15 Best Money Transfer Apps For Android & iOS

15 Best Money Transfer Apps For Android & iOS

Statistics show that more than 80% of people transfer money at least twice a month. In fact, all payments are online now and even if you only need to return the debt to a friend who lives nearby, it’s easier to do it online.

But what to do if your family lives abroad? How to deal with all these complicated procedures, exchange rates, and very uncertain costs? In addition, you want your money to be transferred on time and without difficulty.

You don’t feel like learning all the difficult financial aspects that your bank has to offer before transferring money, but still, do you have to share your income with your family? Look at these 15 money transfer applications and you will see that you can transfer money to any part of the world easily, quickly and safely.

1. TransferWise


Alhamdulillah, transferring money today is as easy as this. Maybe, if you are one of those born before the 2000s, you remember how it used to be – you have to go to the right bank office that has a money transfer system, however, that system might not work for you … Ugh, now everything solved in one click.

Yes, in a few clicks. But with applications like TransferWise, which have proven themselves to be one of the best in the industry, you will be saved from all the hassle. The lowest possible transfer fee, more than 28 world currencies are available. And there is no fraud with exchange rates – you always get the real one.

We all know how difficult it is for expatriates, foreign students, businesses, freelancers, and people who live international lives to send, receive, and spend money – so TransferWise tries to make it as easy as possible. The money operation process is always safe, convenient and at low cost.

What’s more, sending money via TransferWise can be 8 times cheaper than a street bank – and that’s not even all the benefits. You can get a free multi-currency account and save your money in several currencies simultaneously. If you like to travel then this application is irreplaceable for you – you can get a TransferWise debit MasterCard card.

Well, the last but not least reason to trust TransferWise – is that millions of people are already using this application safely and securely. Now you can send money abroad to your family, pay bills abroad, send your money to friends and get paid in various currencies.

Here are some currencies that are in the application: GBP (British Pound), EUR (Euro), USD (US Dollar), CHF (Swiss Franc), CZK (Czech Koruna), HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), PLN (Polish Zloty) ))), SEK (Swedish Krona), SGD (Singapore Dollar) and many more.

2. ACE Money Transfer


According to statistics, more than 600 billion US dollars was sent in 2019 by money transfer. Countries such as Brazil, China, and Mexico are experiencing influence and countries such as the United States, Canada or Russia have cash outflows. Maybe it has something to do with expatriates who send money to their families in developing countries. However, France experienced more cash inflows. And Switzerland confirms this theory – more than 26 billion dollars was sent abroad from there.

So as you can see, one way or another, having a money transfer on your cellphone is a must. ACE Money Transfer does its best to meet the expectations of its customers. Now the network is extended to Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America as we can see, highly demanded.

Unlike many other money transfer applications, this one interface will be easy to use and understand for all types of users, who are not accustomed to dealing with money operations. Now 278 thousand locations worldwide are connected via ACE.

ACE has a decent exchange rate and low transfer costs (especially for developing countries). Customer support is available 24/7 so you can text or call with your problem anytime you need. Use your debit or credit card to influence payments. Online banking is also a good choice. In general, for those who prefer a simpler interface, this application will be a great discovery.

3. OrbitRemit Money


What do you know about money in general? Did you know that money is produced in a factory called Permen? And two-thirds of all US $ 100 bills deposited outside the US today? And the US dollar may be known to everyone, but not everyone knows there is an eagle printed on every dollar. The country’s currency was recognized in 1785, shortly after the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

So, do you know how much we don’t know about that money yet? If you want to get closer to the world of money (of course everyone), get a money transfer application for better foreign exchange trading, for example. OrbitRemit offers a fast, safe, secure, and cost-effective way to transfer money abroad.

Of course, exchange rates, transfer fees, and security are the most important components here – so you can make sure they are at the best service here. In fact, transferring money with this application is 80-90% cheaper than a bank – can you believe it? Another advantage of comparing with banks is that the latter cannot provide you 24-hour work services, but this application can.

For those who have had unpleasant experiences with transfer fees in the past – here you will not face surprises – everything is fixed and low – there are no hidden aspects. You no longer need to find a physical money transfer outlet or set foot in a bank branch.

4. Small World


When transferring money, you must remember that it takes days to make the transfer to the destination. By the way, talking about how money is transferred, for example, in the UK – more than 40% of Britons who send money have no actual instructions about sending money and sending it according to the recipient’s preferences.

Well, don’t let this happen to you! Don’t choose an ordinary money transfer company, choose something that you can use. Small World has a great option for those who send money abroad (and receive it). There is always a support team on the phone and you can contact them anytime you need help.

All your transactions are carried out thoroughly and always updated. In addition, there is a promotional code that gives you a great opportunity to get offers from using this application. What’s more, our security protocol, password encoding, and our IT, Compliance and Anti-Fraud team are working together to make your transfer as safe as possible.

This application already has more than 500 thousand clients and you can be one of them. By the way, this application was developed by a money sending company with more than 20 years of experience – it sounds reliable, right? Another cool bonus is that your first transaction on this application will be free, which means there are no fees!

In total, it takes 3 simple steps to influence transactions. You can use the bank deposit delivery method to send money directly to your recipient’s bank account. Check the application to find the closest location where you can collect cash.

Another strange option here is that you can send physical money directly to someone’s home address. So send money to more than 190 destination countries, with the largest payment network on the market.

5. Supersonicz


Luxembourg was once the richest country in the world, but now lets Qatar replace it. Singapore maintains its position (which is not surprising because of its strong economy), and Brunei is also rich (Middle Eastern countries are known for their oil reserves).

Have you ever lived in one of these countries? Nowadays, when globalization takes over, many people learn languages ​​and then become expats. Companies are becoming global. As a result, greater demand for money transfer applications occurs.

This is a great service to use that guarantees you a safe and fast money transfer. Supersonicz is a trademark currently operating in 56 countries. What is great for EU countries, you can send money even on national holidays.

If you are not sure, how to use the application – this contains a video tutorial. This application can also be accessed in several languages, so if you are a newcomer, you can download the application in the local market and then choose your native language. Before the transfer, you can preview today’s prices to see whether it is useful to send today’s assets.

This application will store a history of all your transactions. There is customer support available at any time so if you have a problem you can call or text the specialist. As usual you can find pickup locations and collect money there. Use your credit and debit account to transfer money.

6. Altras


We all know that money problems never come on time, they always happen at the worst possible time. Then you need to take action quickly without any disturbing aspects. Unfortunately, many banks require a number of procedures and documents before you transfer money.

But you can always use the application to transfer money. With Altras you can send money to friends, family (or they can send money to you) quickly and whenever you need. The advantage here is that you can calculate transaction costs before actually sending money to see if it is useful for you to send this amount or you have to choose another method,

Depending on the payment agent, the transfer can take up to one day. The disadvantage of this application is that most are made for Europeans – the available currencies are GBP and EUR. The limit on the amount of money that can be set by the recipient country.

This application also shows the current exchange rates. All transactions are encrypted and secured. What’s more, this application has an additional profile for its users, so you can edit details about yourself and have your own mailbox. When you send money to someone, you have to choose between two options about how they will collect it: is it cash or bank cards? It’s up to you to decide.

7. Remitr


They say money doesn’t matter how much money you get, it’s never enough. Do you agree? Or money is not the final measure of happiness? Yes, some people are known for borrowing money and never returning it. Surely you also have people like that in your circle. That’s why it’s safe to transfer money through a transfer application because they keep records of transactions and you can at least prove something in the end.

Remitters is another practical application that allows you to send money to friends, family, colleagues, charities – whenever you want – and whenever you want. You will not experience hidden fees, all additional fees will be displayed to you before the transaction.

First, you must link your bank account to the account in the application. Then you have to choose the amount of money you want to transfer. Don’t forget to give all recipient details, fill in everything carefully, if necessary double check. After all, when you are ready to send money, tap the transfer button.

Sending money will ensure that the recipient will receive the exact amount of money that you sent to him. By the way, do you get annoyed when you need to fill in the blanks when transferring money to the same person every time you repeat a transfer? Well, now you can forget it. This application will store information about the recipient and next time you will enter their name, it will automatically fill all the gaps.

This application currently works in more than 50 countries. This is a very easy way to pay bills in your country. This application focuses more on Middle Eastern and Asian countries. All transfers made in the application are coded and secure.



Technology has truly changed our world. Now everything is digital, starting from the check-in to the plane and ending the money transfer. And it all happened in just a few decades! Can you imagine what will happen next? Many experts claim that cryptocurrency will take over because they are bank-independent and very safe.

This application does not deal with cryptocurrency but allows you to send regular money to your loved ones, in ordinary currency. This gives you the opportunity to pay bills in several countries abroad and monitor all transactions you make. If you notice that you often make the same transaction, you can make it your favorite – this will be automatic next time.

More than 48 countries are on the list where you can send your money. When you transfer money to another country with another currency, you can see how big the difference is. And what’s more, you can reload pre-paid phones. About all transactions that occur, you will receive an SMS or email notification.

9. Money Transfer Agent


It’s no secret that the monetary policies of various countries are always changing. This creates a lot of inconvenience for people, who have families who live abroad. Or the amount of money transferred can vary even due to other political events.

A recent example is Trump with an anti-migration policy and trying to keep migrants away from coming to the United States. However, this country is one of the most popular countries in the world because immigrants and billions of incoming and outgoing transactions are achieved every year.

And here is the application, which occurs in response to the digitization of the banking system. Working since 2017, he provides the best online services for money manipulation. You can send money quickly and safely, for any purpose – personal or for your business.

The parent company’s technology is AppsServe Solution Limited, which now presents innovative and innovative solutions for years of research and development. specializes in reviewing, evaluating, and comparing money transfer services overseas, so you can find deals that offer any competitive features you might need.

Here you get the opportunity to compare transfer rates from various companies and take the best. This is very useful for people who run their own businesses because they usually need to transfer large amounts of money and bargain instead of the last role here.

This application also provides a comparison for Bitcoin and eWallets. With this analytic platform, you can identify which transactions are the most profitable at the moment and send your money both to your family members and to the accounts paid from your business.

10. WesternUnion US


OK, now this is the company that you’ve heard of. It’s one of the oldest and respected on the market. You can go to a bank and send your money to someone with Western Union. Recognized by many financial agencies and magazines, that proves its reliability over the years.

In total there are more than 200 countries available for transfer and more than 500 thousand international locations of Western Union companies. Your family and friends can receive money in a bank account, cell phone wallet or take cash at any point that is accessible.

Check currency rates before transfer, scan your debit and credit cards for quick settings – this way you will spend less time typing all necessary information into the required fields. There are also other options – you can start transferring your money in the application – and then go to the nearest Western Union location to hand over money there.

No need for lengthy authentication procedures this time. You will get a quick login option with touch ID. As always, all your current, past and ongoing transactions are entered into separate sections in the application.

11. PayPal


It is fair to say that without mentioning this application this list will never be complete. In fact, PayPall has become a sign for a new digital age in the money industry, rebuilding the definition of asset exchange. Nowadays it’s quite difficult to find someone who doesn’t use PayPall rather than using it.

So what good is that? To begin, this is one of the first applications, which suggests a new idea to have an online wallet. With options like this, it’s easy to make transfers and pay for money.

International money transfers are also possible with various currencies available. A history of all actions taken in your account is saved. For example, it can happen that you have to return money to friends for your trip on weekends so that if you both use PayPall, you can easily do that.

Because PayPall is one of the leaders in the industry, all money transfers made here are sur, healed, encrypted with the latest coding technology and by using the most powerful protective software.

The best thing about this application is if you get it and the recipient gets it – you don’t have to pay any commission, wherever you send money. Sending money to the whole world is as easy as now and never at all. Don’t talk about it with PayPall who lives in control of all your operations and can monitor them until they are executed.

Please note the fact that application functions can vary from country to country and sometimes not all of them are available.

12. Smiles Mobile Remittance


Statistics say that people transfer at least twice a month, if not more often. How often do you transfer money and get remittances? Maybe, if you see this article now, you do it more than twice a year. And here it is very important to have decent software that will greatly assist you when transferring sufficient (and not so adequate) amounts of money.

It’s cool that this application has multi-language support. This can be very beneficial for expatriates. This application supports English, Tagalog, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese and other languages.

No one is a big fan of transfer fees and Smiles developers know that. They found a special bonus program that allows you to collect points, when transferring money in the application and exchange it for lower transaction costs.

This application was originally developed in Japan and this country is known for its responsibilities and responsible attitude towards money. You can send money from more than 126 countries. Digital Wallet Corporation, which has a money transfer service license approved by government organizations in Japan’s ‘Kanto Local Financial Bureau’, has developed this service.

When you first use this application, you must complete all required fields and undergo all procedures to confirm your account. There are two types of accounts – Classic and Premium. The former gives you the opportunity to send smaller amounts of money in one transaction, while the latter allows you to send up to 1 million in one transaction.

Smiles has the “Smiles remit” option, which allows customers to send money to the Philippines with good shipping costs. What’s more, if you use this application, you can order it to make a bank card for you.

13. GmoneyTrans


A very frequent story: You go to a restaurant with your friends. You have a beautiful night, good food and delicious drinks. Then someone said he forgot his wallet at home, someone paid for them and they agreed that they would transfer the money the next day.

However, the next day, it turned out, they all had different banks and the commissions were too high. That’s where the problem starts. A money dispute, who has to pay the commission, why is the money taking so long and so on. In the worst case, this can end the friendship. To avoid suffixes like this, use this application.

Gmoney complies with all international transaction rules and is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Service. In addition, this application works with banks and international services. This is a safe, easy, fast and affordable application. First, you need to create an account to make transactions. This is very convenient because now you don’t even have to leave home to get a separate bank account.

If you have just registered a debit account to withdraw money for sending money in the application, you can easily send money in the application without a separate transfer service. Digital wallets are also available, just like transfers from a bank account and your credit account. Check at the nearest location application for cash collection.

Transfer fees are always fixed and predictable. There are no hidden costs and no reason to be disappointed. All transactions are very safe and recorded in history. And what’s more, they are affected quickly.

14. Unistream Money transfers


Other well-known companies that may be familiar to you. This gives you the opportunity to send money from any bank from card to card, fast, safe and secure. Unistream is a global network for money coordination and more than 100 million people already use this service every day.

Place of payment count is more than 100 thousand points. All cards accepted – Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. You can send and receive money in all types of currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP and so on. The minimum commission rate is 0%. As soon as you send money, the recipient can get it in cash.

In the application, you can also view transaction history, use templates that have been created, link your bank card and account to Unistream. When the transaction is in progress, you can track how the process is and choose the point where you or the recipient want to collect money.

A comfortable and user-friendly interface will make the whole process more fun and easily manipulated. Because when you deal with money, there is no place for unknown and complicated aspects.

15. Axis Mobile


Many people assume that money is something that is difficult to deal with, that you should have a special type of financial education to influence manipulation with it. That is a dangerous thing and you should not take risks when it involves a large amount of money. Well, maybe it’s partly true. But anyone can learn how to interact effectively with money without a Harvard degree. In fact, almost all the leading finalists never even had a college degree.

And this is another cool application that will allow you to transfer your money to your friends and family for a small transaction fee and do it as fast as possible. When you enter the application, you can see the dashboard and in the side menu, you can see all the bank accounts that you have. By the way, you can always personalize the menu by adding images.

What’s more, besides the regular transfer function, this application gives you the opportunity to shop for retail and business credit in one click. All credit cards, available in the application, have been approved for you. Link multiple bank accounts to the application so that all your transactions are available 24/7.

Create your own UPI QR code. and, of course, you can always see the history of transactions that have already been made. If there are attractive offers around you – the application will send notifications to you. At the end of each month, your account will give you a summary of all transactions, expenses and savings made so you can plan your budget here.

You can even block your current credit card through this application and interact with online services such as Forex. Sync the application with your calendar and get your payment scheduled. See your eDGE Loyalty Rewards points for balances and redemptions from more than 500 attractive gift options.

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