4 Best Find My Car Apps For Android & iOS

4 Best Find My Car Apps For Android & iOS

Have you lost track of your car again? No matter how many times you try to remember where you parked, you still can’t easily find your car when it’s time to go. But now, when we have so many instruments, there is definitely a way to better track your car. If you have a smartphone, this problem is resolved. The application is different remembering where you parked and directing you along the right road when you can’t navigate anymore.

1. Anchor Pointer


Anchor Pointer is an unusual new navigation application for the iPhone from the company Pleeq Software. This will help you get back to any point on the planet, where you left the virtual anchor. You can also meet friends in large public places, remember the location of cafes or shops hidden in the streets, and find parked cars. Many people do not orient themselves very well on the map but this is not necessary, Anchor Pointers point to the location using a compass arrow and display the distance to the desired point. As simple as if someone took your hand and brought it to your destination.

Search for parked cars
Car owners like the added function of quickly finding a parked car. When you leave the car in a large parking lot, you can click once on the car icon and Anchor Point remembers your current location, and as soon as you need to find the car again, click on the automatic icon again and the compass will take you there. Note: the car anchor will remember its location until you click Finish. In the application settings you can turn off the sound, change the application interface from dark to light or automatic (depending on the time of day).

2. TrakCar


Function like magic. The only application that AUTOMATICALLY remembers all your parking places.

Peace of mind. You will never look for a place where you leave the car. You don’t have to remember where you parked again.

No additional devices needed. All you need is an iPhone (and, of course, a car).

100% reliability. TRAKCAR guarantees the full security of your personal data.

How to use Trakcar?

Download and open the application. After request, open the application access to your location and the ability to send you news alerts. Close the program and relax! Trakcar now automatically tracks where you parked. Ride a little near the parking lot. And when you want to find a car later, here’s what you will see:

  1. Parking button. This application detects the location of your parking spot automatically, so you don’t need to press this button! (Use only if you want to manually add the current location as a parking space).
  2. Button with three strips. Click this button to access the Trakcar option, where you can, for example, unlock all parking events, or place our “I like” on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Right arrow key. Click this button to see how to reach the current parking lot on foot.
  4. Parking event table. Touch the row in this table to get more information about the appropriate parking event. The last parking space is always in the top row.

3. Augmented Car Finder


Before you leave the car, open the application and click “I park here.” Close it. Run the application again when it’s time to return.

A big red arrow will lead to your car, and you just have to follow it. The picture changes from a regular map to a satellite map, you can choose between a regular map and an additional map of the terrain. The latter shows what really surrounds you as you move towards your car.

Here in general, you can use augmented reality and 3D-maps to find your car, which you park in multiple lanes. You can also share the location of a parked car with your friends.

4. Google Maps


In the latest Google Maps update, developers have added new features that will prove to be very useful for motorists. Now Google Maps can remember the exact location of your car. This works on Android and iOS. Right, the logic of the work is a little different.

Android-based cellphone users, after stopping the car, must click on the blue icon – that’s all, the program remembers where your car was parked. In addition to its main task, this chip allows, for example, to set reminders to pay for a parking space or take photos of your car with a note where the floor was parked.

But iPhone owners don’t need anything to press anything. If the mobile phone is connected via USB or Bluetooth to the radio, after disconnecting Google Maps it will automatically remember this location. The rest of the features are similar to the Android version. Users can add notes, reminders and photos to saved locations. Such parameters will greatly help to get rid of problems by finding a car in a parking lot.

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