5 Best Apps To Fight Parking Tickets Android & iOS

5 Best Apps To Fight Parking Tickets Android & iOS

We all live in crazy rhythm lately. This is especially true for big cities and big cities. The eternal commotion, traffic jams, crowds and overpopulation – all of these are shocking and somehow affect our lives.

We want to move faster and spend less time on the road. That’s why we bought a car. But we found ourselves in a difficult situation: sometimes there are severe traffic jams and road congestion during rush hour, where you can stay for several hours.

Besides traffic jams, we face another problem that is no less terrible – parking. A large number of cars, especially in the city center or near the business center and lack of free parking spaces.

After standing for an hour in a traffic jam, and then not finding a parking space, you could be hopeless. Therefore, it is often possible to see how people leaving their cars in a parking lot is prohibited.

Otherwise they will be late for important meetings, for work or have to park several kilometers away! And back to the car, you find an unpleasant surprise in the form of a parking fine.

What should be done in an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation? That’s right, trying to fight or reduce fines. But if you do it yourself, this process will require a lot of time and effort. That’s why we have chosen several applications to help you handle parking tickets.

1. WinIt


Application named by the New York Times, “Application that will help you win the parking war”. That’s promising, right?

If you are tired of paying fines and don’t even know what you are paying for, WinIt will help you. If you think that the fine is not feasible, WinIt will help you again!

The developers have gathered a team of professionals in the legal field and on the road. Experienced lawyers and parking specialists will help you to challenge fines, find mistakes in issued documents and all this will be done with a minimum of your participation. WinIt guarantees a cost-effective fine fight.

To solve your problem, you need to upload a photo of the fine to the application. You can then track the status of the dispute. That is all!

WinIt only requires 50% of the fine, and you can imagine how beneficial it is. Payments are made only after your penalty is declined. Trust a professional team.

2. GetDismissed


For those of you who are in the United States, or California in particular, applications that have been specifically designed for your state. This will help you to challenge fines without going to court.

If you don’t want a long trial, the application will do everything for you. You only need to upload your fines and feel the problem is solved! Even if you don’t have an active fine now, you still have to download GetDismissed. You will be able to become a member of the club and keep your SIM free.

In addition to the AppStore and Google Play applications, GetDismissed also has a website with the same functionality. Drivers in California now know where to go.

3. Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer


Traffic fines have a big impact on your driver’s reputation. Don’t let minor mistakes or inaccuracies increase your insurance premiums or damage your reputation!
Off The Record is a travel penalty challenge service that has its own application on your iOS device.

Off the Record, the team provides the most favorable conditions for the driver. They have a pretty low price and a guaranteed 97% victory. Before starting a dispute, you can even ask for expert advice over the telephone – whether to challenge the fine or how it might affect you.

Because after the first fine, your insurance premium can increase up to $ 300, think about it: it is far more profitable to implement such a service! A smart system specifically for choosing specialists will choose the lawyer that is most right for you. All specialists have successful experience in solving problems with improper parking and parking in the wrong place.

Challenge a fine for a few minutes and make your life easier!

4. Parkopedia Parking


How long have you held the encyclopedia? Or do you prefer to use Wikipedia? Now we recommend that you bring another useful parking encyclopedia into your life – Parkopedia!

If you do not want to get an unexpected penalty for parking in a prohibited place, then you must know exactly the closest parking spot. And how do you know that if this is your first time, for example, you are in this place? Or one morning you see the road sign “Parking is prohibited” in the usual place? There is a way out!

Parkopedia is a large catalog of the nearest parking lots. Very convenient that you can immediately see parking hours, number of places available, rates, and more.

That is, Parkopedia protects you from fines in advance – providing information about places that do not threaten you!

The list of parking lots continues to grow. You can even add your own parking space by uploading photos with rates and geolocation. Parking without any problems and problems!

5. TicketPay


An application that will be useful for Canadians, especially residents of Toronto.

TicketPay is an application that will eliminate you from long queues at the Department of Transportation in Toronto. You no longer need to waste your personal time, quit your job or not go to school because of fines – the application will help you.

You can solve your problem in a few minutes. Solving problems on time will save you from further fines.

When you get a parking ticket, you can simply upload it to the application, choose a payment or dispute, and enter the date and amount of the violation. TicketPay sends documents to the Ministry on your behalf, saving you time and money. From one profile, you can set fines for multiple vehicles at the same time. You can enter the parking ticket manually or just upload a photo.

Every fine costs 3 dollars. Please note 2 very important points: first, TicketPay is not your official representative, and second, it costs 5 dollars to challenge a fine. Payments are only available online so far, but the developer guarantees the security of payments and the protection of your personal data. You can use the service with a smartphone – iOS or Android, as well as the web version.

Of course, there are practical applications for challenging fines. With the help of new technology, you can get help or advice from qualified specialists online and directly. Experienced attorneys in traffic cases, which have won hundreds of dispute fines for incorrect parking will help you come out victorious.

But in our personal opinion: it is better to prevent receiving fines than to challenge them in the future. But if an unpleasant situation has happened to you – then you know how your smartphone can help you.

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