7 Of The Best Double Exposure Photo Apps (Android & iOS)

7 Of The Best Double Exposure Photo Apps (Android & iOS)

Double exposure is the overlapping of one photo on another. It used to be very difficult to achieve such an effect. Now you can do this on your smartphone in a few minutes.

This list contains the best double-exposure photo application, which will turn ordinary photos into unique works of art.

1. PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage


The PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage application allows you to use the double exposure tool quickly and easily.

So, first, you must have 2 photos on your cellphone. The first is what you want to edit, the second is a background in the future.

It can be anything: brick walls, forests, snow, mountains, rivers and more. In the application above, select “open” and find the photo you want to edit. Then select “double exposure” in the tool and click on the plus icon.

Then select photos from the Internet in the gallery. Now at the bottom of the editor, click on “drop” and move the pointer to the right to the largest.

Then click the left arrow at the top of the screen and select View Changes. Then click on the box with the brush and erase the background around your object in the photo.

You can change the double exposure at the bottom of the screen with an up or down arrow from 100 to 0. This will be your “eraser”. When you clear the background at the subject limit, use the zoom function.


2. Snapseed


The Snapseed application will give you a unique opportunity to create unusual images.

You can make one unusual picture from different photos that surprise your customers. To do this, use the Dual Lighting tool, which allows you to combine two different images.

You must select two photos that you want to mix. The slider between them makes one or the other more visible.

One of the most important functions of the Snapseed application is the mask. You can choose the zone that will be visible after the layers are combined. You can zoom in on images for more accurate rendering.

By default, the coverage area is to the right of the touch point, but this can be adjusted. This is so you can see exactly what you are highlighting.

Here you can make one of the layers more saturated to see if you have selected everything correctly. When everything is ready, choose one of the presets to join the layer, if necessary. One layer can do more, less and move it relative to the other.

This is a free application that has rich functionality and nice design. All tools are available here without additional purchases.

3. Pixlr – Photo Collages, Effect


Pixlr – Photo Collage, Effects is a popular editor that will help you combine two pictures into one using the Double Exposure Tool.

The functionality and application tools allow you to turn boring images into bright images. Here you can not only “play” with contrast and lighting, but also combine two photos.

To do this, simply open the program image, which will be used as a base. Then you need to enter the second one and reduce the opacity with the help of a special slider.

Selecting an image, you can start cutting objects, and the means to do this are really good. After inserting the object, you need to adjust it, adjust the color.

That is, to do everything so that the cutout object joins the background image. To do this, you can use several settings. For example, you can adjust brightness, saturation, transparency, and so on.

If necessary, you can change the location and size of the second image. In the end, you only need to merge layers and save the resulting image.


4. Shapical X


Shapical X is an application for combining two photos using the Double Exposure tool.

The first step is to open the image in the application that you want to overlay. The second will be added to the process.

Next, open the “Tools” section. At the very bottom of the screen, there is an item with the appropriate name. Click that.

Now click on the icon to the right of the cross. The only thing to do is to choose the second image and determine its location. Now open the dual exposure tool.

The next thing you need to set is the type of exposure. To do this, click on the center icon. And then choose the option that is more appropriate for your case. Or leave everything in “Default” mode.

The third icon displays the transparency parameter. If you release the slider to the right edge, you will only see images added, and to the left – the main one. Adjust so that the desired effect is achieved.


5. Bestie-Portrait Selfie Editor


The main function of the Bestie-Portrait Selfie Editor application is the ability to create multiple exposure photos.

To take public pictures, you must post your pictures on public tapes. If another user selects it, he will be able to overlay his photo and create a new image above your photo.

When one frame is overlaid on another, you will be offered several filters. You will be able to choose among those who fully fulfill your idea.

The end result always looks interesting. You can leave comments or likes under the processed image, as well as see the most popular photos.

The Bestie-Portrait Selfie Editor application is very simple and easy to use. First, select the photo that you want to edit. You can do this from the application’s main screen by pressing the appropriate button.

Open the Tools section and select Dual Exposure. Then select the second photo for which you want to overlay the first photo. Move photos as you like. Select the transparency of the second image.

Then click the arrow icon at the top. Here you can see the changes that occurred during the photo editing process. You can also create this effect manually.

Select the brush and paint the desired area. You can change the size of the brush by moving it and moving it closer. To delete an excess, change the value from 100 to 0, and vice versa, if you want to complete the picture.


6. Cut Paste Photos


Cut Paste Photos creates a double exposure effect for digital photos. Here you can make joint photos with people from different parts of the world.

How it works: You take a photo with a service or choose an album on your mobile. The Cut Paste Photos application then combines your snapshot with other snapshots of any other application user.

After a few seconds, you get a picture ready with double exposure. You can save it, share it with other users, or delete it and try to find a new combination.

This application also allows you to view source image combinations.

This is a kind of photo social network, where you can put “likes” and comment on other people’s duplicate photos.

It’s easy to use the double exposure tool here. The main window of the application contains the necessary buttons that you can use to perform all actions.

Select the photos you want from the gallery of your mobile device. This will be the bottom layer of your image. Then choose the second photo.

The Cut Paste Photos application will place it above the first photo. Next, you need to choose the Double Exposure tool. Follow application requests to get very beautiful and unusual results.


7. Photoblend


The Photoblend application is one of the best graphic editors. Here you can apply one photo to another by applying a double exposure effect.

After downloading and opening the program, be sure to allow it in any convenient way.

When done, open the main page and click the icon in the top corner and select “Settings”.

With the help of the settings presented here, you can change the quality of the processed image. You can also add your own watermark and more.

Return to the main page, click the three dot button on the top right of the screen, and select the Dual Exposure tool. You can also use the icon in the lower right corner.

From the photos on the home screen collected from the gallery on your device, select the photo you want to see.

You will now be directed to a page with the main collage editor. Through the panel at the bottom of the page, you can change the location and size of the image.

Use the panel at the bottom of the screen to go to the first tab. Here you can change the proportion of the final image.

If necessary, switch to the third tab in the lower panel to delete, replace or add a new frame.

You can save the finished collage by clicking on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner of the editor. As a result, a page with several options for saving will appear.


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