8 Apps Like Omegle For Android & iOS

8 Apps Like Omegle For Android & iOS

Nowadays people use different instant messages for personal correspondence, who use the Internet for communication. Already an ordinary SMS method, although it remains a popular method of communication, its position passes fairly quickly. Over the past few years, many applications have emerged that allow users not only to correspond with each other via text, but also to communicate via video, share files, create group chats and so on. True, there are so many of them now that ordinary users no longer have the time to follow all the new entrants in the market, not even talking about all the popular messengers. In this material, we will remember all the ways of exchanging messages such as Omegle which must be considered by every modern person.

1. Chatous


Chatting for smartphones is an easy way to chat about interesting topics with people from all over the world. If you don’t have enough forums, social networks, Skype and Twitter, then this tool will satisfy your desire to chat with someone. Chatous works according to the following principles. You register and show your vital views. Do not be afraid, no one will find you in the real world, protecting your privacy in applications implemented at a high level. Analyzing data, in a few seconds, the application will offer you communication partners, whose interests match your interests.

An important advantage of this service is its cross-platform. All information and discussion are available under the same login, not only on the smartphone but also through a browser on a computer. This is convenient, especially if some useful information has passed through the discussion.

With respect to interface and ease of use, Chatous is no different from other text chat applications. And it’s hard to produce something new in textual communication, except the standard emoticons and keyboards. To use this practical utility, everything is immediately sorted out, the interface is intuitive.

Chat is also a great way to practice foreign language knowledge. The fact that the interlocutor is chosen worldwide, most often your partner will become an English-speaking user, just because there are more of them. But this is interesting because you can get the opinions of people from all over the world.

2. MeetMe


MeetMe: chat and meet new friends – a great application for finding new friends and acquaintances for everyone! Never finding a new friend is not as easy as using this application. You can choose people based on age, photos and then chat with this person in the chat room where you can exchange messages and photos. Everything is absolutely free and very high quality, check it yourself!

More than 100 million people use this app now and their number is always increasing. Young people are accustomed to getting acquainted on the Internet, and MeetMe opens a new era for this purpose. Find interesting friends, nationality, and many factors. Find someone who is suitable for you. For everyone, there is the same person who will become a friend, and maybe even you can find your soul mate.

If you want to make friends – download the MeetMe utility and with a simple interface add your options, which will be searched. Communicate in one of the most comfortable chat rooms, send stickers and smileys that will brighten conversations and help you find common languages ​​more easily!

3. Moco


Moko – is software from the same service for unlimited communication with users around the world. Join millions of program viewers, get new people, share your emotions and achievements, play games, listen to music, schedule face-to-face meetings and more.

On Moc, you will find friends, interesting personalities, only friends to talk to and will be able to communicate, flirt, and generally, have fun. At the same time, you can arrange group chats and private conversations 1 to 1. Smileys and stickers are attached to messages to convey your feelings and moods as much as possible. This application is completely free, all you need to join this network is to create your own profile, add your favorite music, videos, backgrounds, wallpapers, animations, etc.

Main features of Moco:

  1. Join one of the hundreds of chats available or start your own chat.\
  2. Full profile customization – videos, music, backgrounds, wallpapers, animations, and more.
  3. Play more than 50 free games, including poker, slot machines, bingo, etc.
  4. Send greeting cards for birthdays, acquaintance birthdays, and other holidays.
  5. Looking for friends, meeting new people for serious relationships or simple communication.

4. Twoo


Twoo service for new acquaintances with people all over the world. It’s quick and easy to make friends like never before: just register on this social network and find interesting people to chat without restrictions in private conversations or public chat. You will be surprised, but the Twoo application will help you make new friends even in your country, with whom you can meet in person and continue to communicate.

In addition, there are many additional entertainment features: mini-games, sharing photos, organizing albums and more so you can have fun and not get bored spending your free time.

Every day more than one million people meet on Twoo, and you join many of these communities, communicating without limits and obstacles.

5. Camfrog


Camfrog is an instant messaging and chat tool. Most popular systems allow you to communicate with your relatives but with Camfrog, you can also get acquainted with others, and it’s easy and fun to do – the utility does its job perfectly. With the help of Camfrog, you can switch between rooms, meet new people and make friends. You can find many rooms in various nominations, and if you cannot find the right one, you can immediately create a new one.

After you enter the room, you can communicate completely freely. It’s easy to contact individual users, and video chat will delight you with high-quality images. If you are worried about the security and security of personal data, then you don’t need to worry Camfrog offers a reliable function to protect personal data, as well as parental control and room moderation. So, if you want to communicate with people from all over the world, Camfrog is what you need.

6. WeChat


WeChat messenger is so well known that it’s embarrassing to start talking about it now. WeChat is increasingly popular among smartphone owners because of its ease of use and various features – including those borrowed from other services and successfully built into programs – wide integration with social networks, and the ability to install on a variety of mobile platforms.

As already stated, the client bribes easily to use and rich, regardless of its cellular base, functionality that includes integrated features that are more characteristic for social networks than for message senders.

WeChat can be used as a text message for voice and video messages. When you receive a message, the smartphone emits a standard SMS reception sound; You cannot change the signal.

The feature of the WeChat messenger is that it doesn’t have that status; the message comes to you always when your smartphone has access to the Internet, and, therefore, the message is sent when there is a connection. Despite its many functions, the program interface is simple and maintains a standard platform application interface style.

The messenger allows you to exchange photos and contacts, and also by pressing one button to start voice communication with contacts. For those who will use WeChat primarily as a text message, the client offers a large selection of smileys that are very nice, as well as a set of animated men.

This program allows you to find contacts by phone number, as well as nickname. But this is not all: the fun feature is searching for the closest WeChat user – you need to fill in a simple questionnaire (gender and region) and voila: You have seen the nickname of all system customers within a few kilometers from you.

There is an interesting function “Shake”. The name speaks for itself: shake the phone, you give a signal to the system to find another user, shake the current phone as a sign of wanting to communicate. A funny opportunity for open-minded people.

But even more interesting, in our opinion, is the function not messenger, but social networking. You can remember that you can register with WeChat using your Facebook account. However, this is not all, or rather, this is not the main thing.

The client allows to save “Moments” – photos that will be the basis of the album in the program. At the same time, you can, like on Instagram, play lots of different filters. Also in “Moments” you can put likes and leave comments. As such, messenger can turn into an unexpected and quite competitive alternative if not Facebook, then Instagram to be exact.

Thus, the WeChat client is at the crossroads of messenger and social networking, not only through the integration of its services with the latest but also the innate features that are more typical of social networks. This makes messenger a unique and interesting application that has been valued by more than 300 million people worldwide (and application localization is ongoing, judging by the impressive list of available languages).

7. Tagged


Tagged is a fast growing network, for direct communication with millions of real men and women of various ages and interests. To ensure that you always get the right effect and find people in your interests, the administration constantly checks the relevance and accuracy of filling in the data. The more interesting and real your profile, the faster you will get your friends!

For what purpose do you desire to find people? For friendship, correspondence, real meetings, sharing certain information, creating a family or maybe for sex? Tagged understands any desire, it is possible to realize the most online fantasy. Here you will surely find someone with whom you can communicate on any topic that understands you in half a word, able to keep secrets and secrets.

It doesn’t matter what your purpose for coming here is, and what you want to find. It is enough to start the questionnaire and fill in the data, and then the technology problem. Looking at you, many want to make friends and write themselves, and thanks to an accurate search, you can quickly apply filters to the system issued by only those who fulfill your interests. Browse nearby, of a certain age, with photos and interesting content, which you can load on your device.

8. Qeep


Communication skills and not only! This is a whole social network, which has entered more than 30 million people! Find friends in a remote corner of the planet. Communicate and share interests.

In software, there are opportunities to play online games, both for money and free, with real people! Also in the utility, there is a photoblog, e.g. The possibility to watch pictures and photos of people from all over the world! Very important feature: the program can upload images to your mobile using a standard browser, and not just browse. There is also an opportunity to comment on photos!

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