7 Top games like Sims for Android & iOS

7 Top games like Sims for Android & iOS

My long-term friendship with Sims began when I was in elementary school. Honestly, I can’t follow up on all the new versions one better than the other. After releasing the mobile version, millions of fans have the greatest opportunity to have a portable alternative to this life simulation work.

The game always has graphics, stunning gameplay, and a large amount of positive emotions. In short, this is a very addictive life simulator that changes from Sim creatures to life, family, aircraft carrier development. I personally, have not seen anyone rejected by this game. Fantasy reaches its peak in this game.

There are many different versions of this game. Even if you skip it all, you can choose one alternative that we recommend in this article. There are 11 feasible replacement Simes for Android and iOS that are slightly different but share the same idea.

1. Avakin Life

The first game on our list is similar to what Sims has different features. One of the most significant differences is the highly developed social life. Here you can socialize, chat with people all over the world, make friends with them too. It is said that this game is similar to the famous online game Second Life which was recently abandoned because of the many current alternatives.

Avakin life shares aspects online with Second Life. From another side similar to Sims, it offers heroic creatures from scratch, building houses, and jobs. Work is needed to maintain life and increase the level of life for your sim.

There are a number of exotic locations where you can build your home and be decorated according to different design styles. Of course, a good design is more suitable for a fancy party with your online friends. This game supports online chat.

2. Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 is the second game in the sequel that is similar to the Sims mobile game. Though it is a far simpler alternative and is not too time consuming for lovers of life stimulation. Players concentrate more on home design and living arrangements and less on creating personalities like in Sims. Quite a game that offers different people to adopt.

The main goal is to create a beautiful family, get married, have a baby and adopt a pet for your small child. Home design and family-oriented game development will immerse you in a warm atmosphere of love in one house. From the moment you launch the game, you become responsible for life and must guide them through life from childhood to adulthood.

You are also required to have your virtual family food consumption, recreational activities, home control, and career paths. When the game is turned off, all life processes in the game do not stop.

Some fans of this game say that they have played for 7 years caring for a virtual family and never get bored of it. I really believe this game is worth playing.

3. Home Street


Home street is another alternative to Sims for mobile devices with almost all the features typical for classic famous Sims. Create your sim, build and design a house, work, and socialize. The game is available for the Android and iOS platforms for free, although you will face many in-app purchases to get updates and improvements.

This game is a combination of features where you can develop various skills. First of all, try to become an interior designer, decorate your home, choose different wall colors and furniture items. Second, you can play with the appearance of your character choosing eyes, hair style and face shape. Another new skill that you can develop is choosing clothes for your Sim.

Be friendly, make friends, and organize parties. Meet your perfect partner and play marriage. In this game, all your fantasies can come true. Unlimited functions help you enjoy this game anytime. Needless to say, the graphics are amazing and the game is easy to play.

4. Virtual Villagers Origins 2

This game is an amazing alternative to traditional Sims where we can play most of the world and modern society. In the Virtual Village, we went back to the past and ended up somewhere on the island where we had to build everything from scratch.

We made our first steps to survive building a house, gathering something to eat, farming and trying to do our best to survive on this mystical island. While the island is not a quiet place all with many dangerous creatures and natural disasters.

Main features of the game:

Stunning graphics with vivid images.
Option to make an appearance and choose clothes for the character.
Many development options. Train your character to plant crops, catch fish, hunt, build, etc.
Many magic tricks such as totems, healing necklaces, potions with different power-up functions.
Get a pet and care about.

While the game is free for both players, you’ll find lots of in-app purchases during the game process.

5. Cheetah Family Sim


If you are a little tired of playing with digital human copies, you can try diving into the animal world. More precisely the world of a cheetah. Cheetah Family Sim is a game with all options similar to Sims but related to one cheetah family. What do you need to do? You have to simulate the life of this beautiful wild creature.

Your main tasks are to grow trash, feed and play, hunt together, and explore the vast desert. The child needs a lot of care, so parents are careful. Of course, you and your family need food. Only hunting is a way to find something to eat. Though dessert offers a large choice: lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes.

This game offers a different shelter for cheetah families who will play the role of home. In addition, there are many locations, day and night cycle shifts, and seasonal shifts.

6. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter also invites you to build and develop. Players have similar Sims goals: manage people’s lives, hire them to achieve career goals, create an environment for them to live. One important difference is that the whole game seems to occur underground while the surface of the earth becomes dangerous.

As a Sims, this game offers to play the role of Cupid in finding a suitable match for your world dwellers. Even though the land is dangerous but it is full of useful things, you must send your people on the ground to look for something at the same time not to let them die.

Fallout is a free game to download for the Android and iOS platforms. What’s interesting is that the whole world is called Wasteland and the world that you have to build underground is called Vault. This is completely different from the gameplay and fancy design of Sims, however, the ultimate goal is to maintain a happy life for your sims population.

7. Animal Crossing


Animal Crossing is another great life simulator that originally belonged to the Nintendo console. A few moments later it appeared on mobile devices and gained huge popularity among simulation game fans.

There are lots of things to do in the game and you will never get bored. First, move to the village and start working there. There are more than 100 animals that operate in this game. Everything looks like a cute little toy for children. What’s interesting is that you have to meet the needs of your small animal.

Second, this is a multiplayer game where you can invite your friends to play, grow and develop their own village and visit each other. This game is also synchronized with your time. That means if it is day time when you launch the game, it will be the day in the game itself. And vice versa.

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