7 Of The Best Snapchat Filter Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Snapchat Filter Apps For Android & iOS

Are you a big fan of Snapchat who is looking for alternatives? You have covered this article.

We all know and like the good old Snapchat apps but now there are lots of Snapchat filter apps for Android and iOS that do the same thing and even a little more. This application contains an animated beauty mask, face adjustment mask, and even a mask that looks like an animal.

1. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera


Let’s start with an application that has been around for a while now. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera is a photo filter application with various features.

To begin with, the unique thing about this application is the fact that it empowers you to change your appearance when recording video. In other words, you can take pictures with some beauty instruments to make your lips look bigger or hide your zits. What’s more, you can add presets to your videos for free.

At the same time, you can also add various stickers to your video and you can choose from more than two thousand options. However, the main reason you read this article is an animated mask like Stapchat so let’s talk about that. This application has a good face recognition instrument so that the mask will look as great as the one on Snapchat.

In addition, all masks are divided into collections so you can see through animal masks, beauty tools and more. In addition, the various luster effects look as great as some of the applications you have to pay. You can even paint on your video and add a few quotes to it. Apart from that, you can also add music tracks to your videos and upload them directly on Facebook or Twitter.

In short, if you are looking for a great alternative Snapchat, the B612 application might be a good choice for you. Try!


2. MSQRD — Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies


The next application in line is called MSQRD – Direct Filter & Face Exchange for Selfie Video. This is a photo converter application that will take your photos and videos to a whole new level.

Let’s start by considering the advantages and disadvantages of this application. First of all, this application includes a large number of AR effects and masks that you can use for free. In addition, all masks are divided into several categories so you can easily find something for yourself. To be more precise, there are categories of animals, face sets and also many who are on holiday.

At the same time, the extraordinary and unique thing is that all masks and filters are available without an internet connection. Needless to say, this application is one of the first applications to make decent filters free. Face recognition tools work very well here and all masks are united with your face and look realistic.

In addition, this application also empowers you to make live broadcasts with your partner on Facebook and do it with a mask on your face. Some masks work on two or three faces at once. Apart from that, you can also add stickers to your videos and draw them. However, there aren’t many updates recently so if you want to try something new every week, this application is not a new one.

In short, if you want an application with a detailed mask, MSQRD is an accurate choice for you.


3. Fun FaceApp for Snapchat


Fun FaceApp for Snapchat is an application that provides thousands of funny masks for free.

To begin with, you must remember that this application is not the one with beauty filters that will make you look like a doll. According to its name, this application is about masks and filters for people who don’t mind looking a little crazy. In addition, this application with large variations of famous animal masks.

After you finish recording a video, you can save it on your device or upload directly to your Instagram story. In addition, there are many color correction filters that you can add to your videos. Needless to say, all masks have different variations – type on the screen when using the mask and you will see all the options.

Along with other applications included in the category, this one also organizes all masks by imitated animals. There are also various stickers that you can try to make your photos and videos look creative. In addition, there are also effects that look like comics and are related to the upcoming holiday. In addition, there are zoom in and zoom out modes that add action to your videos.

In short, if you are an animal mask lover and want to try all the variations, Fun FaceApp for Snapchat is the ideal choice for you. Try it, it will not disappoint you!


4. YouCam Fun – Live Face Filters


Another funny application with an animated mask called YouCam Fun – Direct Face Filter.

To begin, this application has a large library of photo filters, and masks for any taste. The unique feature of this application is the background replacement. In other words, unlike his sister’s application, this one doesn’t work with you, it functions with your background and changes it in real-time mode. Needless to say, this application has a great identification tool so that each mask looks as realistic as possible.

Needless to say, this application is very organized and all effects are divided into collections for easy access. Additionally, all masks can be adjusted and you can see options by tapping on your screen.
In addition, you can pair a mask with color correction or preset filters. You can also share your videos with your friends and upload them to your social networks.

What’s more, there are many beauty filters that can make your face look better or make your lips bigger. In addition, there are all categories of masks that change your hair color and even hair style. Some masks also mimic different accessories such as earrings, glasses or hats.

In short, if you are looking for an application with a variety of animated masks, YouCam Fun is an accurate choice for you. Try it, you will not regret it!


5. Sweet Face Camera: Selfie Edit


The next application must be the funniest thing on that list. Sweet Face Camera: Selfie Edit is an application with an animated mask that you can try for free.

To begin with, this application mostly focuses on the types of masks that make you look prettier. In other words, this application allows you to change your appearance in real-time when recording video. In addition, this application empowers you to add some emojis and stickers to your videos to make it look more unique.

At the same time, this application also includes a mask that changes your voice. In addition, there is an enlargement feature that can add several actions to your video. This application also contains a large library of presets that you can add to photos and videos for free. If you are an Instagram user, this application also has a boomerang format so you can upload your videos directly to your Instagram stories.

It also needs to be said that the application does not limit your shooting time and you can record videos as long as you want. In addition, this application does not damage the quality of your photos and all images look professionally edited. In addition, all masks in this application are organized into categories to enter easily.

In short, Sweet Face Camera is the perfect application choice for people who want to play with animated masks. Watch the following!


6. Filters for Selfie


The next application is called Filters for Selfies and is made for people who like Korean style photos.

Frankly, this application does everything in its power to make your selfies photos and videos look struck. To be more precise, hundreds of animated masks, stickers and filters can make you look cuter. In addition, there are many beauty filters that work for photos and videos simultaneously.

Speaking of beauty filters, some masks make your eyes and skin glow, some masks cover your lips and there are even filters that can modify the shape of your browser. Another unique feature of this application is the fact that you can try on various makeup styles when recording videos. It is worth mentioning that makeup masks function well but will look more realistic if you will not move around much.

What’s more, this application also has a tool that changes the background of your photo. You can also adjust the boundary and make it look as realistic as possible. Besides beauty masks, there are also many effects of looking for anima that will turn you into a cat or dog.

In short, if you like the look of Korean selfies, you should try the Filter application for Selfie.


7. Instagram


The next application on our list so far is the most famous social network based on photos – Instagram.

For now, we can’t even make Instagram Snapchat alternatives because it’s getting bigger. In particular, this application now has all the instruments that Snapchat has and even more. Let’s discuss how the mask works in that application. There are various ways to edit your Instagram story and now mask is one of them. Apart from masks, you can also add shadow correction to your photos and videos and write whatever you want.

At the same time, the application now has more than just a mask created by the application itself. For now, each user can create a unique mask and it will appear in his account after approval. After that, each user can use your mask for free and post stories with it. What’s more, if someone uses a mask that you created, your account will be marked above the story.

Needless to say, this application has thousands of animated masks in various categories from beauty masks to some that are crazy and interactive. The only problem you might have is there is no way to search among all of these masks and the only way to use it is to subscribe to the mask maker.

In short, if you have never tried Instagram before and are looking for social networks with animated masks, you should try this application.

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