5 Of The Best Tax Management Apps In 2020 (Android & iOS)

5 Of The Best Tax Management Apps In 2020 (Android & iOS)

Maintaining financial records, and especially paying taxes is quite difficult. Took a long time. Especially if the amount is very much. With modern technology, it is much easier to do all this.

For this purpose, this review has put together the best tax manager application. They will certainly be useful for both lay people and entrepreneurs.

1. MyBlock


This application allows you to save as much work time as possible.

You can receive information from the tax authority database. Interact with inspections without leaving the office.

With the help of this program, you can learn the actual information about the amount of tax payments accrued and paid.

Also here is data about an overpayment.

There is a tax agency decision on the compensation and refund of the amount that was overpaid (over-collected). You can learn about tax debt, which have not been met by taxpayer requirements for tax payments.

There are also other mandatory payments, mandatory debt collection steps.

In addition, taxpayers can immediately receive extracts, as well as information about all registrations with the tax authority.

You can find more information about the taxation system that applies, submit your documents, and other issues.

The list of debts can be seen in the “debt management” section. Simple – there are two types of debt (“borrow” and “lend”). Notifications can be made independently in the planning section.

Another interesting function is to set limits on categories and purses. This limit will be useful for those who are accustomed to spending money without thinking.

There is nothing wrong with reports in this application – you can get reports as pie charts and in tabular form. You can separately see how much money was spent on certain categories.

Another useful report is the expense / income ratio. This function will be useful, for example, for comparable costs for the last and current months.


2. Tax Manager


This is one of the most popular applications on the market for programs designed to control personal finances and taxes.

The free version has all the tools needed for home accounting. The devices are quite extensive.

It has expense and income accounting, multicurrency, detailed reports, and more.

This application works quite well with home accounting – there is a good set of tools.

If someone does not have basic functions (free version of the program), you can always switch to the premium version.

This application has left a pleasant impression. A thoughtful interface and easy data entry make this program quite interesting. The basic set of functions (free) will meet any family budget.

For lazy, there is a useful feature – the introduction of transactions in messages from banks. After you configure the template, the application enters the data itself. If you pay by bank card.

This program will be useful not only for beginners but also for more advanced users.


3. Income Tax Ready Reckoner


This application allows you to register to see taxes. It is available on Google Play and App Store.

The user needs to log in to his personal account with a login and password and then confirm the telephone number and the area of ​​its activity.

You can also use your personal account in the application to manage your tax reporting.

If there is no personal taxpayer account, you can get it from the tax office or scan your passport through the application and take selfies.

The application will generate a receipt for the client, and information about the sale will be sent to the tax office.

At the end of the month, the taxpayer receives information about the tax amount, which will be written automatically if the user agrees.

You can also pay your own taxes. No need to submit reports and pay a fixed insurance premium.

This application has all the functions to effectively control personal finances. The set of functions is very good, especially for free applications.

There are flexible settings for directories and user accounts. Reports are qualitative and informative.

It is possible with full confidence to notify the program to anyone whose interface “color” is not in the first place.




This application for tax accounting and home accounting has many functions to account for expenses and plans to achieve goals.

This allows you to track progress towards your goals.

This application has a list of frequently used operations, fast entry of repeated data.

Scan checks and upload data automatically to the program. Create an operation template. Set up regular transactions.

Create a number of accounts, combining them into groups. Many expenditure and income categories and sub-categories. You can add your own. Keep notes in any currency.

Multiuser access for the whole family. Each family member has a separate account with a password, personal account, and notes can be hidden from others.

Record credit and debt in separate tabs with classification by category, project, and more. You can set priorities and reminders so you don’t forget about payments.

There are many different reports and analytics. In the form of graphs, graphs, tables, percentages, amounts, by category, partner.

There is budgeting, planning, setting goals, and reviewing progress towards achieving them.

There is a scheduler and calendar with a view of upcoming expenses.


5. Income Tax Calculator


This is a personal financial accounting application. That is both related to income and expenses.

After the application is launched, the user enters the transaction section.

By clicking on the red light button at the bottom of the screen, you can quickly add expense or income transactions.

Before making a transaction, a person must choose his name, for example, clothing, food, gasoline, and specify the amount.

You can add costs through the top menu. Those three points are “add transactions”. This program contains a two-tier transaction directory.

For example, categories and subcategories: children / toys, children / kindergarten. To set your own directory, you must enter the settings section.

This is the third icon above. Then you must enter “group” and press the “add group” button from the top.

In the new element, you must specify a group name, type of operation (cost or income), icon.

You also need to determine whether this group is the default element. If it is, it will be displayed when adding it via the flash button on the main screen.

To create a report, you must go to the appropriate section (the second icon above) and select the report type.

The current version has seven types of reports, the most popular are as follows.

Expenditures / income by month, operating by group / subgroup. This report is available as both a diagram and tabular view.

In general, this application has a pleasant impression. No failures or errors were detected in the user during testing. Simple and functional program interface.


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