6 Of The Best 2020 Pedometer Apps For Android & iOS

6 Of The Best 2020 Pedometer Apps For Android & iOS

Constant physical activity, healthy lifestyle, regular training and many other things – this is what is actively promoted. People want to be active, walk more and more. But if you want to lose weight, or if you want to have full control over your calorie intake, you have to use a pedometer.

Nowadays, you can find many individual devices that will monitor your activities – smart watches, fitness bracelets and pedometers themselves. But if you don’t want to spend extra money on new purchases, you can use your cellphone!

Yes, a smartphone can now perform many functions, including tracking the number of steps you take. So you can see the exact numbers, it’s a good idea to only install one specific application on your cellphone. We have collected 6 of the best pedometer apps for you, suitable for iOS and Android.

1. Google Fit


Google does not move away from the topics of health and sports. Because many phones have Google apps installed, we recommend that you install the others – Google Fit. This will help you to stay active and exercise and stay in shape.

Google Fit was developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization. We use 2 indicators to track activities: cardio scores and activity notes.

The minutes of the activity are counted for each action you take – coffee walks, using stairs or even cleaning. Heart training scores are also calculated for activities that speed up your heart rate. For example, you can walk quickly or run in the morning.

You can track it using your own smartphone and fitness bracelet. If available, the application will connect and automatically update the data. Monitor your activities at any time and achieve your daily goals with Google Fit.


2. Fitbit


Fitbit is a popular activity tracker that tracks your steps, training, sleep and more. Of course, you will get more accurate data when using a tracking bracelet, but the application does its own work.

Fitbit will send you notifications, literally pushing you in the right direction. If you are close to the target or have achieved it, the application will notify you about it.

For those who like to run and generally want to track their jogging there is a MobileRun feature. This works to improve your running and climbing performance, and you can also control your music and get voice confirmations. At the end of your trip, you can use GPS to track your route to repeat it later.

All the goals that you set yourself. They can differ – in the number of calories, the amount of training, and of course, in the number of steps. Keep track of how your activities increase. Affect your productivity during the day – and Fitbit will only help you make conclusions!


3. Leap Fitness Step Counter and Pedometer


Some applications use GPS sensors to track your activities. On the contrary, Leap Fitness Step Counter states that it does not use GPS during its operation, which saves a lot of battery power. All you have to do is press the Start button and start walking – Leap Fitness Step Counter will immediately count your steps.

If you take public transportation at any point, start cycling or stop walking, just press Pause and the countdown will stop. Because the application uses your smartphone’s sensors to calculate, they can send readings of any movement. For example, the Leap Fitness Step Counter will also receive information about your activities while vibrating on the road.

It should be noted that the application design is very good. All of your data is presented in charts, graphs and diagrams, and bright neon colors on a dark background are very pleasant to look at.

By the way, the developer makes changes to the application and adds new themes, so you can change them. Most importantly, this application is free and available to you completely from the first minute of use.


4. Pedometer by ITO Technologies


Pedometer is one of the most downloadable applications among pedometers. To start using it, you must click the start button and start running. You don’t need to change anything – hold your phone as usual and the application will count everything. The steps will continue to be locked even when you put your cellphone in a bag or pocket.

If your smartphone is in lock mode, step counting might stop. If the Pedometer counts your steps incorrectly, it’s a good idea to adjust sensitivity manually.

All information about the last days is stored in the application and you can see data for a particular day or time period. Doesn’t look good? Just change the topic in a few clicks.

The developer recommends using the Pedometer if you want to check whether you are going through the number of steps required per day. Do you want to stay in shape or lose weight?

Record all your jogging and walking in the application, upload your results to social networks or follow the progress of your performance. You don’t need to buy an expensive tracker to track yourself!


5. Pacer


People often use MyFitnessPal to count calories and track their diet. But when calculating normal calorie intake, physical activity must also be taken into account.

Often people cannot make reasonable judgments about the level of activity they participate in – so MyFitnessPal can be synchronized with a very good Pacer pedometer. This system allows you to monitor your energy balance fully, as well as to meet your daily goals in terms of calories and steps.

With Pacer, you don’t need other equipment to monitor your activities. All calculations will be performed by your smartphone, and Pacer will display it graphically perfectly.
In fact, you can track all types of physical activity in the application, whether it is running or running. You can enable GPS tracking to capture your route.

If you are looking for weight loss, Pacer is a good choice. You simply synchronize it with your diary and can account for any changes in your activities.
If your friends or family also use Pacer, you can chat with them on the app, make the group run, and even compete in performance.


6. Health Mate – Total Health Tracking


If you want to monitor your health and physical performance, you must gather information about your health.

Step by step with Health Mate, you will achieve your goals of reducing weight, increasing your own activities or even improving the quality of your sleep. This application will collect all the actual information about your health and you will be able to track trends that are specific to your body.

In addition to gathering information, Health Mate also combines motivational training programs with useful health tips. You have an incentive to keep moving and even increase your activities.

Social motivation also plays an important role: in Health Mate, you can see the progress of your family members and friends, compete with them or enter family competitions. You can receive awards and medals for all your successes and goals.

In the appendix on the start page, you will immediately see how many steps you have taken today, how many hours of sleep and how much you currently weigh. It is clear that you entered your own weight data, but the rest of the data is automatically tracked. Your activities are under your control!


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