20 of the best apps for learning Japanese for Android & iOS

20 of the best apps for learning Japanese for Android & iOS

With the proliferation of smartphones and simplification of access to the Internet, there are a large number of applications that help in learning various languages. We reviewed a number of applications for learning Japanese and selected a number of them, which might be useful in the learning process, and to test your knowledge.

1. LingoDeer


Yes, LingoDeer is a general language learning application, but its main specialization is in Asian – Korean and Japanese. This will provide the most detailed description of all languages and dialects and accents.

You begin your learning process with fundamental fundamentals and general information about language so you can understand its nature better.

During the learning process, you will see comments by the application that explain the nuances of different languages. All audio files for training are recorded by native speakers, so you can train your ear for “real” language.

LingoDeer works in both online and offline modes. There are 3 types of letters that you can choose to learn Japanese. In total, the entire course will count around 150 lessons. Flash card included. You can choose for yourself which skills you want to practice today – listening, speaking, or writing.

2. JA Sensei


This application is designed for beginners who are learning Japanese. There are lessons to learn kana, pati, different thematic dictionaries, and the phrase travel dictionary.

This program is an interesting interactive course on the basics of Japanese, which includes 23 increasingly difficult lessons. Each lesson has a section dedicated to grammar, small Japanese texts, and interesting information about Japanese culture.

The program includes Japanese syllables (hiragana and katakana), Kandi’s hieroglyphic system, numbers (the actual number of suffixes and suffixes counted), verb conjugations and particles considered separately.

There is also an extensive grammar section with examples and clear vocabulary covering 1855 words. All lessons are voiced by native speakers. For each section, you can make your own list with notes.

To test your knowledge, there is an interactive audio test system with different complexity. It looks clean and simple, the design is beautiful.

3. Learn Japanese by Bravolol


This application is designed to learn the basics of Japanese. Also, it can be used as expressions.

The program includes more than 800 common Japanese phrases and expressions, arranged by category (similar to a standard phrase book). There is a section for teaching grammar and pronunciation.

In addition, this program includes an extensive dictionary. Frequently needed phrases can be added to favorites. There is a default search.

As a virtual teacher, beautiful parrots talk with different pronunciations (parrots are voiced by native speakers). Looks beautiful and comfortable. Users can configure their own font size.

4. Gakusei


This application might look very simple from the start, but in reality, it’s very useful. It teaches you how to form basic phrases and answer questions in Japanese. It functions in a way that continually generates phrases and questions and you have to type the answer.

If you are not sure you have a full understanding of the idea or you feel you need help, you can translate phrases directly in the app. One cool feature is that many phrases and expressions are taken from popular sources (for example, books) so that it will be easier for you to memorize them.

5. Obenkyo


This application is designed for beginners and for advanced Japanese students. There is an opportunity not only to learn new material in the section but also to test the knowledge of this material in each division.

The following sections are presented: Katakana, Hiragana, Numbers, Starch, Vocabulary, Grammar, and particles. There is the possibility of submission of new material and personalized testing.

This application provides a list of kanji that can be displayed according to the level of the exam to determine the level of ownership of the Japanese language (Nihongo norёku siken, JLPT), helping you prepare for the exam.

The program also includes vocabulary and grammar exercises, and although it is in the process of being developed and some features do not always function properly, this program can be very useful in Japanese writing studies.

6. Kanji Renshuu


This software is designed to study Japanese hieroglyphics. You will have the opportunity to explore hieroglyphs as new material, and to examine the knowledge of hieroglyphs that have been learned previously.

New hieroglyphs are provided in the form of cards, where there are all values, all readings. In total, in the application, at the time of writing, there are 3007 cards. This application requires knowledge of English.

7. Japanese Verbs


This application gives you the opportunity to learn Japanese verbs. The program provides the possibility to learn theoretical aspects of working with verbs, Japanese verb dictionaries, as well as testing Japanese verb knowledge.

This application is suitable for beginners who learn Japanese and for those who continue to learn it. This application requires knowledge of English.

8. Japanese Test


This application is designed to test Japanese knowledge. It has three levels of examination: from beginner to advanced. The number of questions in the test for one pass is adjusted according to your wishes.

Immediately after the answer to the question, the result is given: true or false, and the correct answer is given when there is an incorrect answer. English knowledge is required to work with this application.

9. Mondly


This is a very interesting program where you can not only have fun but do this profitably. How does it look? Simply put, you have to choose a foreign language and start learning it. After that, you can start a simple and clear learning process. That is why it is very important to understand how applications differ from their competitors. Never before, it was not so easy and fun.


  1. Voice recognition.
  2. Sound in HD quality.
  3. Interactive Learning.
  4. An exciting game.
  5. Track your progress.
  6. Compete with your friends.
  7. Real talk.
  8. There are no advertisements
  9. You don’t need an internet connection.

10. Japanese with Nemo


It helps to build a database of words in Japanese and allows you to lead any conversation with confidence. More than 1,200 of the most frequently used foreign words and phrases spoken by native speakers. Practice pronunciation in the recording studio.

It is enough to record the phrase you use and compare it the way the teacher said. You will wonder how quickly your foreign accent has changed.

Nemo also functions as a translator. That will help in any situation. On the device, all audio files are loaded, which helps save money on expensive database access when you are abroad.

It does not require prior knowledge about Japan. Nemo was made to maximize the extraordinary power of cellular devices and the human brain.

The aim is words that are often used. The full version includes the most applicable words and phrases in everyday life. Decode the menu with the words most often used in the “food” section. Achieve excellence and build sentences in Japanese with the help of complementary words. Get to know the compliments and templates for the beginning of the conversation.


  1. Nemo is your own tutor who will monitor your results in the development of all words and expressions.
  2. You decide which words to learn, and which words don’t need to be skipped.
  3. To memorize more successfully, Nemo slowly introduces new words and at the right time checks their development so that they are stored in long-term memory.

Japanese with Nemo is a portable application that is easily integrated into your lifestyle!

11. i-Sokki Japanese Vocabulary


i-Sokki Japanese Vocabulary is an application that will help you learn everyday words and phrases in Japanese, with correct pronunciation. With this program, you will be able to hear, read, and learn various Japanese symbols.

In the application you will find a large number of the most important phrases in the following categories:

  • common phrases;
  • introduction;
  • number;
  • color;
  • people;
  • food.

12. StickyStudy Japanese


This is a program for learning Japanese kanji and words.

The main advantages:

Exceptional interface.
The vocabulary is displayed in the form of a map where you can move freely.

This program collects kanji dictionaries for the JLPT exam, kanji, which are studied in schools (from level 1 to 9), and old and new lists of kanji jōyō. All starches are divided into these categories.
You can make your own list and add kanji and words in it.

Leitner + calendar method
The program remembers your progress for each hieroglyphic or word and chooses it to be tested with a particular algorithm. You can set reminders for daily tests.

Kanji Animation
This program includes around 2,000 hieroglyphics of animation writing.

This includes large databases with examples of the use of each hieroglyphic.

List mode
For large kanji dictionaries, there is a list mode that supports hieroglyphic search and sorting.

13. Akebi Japanese Dictionary


Japanese-English Dictionary is a free application for Android devices, which is a two-way English-Japanese dictionary that allows you to find the right translation for words in English or Japanese quickly.

The program includes more than 350,000 words, phrases, examples of Japanese sentences, pronunciations, and default search.

This application will be useful in learning Japanese, but also when traveling abroad, at meetings with familiar aliens, in emergency situations, and in many other cases. Progress in education can be shared with friends on social networks.

14. Japanese Kanji Study


This is the full version of this program, which will help learn Japanese kanji. This program divides all hieroglyphs into groups, which may have different meanings in different combinations, there are more than 6,000 pieces.

Based on the complexity of the language, the author simplifies the work by research and creates a simple and intuitive interface.

15. Aedict3 Japanese Dictionary


This is the full version of this program, which will help learn Japanese kanji. This program divides all hieroglyphs into groups, which may have different meanings in different combinations, there are more than 6,000 pieces.

Based on the complexity of the language, the author simplifies the work by research and creates a simple and intuitive interface.

16. HelloTalk


The first thing all users need to know about this application – this is not a choice for beginners. HelloTalk is an application for more or less advanced language levels when you can already have a conversation in the language you are learning. HelloTalk allows you to chat with native speakers from various languages, including Japanese.

Don’t expect a very fancy user interface or something like that in this application – it’s very simple, but performs its main functions. Chat is made in a manner similar to the WhatsApp structure. You can, of course, add a brief description to your profile and add a few photos, so that others can find general topics to discuss with you.

17. Learn Japanese by MindSnacks


Nice and fun Japanese learning application. It has more “childish” design concepts – but doesn’t make the task easier or worse – you will still learn the language well. Plus, parents and children will be able to use this application with its own benefits.

The whole learning process is built by the way you play games, arrange words and phrases. If everything is correct – you passed the level. This application contains instructions as images – if you are a type of student who is visual – this option is perfect for you. You will also learn the alphabet – parallel to balloons.

18. Duolingo


Most likely you are familiar with this application and basically you can find it in every article dedicated to language learning. Over the past 5 years, Duolingo has taken over the market completely – mainly because it is one of the first applications for smartphones to learn foreign languages.

Obviously, you can find Japanese here too. If you have never tried Duoliguo before, here are quick instructions: you choose a language, then learn phrases according to the topic, learn to spell, and some basic grammar rules.

As you progress, more and more topics open. This application is great for beginners but if you want to have a very deep understanding of Japanese, then you should try another application.

19. Learning Japanese with Tae Kim


Unlike European languages, Japanese has a more complicated structure and its own unique style. If you try to learn it the same as any other language, you will face some confusion – the old method won’t work. Then you get very confused and don’t know where to start.

This application is bigger as a guide that will help you learn Japanese. In fact, this is very helpful, because it does not only contain general information, such as “first you have to start with this section, and then do it and blah blah …” but a proper example and classification of grammatical aspects including comparison with other languages.

20. imiwa?


immiva2 Learning from every language has special aspects and difficulties. For Europeans and Americans, Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn because it is very different – especially in terms of the alphabet. That’s why learning and memorizing how to read words from sighs is very important here.

One good application for this is Imiva which is basically an English-Japanese dictionary – it will be useless in the process of learning languages like Spanish or German, but in the details of Japanese there are many important things. Here you will get the whole Japanese alphabet with all the possible Japanese signs – practice every day and one day you will learn it by heart!

By the way, the application translates Japanese words, not only into English. It will also translate it into Spanish, French, Russian and several other languages – other bonus points here.

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