6 Cool Games Like Sword Art Online Android & iOS

6 Cool Games Like Sword Art Online Android & iOS

Anime Sword Art Online tells about the adventures of the heroes in the world of virtual reality with Full Immersion – technology to replace real sensations with those on the computer.
If you are a fan of Sword Art Online, then you have repeatedly asked yourself: “I want to know if there is still something similar?” This is a good question! Below will be presented 9 cool games, similar to Sword Art Online. In this application, you will definitely find something that you really like in Sword Art Online!

1. Age of Wushu Dynasty


RPG actions are calculated more in PvP or cooperative sections. The game developed in ancient China, which means that we will have epic confrontations between different dynasties and clans where their highly skilled schoolteachers will fight. Beautiful graphics, a large and detailed world, full of opportunities and events make this trip an exciting adventure for all genre fans.

Plots and actions

Rising in the east, the sun is shining brightly in the mountain valleys, looking at the rice fields and rocky canyons, where an unknown warrior has been meditating since yesterday. The black silhouette finally moves and goes to the village, to the house of the loyal teacher for the final exam. We must defeat some students and fight with the masters – and if all goes well, then the adventure will continue, but it is already in the rank of royal defender.

Combat system

The Wushu Dynasty Project is reminiscent of role-based action films with active battles, automatic road searches, and an amazing oriental cultural atmosphere. The character is equipped with thematic armor and runs among medieval houses, consisting only of wood. Fighting too, effects and millimeters don’t lag behind public bars – jump, dodge, punch right with swords and fists.

Development and skills

In the Wushu Dynasty, everything was taught the first ten minutes – first, you had to choose a character, then – a martial arts school, and after passing the exam you had to take equipment. But most importantly – to monitor the performance of heroes: agility, strength, vitality. Forgetting at least a few elements, it will be difficult to move forward on the storyline! Therefore, download the Wushu Dynasty now – don’t miss it!

2. Warframe


A network shooter with a slasher element similar to the GGO world of the second season of SAO. A vast arsenal of weapons includes, in addition to fire, even braids and katanas, which you can easily cut enemies into two. Thanks to a large number of acrobatic techniques, the gameplay is very dynamic. Beautiful graphics, an atmosphere in the spirit of cyberpunk and realistic damage physics – are typical features of Warframe.

Warframe is an online shooter where players release the solar system from mutants, robots, and zombies that have filled it. The battle between the players is not here. There are only one-on-one friendship duels, and they are not available immediately but only when your clan gets a special room at the base.

Warframe is fully built on shared games. The solar system player saves in groups of up to four fighters, passing missions, which on average last from five minutes to half an hour. Such a mission in more than two hundred games. For everyone, it is well known beforehand which scenes will be traversed, who will be enemies, and what their duties will be. Three hostile organizations: similar to the super mutants from Fallout-Grineers totalitarian clones, the corporate robot Corpus mega, and the plague of zombie mutants like necromorphs from Dead Space.

Each mission starts with the fact that you reached the level through the ventilation shaft. The task consists of ten types, among which are the destruction of all living things, and defense against an endless wave of enemies, and sabotage, espionage, and the specter of all genres – escort. But, carrying out a mission even for the hundredth time, you never know what awaits you. For each session, new cards are generated randomly. On a mission trip, additional tasks or unexpected difficulties may arise, such as fire, liquid nitrogen spills, or detachment of other factions, happily burning you and your opponents.

The mission passed quickly, angrily, and cheerfully, though somewhat confused. As expected in a good shooter, the controls are easy to master but the masters are not easy. Each player is initially given three types of weapons: pistol, shotgun, and katana. Later you can arm yourself with flamethrowers, even with bows and arrows. And in the hands of this lord, there is no weapon more terrible than a katana.

Investing real money will greatly simplify your life but don’t expect to buy a win: the best clothes are not for sale.

If battle is game flesh, then production and trade are its blood. New exoskeletons, weapons, supporting drones – all have to buy or do it themselves. If you play seriously, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the workshop and even more – looking for pictures, resources and mods.

The impression of the game is only spoiled by the level. There are several designers in the game, from which zones are produced but almost all of them, except the semi-secret Abyssal Tower, are a maze of military industry. In this universe, there is no forest, no city ruins, no place to live, no open space. Only corridors, boxes, metal platforms, boxes, rusted pipes, boxes, hanging cables, barrels, and boxes. This seems to be the main evil of the invaders: they forced the entire solar system into boxes.

If you like to fight together with friends against hordes of computer monsters, it’s a good idea to at least pay attention in Warframe.

3. AdventureQuest Worlds


AdventureQuest 3D – is a quality role playing game from the Korean manufacturer Entertainment LLC.

Rules and history

The developer of AdventureQuest 3D role-playing thriller immediately positioned it as a beautifully designed cross-platform entertainment in MMORPG format – in real time, users from completely different systems can work together with bosses and raids, battles between guilds, and dangerous sieges. In the second plan, the main features of the genre – several classes, customizable inventory, and rich task databases – have been placed.

Character and Place

In AdventureQuest 3D, it’s easy to move from beginner to professional – enough to complete a five-minute training and learn the tips carefully, the rest will have experience. Most of the time, incidentally, must navigate locations, collect goods and cross troops with allies. Everything is decorated with dignity – beautiful level, good character.

At the beginning of the 3D AdventureQuest application, you are invited to undergo a small search-training. With that, users can quickly adapt to management and understand the main objectives and features of the game. Entertainment LLC makes a major emphasis on schedules. This application, perhaps, is one of the most colorful games in its genre. All fights have good special effects, and character characterization is at a high level.

In the game, there is a donation system, which does not really affect the process itself. Because everything available in the store can be bought with game currency. Very often RPG games suffer because they have uncomfortable controls because this genre is dynamic and needs to show your reaction. This application does not have such weaknesses but rather vice versa. Soundtrack successfully selected.

4. Wartune


Are you ready to dive into the world of multiplayer role playing?


So, meet Wartune Hall of Heroes, here you are waiting for millions of players, typical for these mob games, which can fill levels. Drag to the last level, complete many tasks and get the chance to get to the legendary hall of fame, where the names of the best players are. In addition to the habit of killing bots and carrying out tasks, players are also available in global PvP battles, where you can invite your friends. Additionally, by gathering a small community, you can create your own Guild and participate in battles with back-to-back teams with time-tested players.

As for class, it’s not very crowded; users can choose warriors, knights, archers or wizards who are smart and accurate, weak hand-to-hand battles but with strong spells. As in many such games, you buy various armor, weapons, and other useful items.

Passage of the game

The first level of Wartune: Hall of Heroes multiplayer role playing begins with detailed training, plot prologues, and unimportant details about the game world. Players will quickly master – several buttons to move, the use of special skills, a series of commands and equipment replacement, takes a few seconds and is done intuitively. Gradually, players will find valuable items, get allies and go to big cities, where they are allowed to communicate with real players, exchange goods, and even enter into pacts that help to go to dangerous dungeons together, share experience and value.

Download the game Wartune Hall of Heroes on your mobile or tablet and participate in epic battles involving various monsters and players from all over the world.

5. BLEACH Brave Souls


BLEACH Brave Souls – is an MMORPG scale in Japanese style.

Long time no quality role playing games with sword elements. This game must improve this situation for the better because, in it, you will find a variety of characters with unique skills, and, of course, enemies that you must fight for life and death.

This game is made in the best action-RPG tradition in a colorful Japanese style, which will surely appeal to all anime fans. After a short training, you wait for the first meeting with the big boss, who overcomes it, you must return to the village and improve the characteristics of your hero.

In addition to the company mode, where you have to go through small missions, fight small enemies and bigger bosses, you can try against other players.

During the passage of the level, you can switch between characters, click on the icon you need in the upper left corner, the replacement is very fast and you can directly fight with enemies. Quests are executed very quickly, monsters, at first, are too weak and die with a few punches, but soon they will become stronger and you must do more to kill them.

Last but not least, this is the graphic part of the game, which is done in the best way. All locations, characters, monsters, and effects – hand drawn in anime style, look absolutely amazing, and music is written by professional musicians so it’s better to play it with headphones.

BLEACH Brave Souls – the best new swords with comfortable controls and a complete character pumping system.

6. Fate/Grand Order


Fate / Grand Order – is a JRPG-style game for popular anime, which is re-realized through a fairly competent franchise, initiated by Fate / Stay Night. The plot of this game took place in 2015, to the top of the Chaldean Security Organization, which revealed that the entire existence of humankind was in danger, if not take any action in a year. Scientists can identify reasons for the possibility of such an epic disaster – these are all anomalies that emerged in the city of Fuyuki in late 2004. Your mission is to travel through time together with a group of special agents, to challenge destiny, to prevent threats from arising, and thereby saving the world.

At the beginning of the game, you need to create your own special agent, choose his gender, and look for a name for him. In long conversations in this game, you can also show the individuality of your character thanks to the ability to switch between different dialogues. Of course, you can always skip a few chats but this is definitely not recommended. The Fate / Grand Order storyline is one of the main advantages of the game, that’s why it’s worth spending time reading dialogue and narration.

Long conversations are not the only Fate / Grand Order feature. During all your adventures you will fight with all the enemies that will meet in your path, which means that you will engage in head-to-head battles. Having a dozen different “servants” ready to go with you to battle, you will be responsible for using their special qualities, and balancing their strengths and weaknesses, without forgetting individuality. Many of them, by the way, are elderly people and are present even in the first part of the saga.

Fate / Grand Order – this is an epic game in the JRPG genre with a dramatic storyline and an excellent tactical battle system (according to some intelligent people). With all of the above, we can say with confidence that this is an exceptionally high quality game at all levels. Obviously, he has great graphics and a great soundtrack, which together provide an amazing playing experience.

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