15 Best Retailer Apps To Make Money Online (Android & iOS)

15 Best Retailer Apps To Make Money Online (Android & iOS)

We all face this problem one day: where to give all that? It suddenly turns out, that you have many things that you don’t need in your home, but on the other hand apologize for just throwing them away because they are expensive and meaningful to you.

Or, in a worse scenario, you really need money and you realize you have furniture at home or a car that you don’t really need. You have to sell it quickly and get money. Or maybe you just broke up with your girlfriend from your boyfriend and you want to get rid of all the things they left behind so that there isn’t even one memory left.

And there is a great solution – you don’t need to ask your friends again if they need something or even go to a local shop or market. You don’t even have to leave home – just get the application that matches the best theme of the item you are selling and find consumers who are ready to pay very quickly.

With this application in the list below, you will realize that you can resell and buy all sorts of things – no matter if it’s your old car, luxury furniture, pets or a calculator.

1. Milmila Reseller


A great way to make great deals – and get lots of money by buying products directly from the manufacturer and reselling them. You can find the item you want to get and get it directly from the factory where it was produced.

If you prefer to sign an agreement yourself, without an intermediary then Milmila is for you. Here you act alone. No problem, you have full control over a process. By the way, for those who like to argue about product prices to get extra offers – here, you can do it directly with the salesman.

Build your brand while selling goods on demand. You can get products all over the world and send them to buyers before they even reach you. Find the best deals and amazing discounts and get the chance to get money fast!

2. letgo: Sell & Buy Used Stuff


Many people actually underestimate the power to obtain and sell used goods. They can maintain qualities that are truly worthy without talking about them can be rare. And it’s a great way to save money and get money and give new used goods to a good home.

In this application, you can easily find offers from people near you who want to get rid of their old furniture, clothes, plates, books and so on and they are ready to sell valuables at very attractive prices. Apart from that, you can also resell your goods, and instead of just throwing away, for example, an old coat, you can find someone who will appreciate it and will pay you a good price.

When you make a post about you selling something, the application gives you a notification about how similar items are usually sold: at what price and at what period. There is chat in the application where you can talk privately with consumers and answer all their questions about a product or, you can ask your own questions.

3. Decluttr


Remember how popular it was in the 90s and 2000s to collect CDs, cassettes, DVDs, books and electronics? Everyone tried to show off with it and looked for rare pieces and special editions of music albums.

At that time the music CD even had a booklet in it. Unfortunately, this era of all physical media storage ends very quickly, stepping back from the digital age. Suddenly, all collections, once valuable, were covered with dust that only occupied space.

But what if you have the opportunity to sell all who get real offers on old tapes and DVDs? Finally, there are people who collect retro items. This application proves it – it already has more than 4 million users worldwide. All you have to do is scan the barcode on the CD or electronic device and upload it to the application. Then you will be advised of the price.

You can also sell here Game Consoles and Tablets. When you get a buyer, you send goods to their address. The day after they receive your product is paid through PayPall. Or if you buy something yourself, you can save the order you want to get and then fill out the form later.

This application has no auctions and there are no additional fees for selling your items. This is a safe method to get rid of olf objects that you never use again and hand them over to someone who will benefit.

4. Poshmark


People who like fashion will find this application interesting, for sure. If you are one of those, who are wondering around expensive boutiques, like Prada or Chanel staring at all these very beautiful, but very expensive pieces, dream of one day you will get it and make you look like a tall person – people community – finally you get a lifetime hack of how to get one of them for half the price or less.

This application is a web source version where people can sell their old clothes, especially by famous brands. If you are a seller, you take pictures or pictures of your items, then post them on the application, mark their size, year of manufacture, explain the state and specify the price.

Then people who will be interested will be able to send you a private message. The less frequent your item and the lower the price – the more requests you will get. And as we can see – many people have clothes that don’t fit or they don’t wear them anymore. So why keep it in your closet wasting money, when you can sell it with great benefits and someone out there dreaming of clothes like this?

5. OfferUp


Maybe you want to sell your old car? Swing your old country house? Your daughter’s old fairy costume? The toothbrush set that was presented to you incorrectly? Just like in that funny meme, where people sell silly items, you know. But hey, if there is an offer – it means there is a request.

You simply download this application and see what you get. You will find thousands of items for sale and prices for all types of flavors. Each item must contain an image (so that the buyer can see what was actually purchased), description, year of production (optional), technical features (optional), and price. If you are a seller, it is useful for you to mark as much detail as possible because it increases your chances of selling items at high prices.

All users here are increasingly verified so you can trust whoever you face. The messenger in the application is well protected so you don’t need to worry about personal safety. The method of payment for you and your buyers determines themselves. There is a 24/7 customer support service if something goes wrong.

6. eBay


If you’ve never heard of eBay, you might still be living in the stone age. Founded in 1995 as an online auction by Pierre Omidyar, it will soon become a multi-billion dollar business, operating in more than 30 countries around the world. Today eBay is one of the largest and largest reselling companies in the world, and millions of people use it.

Using eBay is quite easy. First of all, you need to create separate accounts to connect with sellers and buyers and leave reviews. You can add as much information as you want to your profile. Remember that the more details about yourself – the better your chances of selling something. Or, even if you are a buyer, sellers have more reasons to trust you when they see a profile that is fulfilled.

There are thousands of categories, millions of items. You can see offers from various countries and you can find almost everything in this application. If you are a seller, put as much information about the item you are selling so that all potential customers can find your posts.

When the buyer likes the item, but he has questions, it is possible to contact the seller directly in a private message. If all details are discussed and no problems occur – the buyer pays via PayPall. The seller must have the registered address of the buyer and he will be obliged to send goods to this address after receiving payment.

When you first open the application, you can see that the landing page has a number of options and categories. Seasonal sales also occur as well as special offers. If you sell regularly, you can arrange special offers too.

7. 5miles


Our world is now filled with all kinds of products. More importantly, more contaminated. You may have heard that World Ocean is 90% contaminated with plastic. Obviously we must reduce the production of everything to stop our planet from dying. So don’t buy things that you will use for less than a year and then throw them away – just buy second-hand items!

In this application, you can see what your local market has to offer. You can sell something yourself too. After you register in the application, you can see various categories of items in the main menu. There are options for buying / selling cars, household products; monitor new offers every day.

Find new customers who are interested and discuss prices with them. Close the best deals that benefit you and your customers. Make money fast. All accounts are verified and you can chat safely in private messages directly in the application with the seller or buyer. The number of local deals is truly impressive here.

8. Mercari


It can happen that you suddenly have to move and then you have to move immediately and thus you need to get rid of many things. It turns out it’s not an easy task because both your friends and family don’t need anything. In our day, everyone is more than anything and it is difficult to convince people to take more.

However, there is a solution. Get rid of your old stuff through Mercari in days or hours. Here you will find many categories and many interested users who want to get your goods to get money. So why submit it for free?

This is more of a flea market application, so here you can sell and buy even handmade items. Sounds like a good way to start a small side hustle. By the way, many people actually make money this way. In this application, you can also buy or sell beauty products, old CDs and DVDs.

This application was originally developed in Japan and was introduced to the US market in 2014. In the item description, you will find important details, prices, country of origin, and so on. By the way, this application is rather international rather than local. At Mercari you can send and get goods via shipping which gives you many new opportunities to find clients abroad.

9. Facebook Buy and Sell Groups


This might seem strange to you, but yes, you can also use Facebook to make good transactions. Difficult to find people who have not registered on Facebook. Some companies won’t even hire you if you don’t have your Facebook page.

In general, social media opens up many opportunities for us – we can connect with all types of people around the world in second place. So it is very logical to use this technology to get a lot of good for you and others who are looking for goods.

On Facebook, like on any social network, there are many groups. Logically, there are buying and selling groups too, and there are many of them. You really can make a good deal there because it involves a lot of people. You only need to make a post including a description of the item you are selling and mention the price.

But in reality, the post can look the way you want, and that might be the advantage of selling things on Facebook. You are truly free to be creative, without filling in any templates. Sometimes it can give you significant marketing benefits. Embed funny pictures, make interesting text and add other small details. Customers can leave comments or contact you in a private message.

However, the disadvantage is there is no user verification and you have to approve payment methods individually and that takes time. In fact, you never know who you are dealing with. So keep that in mind before choosing this sales method. If you are a buyer, make sure you find a way to check the goods that you are buying are genuine.

10. Carousell


Unfortunately, fraud in reselling a business is quite common, especially when it is a personal resale. To prevent you from possible misfortune, use only trusted methods to close transactions. Trust only verified users. Use the most popular applications and web sources to buy and sell goods.

Carousell is one of the most famous applications for selling and buying goods from people. When you enter the application, you see various categories where it seems you can find all kinds of items. Plants, cars, electronics, books, clothes – and even more. This application is not only for reselling goods but here you can also sell and buy various services.

There are also services regarding health and beauty that you can order. For example, if you are looking for a cosmetologist or you are a cosmetologist yourself – welcome. What’s more, there is a category called luxury – and this is a place where you can find fashion items and expensive items. For fashion lovers who are looking for cheap drill – this is a real choice.

In addition, here you can sell your old furniture very quickly. We all know this is one of the hardest items to sell. Carousell is a community built on trust and feedback. Before buying from someone, pay attention to the reviews and see if this person is reliable.

You can debate the price in a private message. There are lots of sales and special offers too. Many people are addicted to selling and they keep coming back for more and more offers. A great way to exchange products without producing new ones.

11. Dealo


In our day, people make money from anything. But why not if you know exactly how, when and who to sell? Fortunately, the developers support us in all of our beginnings as many applications as possible for resale as desired. So, we have another place to buy and sell, and it’s called Dealo.

In general, this application is very simple. First, you create your account (without which you cannot access the main menu) and see the search bar where you are looking for something. As you type letters, the application will give you category suggestions, depending on what you are looking for.

Or you can search for separate categories yourself. Scroll down to see all the options you have. If you sell something, add item descriptions along with interesting photos, don’t forget to specify the price. Soon you will find a customer and you will discuss the agreement in a private message.

12. Hoobly


This one is a bit of a different type of application. Here you can buy and sell items that make anyone happy – pets! It’s no secret that the pet market is booming right now. And this application is an easy way to buy dogs or cats of a rare breed from native breeders.

As always, here you can also adopt pets for free. But if you are interested in apps for fast pet adoption, you should check out our post about the 11 best pet adoption apps in the US for Android & iOS

This application is more about buying and selling pets. In fact, not only pets. As you clearly know from the name of this application, here you can find a number of things that must somehow do something with your hobby. All categories are arranged accordingly. For example, in the “art” category, you can find many types of brushes, canvases, pallets, tutorials, and so on.

Only in most cases, buyers are looking for pets in this application. But before buying one, you must be sure of the type you get. Do you have enough money to buy it? Do you know how to take care of him? Are you aware of the potential for this type of disease? Can you afford treatment? If you answered “yes” to all of the questions listed above, you should contact the seller.

For sellers, you can create your own profile and put all information about yourself and what you sell. Other users can also leave comments below your posts.

13. Chairish


Some people really like the design. That is why there are three existing furniture markets. In these markets, you really have the opportunity to get unique masterpieces that match your home decor. One of the biggest frugal furniture markets is in Paris. And let’s be honest, it’s great when your home is beautifully decorated. Well, today you can find a market like this online.

Like this application, for example. And it’s not a place where people buy trash or low-quality goods. No, this is a well-known furniture reseller and to shop here you really need to have good money. It offers all kinds of items for your home – for the kitchen, bedroom and so on.

All furniture sales are arranged according to categories. You will find such categories, as “most loved”. “New arrivals”, “best decoration”, etc. All furniture is explained carefully, with all sizes and materials. The price is pinned to each item.

And if you are a buyer, you might find a function where you can preview items that you are currently browsing in your own home space. In addition, you can take several of them and combine them in the picture. Save the items that you are considering buying into your favorites.

For sellers, keep in mind that this application charges a 20% commission. However, for certain items, there is free shipping. In addition, the client has the right to return goods for 48 hours and payment is also received within 48 hours. So if you have unique expensive furniture for sale – you are welcomed here.

14. Tradyo


Another convenient application for those who want to buy or sell their goods locally. Instead of spending hours shopping at the mall, comparing prices and spending your energy, simply install this application, adjust the proximity where you are ready to go to pick up your goods and see what the locals offer. This way you don’t even have to leave your home, you can see everything in one application. Moreover, you will pay a cheaper price.

Or you can easily browse ap to see what the locals offer you. Sometimes it happens that you can find unexpected treasures, things like that, that you want to get for a long time, but forget about it or not expect to get here. And then you can find someone who sells this item at super affordable prices.

When you see an item that interests you, just click and you see the price and description. Contact the seller in a private message. or seller, it’s easy to get rid of items that you don’t need without difficulty. You can simply discuss all offers in your private message with locals who want to get it. As a bonus, all payments are controlled by the application so it’s safe too.

15. Instagram


And the last but certainly never the least application to resell your goods effectively and get money quickly is Instagram. Today Instagram is a giant that can dramatically affect people’s lives. This has been a major trendsetter for the past 4 years and is likely to stay on track for the next few years, at the very least.

People check Instagram to find out about the latest news, friend news, local news, new market offers, and bloggers are one of the most influential people on the planet, overcoming popularity with many celebrities. All serious businesses must now have an Instagram page if they want to be taken seriously as well as employees.

As a result, Instagram became a great platform for sales.

That happened not yesterday and the day after tomorrow. Instagram is an important sales channel of many companies, including large and small. It has great traffic thanks to an attractive marketing interface (beautiful picture as a hook, promising headlines as a guide to bidding). You may have seen your friends sell something back through Instagram.

Why not? Here you are completely freelance with the creative part of the post. You can only post stories about your offer and your customers will see it and maybe, you will find a buyer. If you want to make a stronger sales post then you should make a separate post with an image (you can’t make a post without an image) and add a more or less informative description.

It’s better to add location tags too and ask your friends to share them in their stories. The more people see your post, the higher the chance to sell that item.

Finally, if you sell goods regularly here then you have to make a separate page for the items you sell. You must add a description on the page, location, links to other websites and stories with client reviews and price lists. And make regular posts about new items that you sell, better with the use of targeted advertisements. This is a good way to start establishing yourself as a trustworthy and attractive seller.

And if you are a buyer, look for the reseller page, subscribe and monitor the offers they have. Being a buyer is easier here because once you subscribe to a page that resells goods, targeted advertisements will still find you, showing you more similar pages in the recommendation.

The only drawback, once again, is insecurity. Payment methods must be discussed privately and chosen by the seller and buyer in person. This can be one of the money transfers. In addition, creating fake accounts on Instagram is a frequent thing. Hurry up, but don’t forget to stay aware of fraud.

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