5 The Best Free Weight Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

5 The Best Free Weight Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

Tracking your own health indicators is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you aim to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just update the latest information about your weight. There are 13 Best Health Trainer Applications for Android & iOS to help you maintain your health.

Either way, you need to record your data somewhere. Previously, people used to use a personal diary by manually writing down numbers or other indicators there. But in this case, if you lose your notebook or diary, you will not know your progress or setbacks.

Modern applications and tools allow you to not only follow numbers but also understand how to control them. Some modern smart scales also have special applications that are synchronized with technology and automatically enter data.

But if you have a standard device, you can easily use other applications by writing your own number. We have found 5 Free Weight Tracking Applications for Android & iOS, which have many useful features.

1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a body size tracker that is well known to many users. In addition to the standard food diary, you also track other indicators in the application – your own body weight, training, nutritional value of recipes, and so on.

MyFitnessPal is easily synchronized with your other applications – such as step counters or special services for smart devices. Every time, you can report the dynamics of your weight, body size, health indicators, and so on.

Every day MyFitnessPal summarizes your day. This report includes calories and nutrient intake, physical activity, morning weighing, and summaries – such as nutritional deficiencies, surpluses, or weight maintenance.

In the long run, you will see a graph showing how this indicator changes over time. Depending on your desires, MyFitnessPal offers you to set goals that you want to achieve. This application also reminds you to have a snack or exercise.


2. HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter, Home Workout & Weight Loss Plans


You can use the HealthifyMe application to fully track your own health. Developers have made it so that you can easily defend your immune system, as well as receive advice on how to protect against germs and viruses.

Immunity does not only depend on your initial parameters – but is also influenced by nutrition and fitness. HealthifyMe will help you monitor everything that happens to your body, as well as provide useful tips for improving immunity and risk assessment.

To maintain your condition, this application offers home training for different muscle groups, yoga classes of different difficulty levels, as well as daily competitions. HealthifyMe offers you to maintain your weight with friends, compete in your performance. Also, depending on what your goals are, the application will help you make a nutrition plan.

Your personal program will be even more effective if you use the help of a HealthifyMe expert. Motivated by your performance and results.


3. Happy Scale


Staying on a diet is not something to do. If you monitor weight loss or exercise results, you regularly increase the scale. Sometimes it happens that the numbers on the scale after hard work only get higher and you don’t know what to do.

Happy Scale offers you to add your own scale so that you can track your weight patterns, as well as solve problems through mathematical analysis.

Happy Scale is a special application and your personal weight diary that not only records numbers. This application uses calculations to show what are the trends in your weight, as well as pay attention to small advances in numbers. You can clearly see all the results that you achieve every week.

If you use a smart scale, Happy Scale automatically synchronizes with other applications so you don’t waste time writing again. Focus on short-term goals with Happy Scale and achieve them all the time.


4. FatSecret


FatSecret is another popular service that allows you to fully control your strength and weight. This application has an extensive database of various products from different manufacturers, which gives you accurate information about the nutritional value of your food.

You will be able to track your weight, physical activity, load level, and, of course, your diet here. To get the most accurate information, you can add products or make your own dishes.

You can synchronize progress and performance tracking on FatSecret with other applications on your smartphone. Perfectly integrated with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit and other services. All your calories burned are also taken into account when calculating your diet and your body’s needs.

In FatSecret, you choose whether you want to lose weight, increase or maintain, and depending on it, the application calculates your daily intake. A separate table shows all the complete information about your recent weight loss, so you can see your progress clearly when you look at the numbers.


5. Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Calculator – WeightFit


However, the main function of weight tracking is carried out by several food diaries, calorie calculators, and sports applications. WeightFit is different from them – here you just observe your own body weight and get complete information about it.

This application will help you calculate the ideal body weight for your body condition depending on your height, activity level, and muscle development. You can also set the weight you want as your goal.

Visualized graphs and results on WeightFit will only motivate you towards your goals. Progress is monitored every day, so you will always be reminded of its weight. You can enter data in the metric and imperial measurement systems.

WeightFit calculates your BMI based on this indicator and shows clearly whether you are currently overweight, normal, or lacking. Synchronizing with Google Fit is a plus for the application because data is always stored in your account.


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