to your friends on TikTok, YouTube or even Twitter. GIF, MP4 and other formats – adjust the results and get great animations.

7. FrameCast – Online Animation Studio, create stop motion animated videos with sound


framecast However, if you don’t want to do cartoon drawing professionally, or if you don’t have very ambitious goals, then FrameCast is a good way to get to know the process of animation, drawing, and tablet work. Like many other creative platforms, FrameCast has its own community of creative people who freely exchange their animations.

In fact, you should be a little more careful when displaying your work. Remember that there are always toxic people who can talk negatively about your work. You should not take messages like that seriously.

Start talking specifically about the functionality of FrameCast, it should be noted that the speed of work. If you are familiar with applications that work instantly and without delay, it might not work for you.

Processing speed is not the best thing from FrameCast. But you can immediately record the sound in it for your animation and adjust the overlay immediately. You can also set brushes – unlimited color choices, brush collection and eraser editing that are easy to draw.

FrameCast also regularly holds contests and flash mobs, where you can take part. Such an event gives you a dose of inspiration and new opportunities for further self-realization. Remember, all your success and progress depends only on you!

8. RoughAnimator – animation app


roughanimOnly people who have worked with animation and drawing themselves can predict what the animator really needs. That is why RoughAnimator is considered as one of the best applications for creating images and turning them into real GIFs or videos.

RoughAnimator can be considered strong enough to work on it at a professional level, as well as simple for beginners. The intuitive interface allows people even far from drawing to quickly understand the functions and utility tools.

Speaking of tools, it is possible to note that there are many of them and most likely, you will find among them all the usual brushes. Picture each frame, you will be able to control the frequency and resolution, as well as the frame rate during playback.

You can also import audio tracks – for example, to force sounds to cartoons and synchronize them with the lips of characters. You can adjust the frame layers as you like, and there is no limit to the number of frames you can set.

You can make drawings with Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon and other Bluetooth stylus. This is convenient, especially if you are accustomed to drawing with pens, pencils, and brushes in real life. Once done, you can import your project to another editor, such as your laptop, and convert it into a video or animated GIF right away. Turn without limits and wherever you are!


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