15 Best RTS game 2020 for iPhone & iPad

15 Best RTS game 2020 for iPhone & iPad

It’s impossible to count the number of strategies that have been released under iOS devices over the years. It’s hard to imagine their numbers, in different variations, with different gameplay, graphics, and characters. Step by step, in real time, economy, Tower Defense and many other favorite games.

Real-time Strategy (RTS) is one of the most popular genre of computer games, which does not spread to iOS, for various reasons, but the main one is the small screen size. This strategy has a massive interface that is difficult to minimize, as well as a significant duration of one game.

1. Clash of Clans


One of the best strategies, which is in the top categories in the App Store and Google Play. The whole story of the game is based on battles between users from all over the world – your clans are facing each other, defending their villages.

This game is free, but with the possibility of optional donations. I’m glad you can continue playing without investing money – of course, the progress will be slower.

The main currency in the game is gold. Mining is carried out from the mine, and it is necessary to repair defensive buildings. Speaking of buildings: in your village, you place the purchased building yourself – consider that its location is very important for further defense and fighting.

You must build new defense structures, keep them ready, and use them in battle. The main building of the village is the town hall, where you can track your progress.

Clash of Clans is a strategy, and you need to think ahead during attack or defense. To train, you can fight in friendly battles – contact your friends online or contact players from all over the world. Generate currency, improve it, and develop your village and clan – prove that you are the best strategist at Clash of Clans!

2. First Strike


This is a unique case where the perfect arcade game is combined with a serious strategic component. At the same time, there are no unnecessary elements or anything that can be seriously diverted from gameplay.

The developers are able to realize the dream of a perfect gamer, here everything is done for players. And only players decide how to achieve world domination. And all this without liters of blood, burning equipment, destroyed homes, etc. Only this planet, only you and your opponents. Do you always want to make order in the world? Then this game is for you!

You need to capture and defend the map area until the enemy will lose strategic advantage. It does not have to completely destroy and set the wrong map area. Enough to expand your territory and maximize the chance of your opponent’s effective attack to secure his surrender.

The sound in this game works perfectly. Initial sounds, interceptions, direct hits – all of this is amazing! Music responds dynamically to what happens in the game. Download the game and enjoy!

3. Land Air Sea Warfare


This is a real-time strategy game made in the spirit of old games. The plot tells the story of a prolonged global conflict that is happening in the near future. New technology came in the army which significantly changed the appearance of war.

The interface is built on a classic layout – list of units and groups, mini maps, window construction, and production. Also, there are technological developments from your faction’s menu.

More than 100 types of machinery and buildings will create a very strong army with an impregnable fortress behind. High walls, towers, bunkers and fortresses and other obstacles will stop enemy attacks. Mechanical forces – from small trains to giant attack robot destroyers (between land units there are sea, and of course flight), which will sweep most of the defenses.

Nice graphics and an isometric camera will allow you to consider any event to the smallest detail.

4. BattleLore: Command


BattleLore: Store application command Open, ordinary board games transferred to a computer or cellular format. The game has a lot of fans, and the electronic version of the game is much more convenient for traveling and playing with people in different parts of the world.

Great graphics in BattleLore: Command will be appreciated by fans of the desktop version – images of characters and locations at the highest level. Most rules are completely transferred from the desktop version – that is, the usual principles will not be radically changed.

You lead your troops and defend yourself from enemies – or, in conflict, you attack them in an intelligent way. You need to think ahead – rely on the reaction of certain enemies, prepare resources and weapons for further action.

The strength of WIELD ARCANE POWERS gives each troop an edge and special strength that you can use in battle. Battlefield Watch provides a 360 degree view of the battlefield: watch from any angle and record everything that happens to each of your soldiers.

Invite your friends into the game – so you can compete with them in your mental abilities strategically – the multi-player mode won’t relax you!

5. Warlords RTS


Oldfarn’s fantastic world is restless – thick, impenetrable clouds gather above the city, some villages burn in fire, others are destroyed and unknown by unknown soldiers. It seems that soon the royal castle will be the end, it’s time to determine the fate of the whole world and lead a rebellion against the forces of darkness in the strategy game Warlords RTS!

On the path of brave heroes and players (who have decided to play cruel jokes with armed goblins) there will be big bosses and traps, outposts and strong forces, and to make mistakes in the struggle to coexist peacefully is unacceptable, because in case of losing one battle, you can lose a war!

Act strategically calibrated, use devious plans and unexpected tactics, create an invincible army and defeat the dark! The strategy game Warlords RTS offers a decent list of different characters with different abilities, amount of health, armor, and damage, moreover, into the hands of players will get powerful spells, items, and equipment, which are subject to an increase in the best forging of Oldfarna!

Participate in combat missions, build intrigue for your enemies for Allied excitement, hone your own warlords’ skills and restore peace and grace to your homeland! Simply download the Warlords RTS strategy game for your device, because the atmosphere of a bloody war floods the players with their heads!

6. Machines at War 3


This is a very interesting strategy game for iOS gadgets, which will produce a very strong army. With this army, you will be able to carry out all your plans. Your main task in the game is to declassify all enemy secrets, techniques, and then the total destruction of the enemy. The game has many tasks aimed at various actions. There is a mission mode mission. Dynamic gameplay. Developers have worked well on graphics, creating colorful scenes. There is a map with a bright view.

In the game, you have to travel through a virtual world to find enemy bases. Each database has weapons, secrets, technology, and so on. You need to learn all their secrets, and also to destroy the base. The developers have added weather conditions that change the game and change the time of day. That is, you can play, both day and night. And at night the difficulty level is much higher than during the day. Campaign mode consists of 21 missions. In addition to campaigns, you can play through multi-player mode with friends and other players.

After completing the mission, you will get experience, awards, bonuses. Don’t forget about your base, because your fort will also be attacked.

7. Townsmen


It’s easy to play this game – you choose the map to be played, and then develop your location. This game is suitable for all age categories, because there are no inits – build, develop, don’t let farmers strike (that is, to maintain their level of satisfaction with your board by controlling tax rigidity and by building various entertainment venues for them, which gives you a plus and farmer’s excitement).

The game itself is free, but you can buy several other features with real money such as prestige points (for prestige units, you can quickly build buildings, open new ones, etc.), unlimited rewind modes to speed up game time), etc.

The game has successful and addictive gameplay, and is interesting to play. It also develops logic and tactics and is free.

There are even season modes: summer, spring, winter, autumn, which are available for various food sources (for example, for winter, the mill doesn’t work, because wheat doesn’t grow, so you have to get food in other ways).

8. Civilization Revolution 2


Civilization Revolution 2 appstoreMaybe one of the most famous strategies of all genders and generations! Thousands of people play Civilizations around the world – both desktop and mobile. The mobile version is simplified compared to the real version, but does not become less attractive or different. Civilization Revolution 2 has all the key features of the game that attract players.

Amazing graphics and playing field images, animated characters – animations don’t freeze and don’t look weird. This version of the game is specifically designed for mobile phones. Unlike computer games in this series, the session here won’t last 3-5 hours but it’s lacking – and that’s very interesting.

Your combat strength can be strengthened with the help of new units with the latest technology – for example, aircraft carriers. The development of weapons also leads to the development of other industries – medicine, information technology and robotics.

Develop resource processing and extraction facilities, nuclear power plants, and more – your strategy must focus only on progress! Go back in the history of events and start thinking about a future that you will like.

9. MechCom 2 – 3D RTS


mechcom-2-iconMechCom 2 – 3D RTS is a brilliant representative of the real-time strategy genre for your device. From the title, it is clear that this is the second part. The novelty plot continues the original story.

Space exploration was permitted to find a planet called Tiberius, at a depth that contained rare minerals. Companies continue to fight with each other for resources and influence on the planet. To fight in our ranks there will be 16 unique feather combinations. You will attack and defend very often, AI is very good in the game.

Simple, intuitive operation, stylish 3D graphics and no ads – all these features you will find in MechCom 2.

10. Transformers: Earth Wars


This game is about the favorite characters of almost all men at a young age. In front of us is a game about Transformers and once again we find ourselves involved in a confrontation between Autobots and desepticonomics. But this time, you don’t need to destroy the entire city in your epic battle, because the battle moves to a desert location. In addition, before you go to your opponent to destroy his strength and defense structure, you must take what transformer construction is used to destroy.

We slowly come to the main plot of the game, which can be called a military strategy where there are famous characters. That doesn’t always give us good choices, but in the game, you can take one of the opposing parties, and the illusion of choice is very refreshing and gives us hope for a while. But in reality, we only have other textures for the existing facilities, and everything is really identical.

What is in the game is really amazing – it’s graphic. Every element of the game looks fine, and smooth animations captivate the eyes. How dialogue and animated characters look during conversation – generally a topic for the entire dissertation!

Everything is fine and everything is fine as long as you don’t realize that in front of you there is a familiar structure game where you have repeatedly played. But if you have the need to play a beautiful game with a good stepping stone for a long journey, then, this game is a real discovery for you.

Transformers: Earth Wars is a very beautiful and high-quality game!

11. Total War Battles: KINGDOM


All events in the Battle of Total War: KINGDOM took place in the medieval world, which met the players with a set of familiar attributes from that era – battles, military intrigue, struggle for territory and, of course, the throne.

In Total War Battles: KINGDOM, the main task of the players is the idea of creating and developing their kingdom. To do this, it will need to explore and conquer wild lands, build cities, not forgetting infrastructure development.

Don’t stay without attention and the military side. Hiring and training soldiers, gradually forming a strong army that can lead to battle and take part in the battle for the throne in the near future.

12. Cartoon Wars 3


Throughout the game, you will create troops to defend your own castle or attack enemies. From the beginning, under your leadership there will be two types of soldiers: knights and spears.

Get ready for a difficult battle!


  • Gather the required troops and destroy enemy towers.
  • Shell advances weapons to fire arrows.


  • New levels and reinforcement will make your army invincible!
  • Combine and upgrade heroes!


  • The game adds a new mode.
  • Invite friends to a team battle!
  • Try your hand in the attack!

This is a fun passing strategy in real time. You are waiting for colorful graphics, many levels, new units to improve characteristics.

13. Autumn Dynasty


This game places you in some decorated ancient China, where your character becomes one of the local feudal lords who fight to rule the country. Each has strengths and weaknesses, its own combat unit with unique characteristics and an officer, who can be sent on special missions – both military and diplomatic. You must start with one province, to build your army, to conquer a neutral province and defeat the enemy to finally declare yourself the great ruler of the Heavenly Empire.

This game can be considered a management simulator, and in many ways depends on your choice – you can trade with other provinces or fight with them, enter the military alliance and catch a spy. The aim of the game is still focused on the battlefield, but the player is also waiting for some problems. The game’s interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to move individual units on the screen, or do it with groups of units, attaching them in a circle.

Some units have a limited amount, but there is very limited time in many of your actions. In this game, you will find many missions, but the goal is always the same – to destroy enemy forces.

14. Transformers: Forged to Fight


TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight – once again the favorite fantastic character of this film will fight under your control against the forces of evil. The new section is basically different from its predecessor. First of all, the graphic component of this application is striking, the developers have tried to make not a cartoon image but to estimate the texture of the texture to be realistic.

Its original character is Optimus Prime, its plot evolving from the fact that it is on a hostile planet, which is occupied by Decepticons. Duel brings to the training course, which will teach you the initial set of techniques and abilities. Management is responsive, and it will not be difficult to adjust. Pull your finger back, we block the attack, decrease the incoming damage, move forward moving the combo from a series of fast punches.

When the scale is accumulated under the transformer, super abilities open, which disturbs the balance of the enemy. For sparring points won and bonuses added. Collecting 100 spark parts, a crystal is formed, a kind of roulette that opens a new transformer.

It should be noted that the game not only accepts 3D graphics but intelligent character behavior models. For example, if you run away from enemies, your Transformer will get a long range weapon and will wait for you to start shooting. Also, from the opponent’s shell, you can dodge, escape from them left or right. Thanks to this, gameplay becomes more interesting and trustworthy.

For games, you need a cellular or WiFi internet connection. Possible in-game purchases at will.

15. XCOM: Enemy Within


In this game, you have the role of an army commander, who is fighting to save the Earth from an alien race invasion. To successfully complete the task, attention must be paid to important factors such as character enhancement, weapon strengthening and technology studies.

From the original XCOM: Unknown Enemy, the addition of Enemy Within is distinguished mainly by the presence of new resources, which have substances in the form of plasma, with the name “composition”. This resource is very useful for research and a number of improvements. If a container with “composition” reaches your eyes during a fight, send it immediately to a soldier, because all boxes have a self-destruction function and will not give time for reflection.

The game process begins with training, which should not be missed. Despite its linearity, it will help in the development of gameplay, and will also make it possible not to lose a few fighters during the first assignment.

Each operation can be genetically enhanced or at the cybernetic level. In the first case, the character is endowed with a number of useful skills, the second of which will be replaced by an exoskeleton with unique abilities. Only by equipping a warrior with flamethrowers instead of hands or jet shoes instead of feet, you automatically eliminate the ability to hide behind a shelter.

Rival in the form of aliens also underwent changes. There are new types of enemies, characteristics similar to pumped cyborgs. The most important among the representatives of the alien race is Ether, whose encounters in confined spaces must be avoided. He not only knows how to control your warriors at the telepathic level but he can easily return shell shots into it.

Also, you will meet representatives from the EXALT faction, who will support the actions of aliens and continually sabotage your operations. This will add to the problem because in addition to performing basic tasks, it will be necessary to calculate the traitor’s headquarters for its destruction.

One of the new tactical layers of the game can be called the fact that for the first time in the series you will have the task of fighting people. This is not an easy thing because it is balanced with tactical techniques and cyber implants, identical to yours.

The introduction of new technology into the game process leads to the fact that money will just disappear. The possibilities for pumping and character upgrading are truly endless, so maybe this is the time you don’t have the means to even buy an ordinary grenade.

For the next difficult task, your team will be given. These are not only experience points but also medals that you can give to your team.

XCOM: Enemies In will be pleased with smart graphics and significant expansion capabilities. The developer has a sizable update, which will delight fans of the new original mission set, units, locations and other improvements.

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