7 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps 2019 (Android & iOS)

7 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps 2019 (Android & iOS)

Because you are on a social network, it is important to build social connections in a way that is accessible. There are many useful tools for working with Instagram followers lists. See our list of free Instagram followers apps in 2019:

1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is one of the best tools for Instagram. The free application allows you to choose the right time for publication and the most appropriate hashtag to increase audience engagement. This also provides an opportunity to increase the number of followers and find new followers and unfollow.

Have you ever noticed that the number of followers is decreasing? Agree that it’s interesting to find out who actually stopped following? With Crowdfire, you can easily find active users and unfollow. Do you want to stop following is a personal question, but at least you will find out.

Find new followers and track how updates on your social media affect the number of followers and unfollow.

Crowdfire for Instagram is useful to complete this social network, not only allows you to see who has subscribed to be a customer but also offers other interesting features. The only problem with the application is that operation is a little unstable on some devices.


2. Social Scan


Social Scan is an indispensable application for everyone who monitors their accounts on Instagram. It helps to see active users, those who follow / unfollow you in one place.

This program allows you to see who has stopped following you on Instagram. You can also see the number of likes, comments, total posts and so on.

You can subscribe to a Premium account and it will help you know:

  • who of your followers don’t follow you and who of your followers you don’t know;
  • the most active user;
  • most popular posts;
  • the most popular hashtag.

Social Scan requires very little space in the device’s memory and will delight you with a pleasant, minimalist interface.


3. InControl Stats


If you frequently use Instagram and are looking for tools to improve your social network or want to start managing all your account movements to use it better, InControl Statistics for Instagram is a good tool that provides relevant statistics.

Some features of InControl Stats for Instagram:

  • see all the profiles of people you follow,
  • people who follow your updates, and people who track your updates, but don’t follow;
  • your newest followers;
  • people you stopped following;
  • your fans (best followers);
  • all of your ghost followers, people who haven’t interacted with your posts in the last few months.

Also, find the person who blocked you, a secret admirer, who you like the most, the closest follower.

With all the details you learn with InControl Statistics for Instagram, you can get a full report on your activities to help you plan your publications, get to know your audience and improve your account, get followers and increase activity on your profile.

Some app functions require a premium subscription, for example, Graphic Packages, Multiple Accounts, Lost Reports. You must subscribe to access detailed daily analytics from your Instagram account.


4. Followers Track for Instagram!


This is an application that can be useful for anyone who regularly uses popular social networks.

Thanks to that, you can find out who has stopped following you. Track Followers for Instagram! also allows you to track new followers, fans, blockers, likes removed, etc.

Track Followers for Instagram! is a manager for your Instagram account, which has more functions than the official application.

In fact, it includes lots of interesting information, such as a list of your most active followers, or who among them are spammers.

With it you will have access to lots of interesting information about your account.


5. Followers – Unfollowers


If you are serious about keeping track of your friends list and don’t want to read unfollow, this application will get rid of the last one. Instead of manually correcting your friends list, just click the “Stop Following” button. You can delete the list from the top and bottom – each of them that you follow later and before.

At one time, you could get rid of 20 people who stopped following. Applications Followers – Followers warn that it is not desirable to unsubscribe from more than 200 accounts per hour and more than 1000 per day – this will cause profile blocking.


 6. Follower Analyzer


It’s very difficult to find a free application with good features. We recommend that you try the Follower Analyzer application for Android. There are advertisements, there are paid tools, but these are generally available and are relatively acceptable.

Main opportunities for the Follower Analyzer application:

  • see followers who like and write comments
  • see the most popular posts or comments
  • most popular video
  • the people most often tagged in your posts
  • You can analyze your account data and the profiles of your friends and acquaintances (see the most liked, preferred, top commentator posts, most of the profiles marked on their posts and other activities).

This application is great for those who want to unsubscribe from inactive accounts and bots.


7. InsTrack


InsTrack is a simple tool that gives you full control over everything related to your Instagram followers and provides access to statistics about your activities on this social network.

Main blocks in the InsTrack application:

  • Ranking of weekly involvement;
  • Scheduler;
  • Media Analysis (pro version);
  • Account Comparison;
  • Audience Analysis in graphs;
  • Media Rating (pro version);
  • Post customs;
  • Engagement Analysis.

This application is designed to notify you every time someone follows or stops following you, as well as information about users that you follow, but who don’t respond to you.

InsTrack also shows information about users, such as the total number of customers and your photos, the number of likes for each photo, and other weekly statistics.

If you want to know everything, including those who have stopped following you on Instagram, then InsTrack is the perfect tool to instantly give you detailed information. You can switch between multiple accounts.


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