16 Best Mileage Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

16 Best Mileage Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

In addition to playing Angry Birds, played by millions of smartphone users and taking pictures of themselves, our digital gadgets can be far more useful than for entertainment. The most helpful is the mobile application for car drivers. Many applications for smartphones will help you save money and time, and will also become indispensable helpers on work and travel.

We offer you to review mobile applications, which we think are the most useful for car enthusiasts and people who are forced to constantly travel to work.

1. TripLog


The application, compatible with the Android and iOS platforms, is designed to calculate car mileage and store travel records and reports, refueling and other costs for car maintenance. Android and Apple device owners will be able to take photos of all receipts, upload, and order all information about their trip to Amazon Cloud (an Amazon account will not be required). This will store information, even if you lose or damage your phone.

Here are the main features of TripLog GPS Mileage Tracker:

  • expense records for business trips, gasoline, toll roads, parking and all services related to cars;
  • work with several cars and their categories, for example, with companies, medical, charity transportation, as well as with several companies;
  • GPS technology is used to calculate the distance traveled;
  • to automatically calculate locations and find addresses using GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi access points;
  • allows you to take receipt pictures using a camera phone (the first 10 pictures are free, then you need to buy a Power User Package);
  • upload data to the Amazon Cloud server and upload it as an HTML report;
  • automatic calculation of fuel consumption (l / 100 km, km / l);
  • commercial cargo transportation support;
  • fast data entry based on information from the last trip;
  • Built-in calculator for calculating tax benefits for various transportation categories (corporate, medical and charity) with editing possibilities;
  • compilation of monthly reports on benefits, real costs and final information (free);
  • export and send annual report emails and records for audits in CSV and HTML formats (requires the purchase of an Annual Report package or Electricity User Package);
  • backup and recovery of information from the SD card (free);
  • backup and recovery of information using Amazon Cloud (requires an annual subscription to Cloud Storage)
  • the ability to choose a unit of measurement (US, imperial or metric) and currency.

This application can be downloaded for free, but to activate some features you have to pay.

2. FYI Mileage


FYI Mileage is an easy-to-use application that will simplify the process of controlling car mileage for personal and business purposes. It also has features like exporting reports via email / Wi-Fi and can store multiple cars and drivers in memory.

3. Mileage


Accounting for fuel consumption with the output of various statistical data.
Mileage – is a program for your mobile device based on the Android OS and iOS, which allows you to control the fuel consumption of several cars easily.

Program features:

  1. Support for many cars.
  2. New flow chart.
  3. Adjustable input fields.
  4. Strong statistics.
  5. Import data using CSV.
  6. Automatic backup on SD.
  7. New types of transportation and more!

The application interface is quite simple, you must enter a minimum amount of data to track the mileage and operating costs of your car.

4. TaxMileage


If you are looking for an easy way to control car mileage to then fill your tax return or payment of compensation, then Taxmileage is what you need. It has a long list of features, among which you can record report generation, automatic backup duplication, real-time monitoring with GPS and support for more than one account.

Mileage can:

  1. Track multiple cars.
  2. Consider liters and gallons of fuel.
  3. Operate by kilometers and miles.
  4. Consider the price of fuel in various currencies.
  5. Display fuel consumption statistics in graphical form.
  6. Import / export data to CSV, SQL, and SQLite DB formats.
  7. Car maintenance plans (oil changes, filters, etc.).

Mileage is a very comfortable and beneficial program for motorists. This makes it possible to calculate fuel consumption (and money for that) for several cars, view statistics, calculate and plan car maintenance.

5. Everlance


This application uses GPS to track the mileage of your car. The application automatically saves your trip in the background. This program is specifically designed to save battery life. There is synchronization with cloud storage. The Everlance application tracks your miles automatically by recording all your trips.
Everlance is an excellent solution for business trips because this program marks the start and end times for trips and calculates replacement costs. There are several classifications: business, personal, charity or medical. Another easy-to-use function of the program – saves receipts for mileage, stores them in the cloud. So, now you will not lose one trip by car. All expenses are saved – they check food intake, etc. This application supports various sources of income.

6. SherpaShare


Now, tracking car mileage for personal and professional use is made easier with the Sherpashare application: log mileage fees. A little effort on your part and the application itself will calculate tax deductions. Drivers with popular services like Uber and others use this application for their own purposes. Now, you can classify your trip, track expenses, save everything in the cloud. Communicate with other drivers through a special community, see the area loaded by the engine.


  1. This application uses the latest technology in tracking mileage.
  2. Used by popular driver services.
  3. See all road conditions.
  4. Quick preparation of tax information.

7. MileIQ


What distinguishes this application from the others? Easy-to-use, fast and effective settings. This application is the best way to track mileage. This program accurately tracks every mile on each of your trips, whether it is personal, business or other trips. You can register every mile, classify trips, get personal mileage notes and more. Save your time with GPS technology. In addition, this application accurately records all data, so you can easily forward all reporting to taxes for your trip. There is a default purchase.


  1. Automatic mileage tracking with GPS.
  2. Trip classification.
  3. Report the mileage traveled.
  4. Purchase default to improve your abilities.

8. QuickBooks Self-Employed


Track your budget and expenses with this application. Find all tax deductions and arrange. In the application, there are additional functions that you might need, but are only available at additional costs. One of these functions is to track the process, which is done automatically using GPS. You can also monitor your expenses, save receipts, create and send invoices, etc. This is an excellent application for individual entrepreneurs.

9. Hurdlr


Application helps track mileage for reporting to taxes. Track your miles, gather information needed to facilitate the filing of tax documents. In the application, you will be available: internal support, automatic distance tracking, cost and tax reduction assessments, self-assessment calculations, payment reminders, cloud storage, battery saving devices.
This is an excellent application for those who are constantly on a business trip and who need to provide tax reporting.

10. MileWiz


The MileWiz application is designed to record gasoline costs. Here, there are all the basic functions for a business trip, including adding, editing, and removing cars and events, viewing cost statistics, fuel consumption, and so on.
The MileWiz application is free for all registered users and includes several functions, including the ability to monitor the current MileWiz status (“Stop”, “Idle” and “Move”), categorize trips, and enable or disable the automatic tracking function.

  1. IRS compliance, easy manufacturing, and tax reporting requirements.
  2. The ability to make multiple trips on multiple vehicles.
  3. Automatic mileage tracking.
  4. iDevices synchronization.
  5. Paid subscription for a month or a year, 20 free trips are provided every month.

11. BizXpenseTracker


This is a great functional application for tracking mileage, where you can personalize the interface and various functions to simplify your work and make it more efficient in business matters. You can track not only car mileage but also daily commercial costs, time to perform various tasks, etc. You also have access to all reporting functions, you can store all data in cloud storage, for example in Box and Dropbox.
Another convenient feature is the ability to scan receipts and add information about your location.

  1. All types of expenses are tracked.
  2. Extended mileage information.
  3. Current fee tracking.
  4. Subcategory.
  5. Cloud data storage.

12. TrackMyDrive


Track your car’s mileage on an Android / iOS device. This application works in the background and can track all trips. Simplify your trip by utilizing the many functions of this application: mileage compensation, manual data entry, GPS tracking, mileage reduction, tax information and more. When purchasing the paid version, you get access to an unlimited number of trips (in the free version, there are only 8 of them).

  1. Track mileage automatically or do it by hand.
  2. Different categories for different trips.
  3. Cost reimbursement and tax reduction.
  4. Add additional information about traveling using your own mileage record.

13. AutoCare


AutoCare allows you to monitor the costs of several cars at once: each is assigned its own profile. Note that this function is available in about 50% of applications, which in some cases will be very useful. Another interesting feature – accounts of urban and suburban mileage.

Previously compiled expense lists are distinguished from “curved” translations such as “turning car tires”, but you can create your own categories. It is also possible to create reminders after a certain time or distance. The rest – this is not overloaded with unnecessary application features, which allows you to monitor the cost and mileage of the car in detail.

14. Mileage Expense Log


Track your mileage automatically along with the Mileage Expense Log application. The application interface is quite simple, you have to start filling out the summary with the necessary information about the trip (vehicle, destination, destination, etc.). There are tips for more competent charging.

You can choose automatic tracking and manual mode. Sync your data with iCloud or Dropbox, and even with Apple Watch. HTML and CSV formats available.


  1. Clear interface.
  2. Automatic tracking with GPS.
  3. Add additional fees.
  4. Availability of price books.
  5. Synchronize with cloud storage and Apple Watch.

15. Fuelio


Fuelio is an application to maintain statistics on gasoline consumption, money spent, and mileage traveled by cars. This application helps track and save fuel costs.

This gadget functions based on the fact that the user writes data: automatically calculates, prepares flow charts, makes comparisons.

Program interface

The interface can be understood by the user, the statistics table allows you to quickly learn the distance traveled, understand the value of fuel spent, and in terms of cost benefits, reduce the number of trips.

Where is the information stored?

By default, the data received is stored on an internal drive in the Fuelio application directory. However, you can connect data uploads to SD disks and cloud storage (Google Drive, DropBox). Thus, the data will be accessible from any device, simply connect the SD card, or enter the cloud server.

Complete list of functions:

  1. Mileage registration scheme (taking into account the number of fuel pumps, refueling, gas costs, and GPS orientation).
  2. There are records of engine operation and fuel consumption.
  3. Easy to record on multiple machines: all data is calculated separately.
  4. Statistics: statistics about device usage, fuel savings.

16. MileTracker


Amazing application to track your mileage. In addition, you can track fuel, calculate all travel costs (for example, parking fees), track car mileage and the difference between personal and business trips. With this application, you can track your path automatically and manually.

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