14 The Best Apps For Meeting New People For Android & iOS

14 The Best Apps For Meeting New People For Android & iOS

In the market, there are not a number of different services for communication in virtual space but none of them are focused on making friends and expanding the circle of communication on interests. Fortunately, an independent developer created the entire service, which then turned into an application for iOS and Android devices.
The world of acquaintances has changed and this movement, it seems, is irrevocable. Once people get acquainted on the road and on public transport, come to each other and just say “Hi!”, There is no long service for dating SMS, so online dating sites are starting to actively appear, some of them still alive. But it’s clear today – dating must be at your fingertips, on your smartphone or tablet. One click and you are familiar. We have collected some of the most interesting dating apps with which you can find new friends or your love.

1. MyFriends App


The MyFriends application, as the name suggests, is intended to find new friends and acquaintances. The program, which is available for download from the Google Play store and the App Store, combines the functions of the Instagram photo service, instant messenger, social networking, and a number of other applications. By the way, all of this is related to each other very carefully and concisely.

It’s easy to register on MyFriends, because this can’t be done at all thanks to integration with the largest social network. Developers make every effort and do the best for service users, because you can be authorized through accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and several other social networks.

Within the application, there is a fairly functional menu with 11 sections, two of which are responsible for leaving the account and “Settings”. There are not many settings for the application – you can configure the name and calendar of the account, city and date of birth, gender, and change alerts at their discretion. Premium account holders can activate the invisibility function and block entries into the application with a password.

The first part of the menu is “Tape”. Here are photos of people nearby. Like on Instagram, users can take pictures and write comments below them. In addition, if someone’s photo is interesting, then this user can write private messages and chat with him without restriction.

One of the most interesting parts, in our opinion, is Desire. This is where you can see a list of people who are looking for companies to travel to certain places. It is possible to place your own desires by choosing one of the six options. After finding the most attractive offer among all variants, it is enough to suppress it and there will be more detailed information about the person’s position. If everything matches – put it in and the user automatically sends a message, saying about your desire to meet him for a specific purpose. This is very convenient because depending on your preferences, you can have fun with new friends without having to have a dialogue with them before.

The “Warnings” section works to display information about your profile guests, likes, comments, and other information. As a rule, with his help, you can evaluate your popularity because the more people visit your profile, the stronger your questionnaire appeals to others.

The best application for …

The main core of the MyFriends application is finding like-minded people who can become good friends later, but at least new acquaintances. The whole process of getting acquainted with that person passes in the most comfortable way, because every application element for iOS and Android is considered trivial.

This service can not only provide interesting communication with interesting interlocutors but will also help to find interesting entertainment in real life. There is no other application on the market that can compete with My Friend for usability and functionality, and with the tasks assigned to it, it scores perfectly.

2. Happn


Happn is a French service for dating people close to you or using a similar route. For all its simplicity, the development of France confidently captures the world – thanks to its efficiency and unique concept.

What is that?

Happn is an application that uses your location data to suggest the closest match to a date. When you are near someone who suits you according to characteristics, his profile rises to the very top of the search record. After that, you can see photos of the candidates, mark them however you want, and start the conversation.

The fundamental difference between Happn and other dating services is that the application is based on the interactions of people in real life. This format opens up new opportunities for dating for busy modern people who lead active lives and travel a lot around the city.

How does it work?

The user experience of Happn is not playing games, unlike most competitors. Therefore, this service provides a solution for requests that are prohibited by traditional dating sites. On Happn, you don’t need to fill in detailed profiles and interest lists, just synchronize with Facebook – this minimizes the amount of fake information and fake accounts. In addition, you get a list of potential contacts not on the basis of shared interests but on the principle of territorial affinity and visual sympathy. Maybe this way, you will find a little “same soul” but it will be easier to meet people in the real world.

At the same time, service features neutralize the standard negative aspects of competing applications: there is no chance for spam, unpleasant contacts, mass sending of trivial letters from fake accounts, etc. Access to correspondence is opened after two conditions: if sympathy is mutual and the user is in direct proximity to each other (working in one area, living nearby, etc.).

Happn also provides paid functionality: with its help, you can start correspondence without mutual sympathy. But even here the principle of territorial affinity is observed – otherwise the user profile will not be displayed to you.

In addition, the company boasts proud statistics: in addition to 1 million downloads to date, there are even more impressive figures – 200,000 active users open Happn every day.

3. JustLunch


Another useful application that does not focus on looking for romantic dates. JustLunch allows for a short time to find many useful acquaintances in the business field and transfer them from online to offline. To do this, make a meeting and explain the purpose. Thus, it is possible to attract potential investors and business partners. Proposals at meetings of a different nature promise to be deleted by the developer, and violators to ban. True, while meeting moderation is not so thorough and leaves a lot to be desired. So don’t be surprised if you see an invitation to a Thai massage session between business meetings.

The application isn’t finished yet and it might be problematic to find a specific place, so it’s better to make an appointment by specifying the right address data. Also, with JustLunch’s help, it’s easier to make useful contacts at forums and conferences. This will find the right person that was recorded at the meeting, and will show brief information about them.


  • Proposals for meetings for the sake of sex and other pleasures promised by developers to be removed without mercy. Even though there really isn’t a problem you can find a company even for Thai massage.
  • When looking for business people nearby, you can see their workplaces.


  • In apps, it’s problematic to find a specific place, so the best way is to create a meeting using your current geographical position.
  • The lack of proper moderation gives online hooligans the chance to make meetings so delusional that sometimes JustLunch wants to burn shares.

4. Skout


Opportunity. SKOUT connects you with new people near or around the world! Download the free SKOUT app and talk to the men and women chosen for the parameters YOU set. Communicate with new friends, give gifts, share photos, etc.!

Selection. SKOUT allows you to choose the people you want to communicate with, regardless of whether they live near you or in the city where you want to go. Download the biggest app to find new friends who live around it!


  • Free download.
  • Exchange messages and photos.
  • An overview of all page visits.
  • Many gift options for preferred users (bills).
  • The premium version of the application, Skout Pro, with richer functionality is available for $ 6.99.
  • Unquestionable comfort from Scout – separate dating services for adult and teen users, which will help avoid both, and many ambiguous situations.


  • Cost for part of the trip.

5. Meetup


Meetup is a social application, the purpose of which is to bring people together for a common purpose or beneficial event. The motto of this application is very simple and clear “We are what we do”. And this application encourages us to share with everything we do, find friends who are interesting to us and learn a lot about the world around us.

First, you must register and create your profile. After you fill in some data about yourself, you can start managing the application itself.

This works very simple. You make an event and, if people like it, they will join you to form a company for you. Do you want to set the night? No problem. You can easily collect dozens of amateurs with pleasure. Go to the theater? Likewise, you create an event and wait for feedback from other users.

6. MeetMe


MeetMe is a social network for new acquaintances. At first glance the design is quite simple and unpretentious, above – main control and below – ribbon with news.

Chip site – the ability to quickly find users according to their location, that is, quickly see who is close and invite them to meet somewhere. Actually, this is the main idea of ​​a social organization, which distinguishes it from the others.

This application has access to several functions – you can view a photo gallery and enter it, send messages, ask questions, and present “Golden Stars” as a sign of sympathy.

With MeetMe, you can find new friends in an environment that shares your interests and is ready to chat now! It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s completely free! Join the community of more than 100 MILLION PEOPLE who chat and find new friends. Neither age, nationality, nor experience matter – THIS IS FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYONE! So what are you waiting for? Download the best application for finding new friends for communication!

7. Topface


The Topface application – Dating and communication lets you register quickly and find many of the same interests and preferences of guys and girls. Literal translation – fully coincides with the description of the main features of the program. Clients open the opportunity to communicate only with users who respond to your wishes. Thus, you can only relate to interesting interlocutors.

The main function for communication on Topface is free. You can view other people’s photos and interests, filter users by location, interests, and online status. To remove obsessive advertisements, respond to VIP users’ automatic messages and get other privileges, you must purchase a paid subscription.

At the top of the application, there are several tabs: Face, Dating, Message, Profile, Top. On Face, we can find popular pages in the people application, on the Dating tab, you can use the advanced search form, determine to search for users who are sitting online or with candid photos. On your profile, you can edit your data and write something for those who want to meet you. Well, and in the TOP tab, you are waiting for the ranking of people from your city. In addition, in the application, besides that, there are many different features that will help you get coins and raise rankings.
In the application, you can express your sympathy, write messages that users like and post scores, and see guests on their pages.

Features of the Top Face program:

  1. More than 70 million (!) Users in the world.
  2. Easy filter: dating purpose, status, interests, location.
  3. Registration via Facebook.
  4. Protection from spam – communication only after mutual sympathy.
  5. Constant updates and improvements for Android clients from the developer.

It’s easy and fast to understand at work and on application principles. Everything is done for user convenience and interesting entertainment. So don’t overlook the opportunity to find new conversation partners, new men, and just chat with new people!

8. OkCupid


OkCupid was created in 2003 and has since gained huge popularity throughout the world. This site has all the main functions: the ability to create interesting profiles, the inclusion of additional search settings, the ability to easily connect with site users through instant chat or private message exchange, and the opportunity to show interest.

OkCupid has its own algorithm, which can be used to find the person who is most suitable for you. To calculate matches, data is obtained as a result of user activity on the site and their answers to questions are applied. Answering a question, you give your answer, while you can determine whether to accept the answer to another question and how important this question is to you. If you find a user with a high percentage of matches, the site will notify you about this.

Registration on this site is free, maybe only from the age of 18 years. There are paid subscriptions, which provide a number of additional benefits: lack of advertising on the site, more and more advanced search parameters, and preferential placement on the first page of search results. The price of a paid subscription is $ 9.95 per month.

There is a mobile application for OkCupid for iPhone and Android, which allows not only to limit your computer or laptop but also use your tablet or cellphone to facilitate communication on the site.

  • The ability to create an account through Facebook.
  • Receive instant notifications of offers that must be met.
  • Using a powerful algorithm to calculate accidental likes increases the likelihood of a successful acquaintance.
  • The possibility of evaluating with the help of special scale profiles of other users.
  • Simple interface (although some users see this as a drawback).
  • The ability to see the date and time of the last visit to the site by other users.
  • The need to buy all sorts of “features” for pumping profiles.
  • A case of sudden and unmotivated profile deletion.
  • Paid A-list (white list).
  • The need to buy an A-list if you need to store more than 500 messages.

9. FortyFive


Forty Five is a new video dating application with unique artificial intelligence (AI), which makes the appointment process a simple and interesting case. Just upload your video to the program, track the user’s video messages nearby, and set up a meeting. Forty-Five is an application for those who are not interested in long-term correspondence. This application is for those who are ready to meet here and now.

Forty-five is:

  1. A unique AI system which, according to video messages, determines the user’s character and behavior and finds the most suitable pair nearby.
  2. Security Your video message will be deleted automatically 45 minutes after it is downloaded to the application. If you want to try again, just write another message.
  3. Efficiency. Video messages are saved for only 45 minutes. This means that all users are online now and ready to meet. No need to spend hours or even days waiting for the people you need on the network.
  4. Forty-five searches for the closest user. If you are ready to meet, you can do it immediately.
    Authenticity. Usually, videos uploaded by users to the application are made in real time. This means you will not find someone’s photo a decade ago.

In the modern world, the average user spends 2-3 hours a day on the Internet but it often turns out to be trivial to watch a movie or have dinner with anyone – all the interlocutors are virtual. Conversation is reduced to message exchange. Forty-five helps you find the company here and now.

Unlike other dating services, which are more like social networks with endless exchanges of the same type of message, Forty Five gives you the opportunity to approve a meeting within 45 minutes. This time is enough to find users you like and schedule appointments.

10. SayHi


Say hi! – Chat, Meet, Date – a free application with which you can always find new friends, interlocutors, and, perhaps, loved ones. Communicate with them, give various prizes, participate in interactive chat rooms, and play fun games.


To begin with, you can find your closest friends using a search that determines your gender, distance, and time of your last activity. To communicate with users, you can use normal message transmission or interactive chat where you will be placed in a special two-dimensional space where you can move in the form of various people and send text and audio messages. To express your emotions, install a special animation package that will convey your mood and feelings.

To anticipate the answer, you can have fun by installing in-game games (Pet fights, Tina, Ben-Ben, and Puzzle).

To expand the capabilities of SayHi based on Android! Application, you can install a free add-on that includes video chat for SayHi and plug-ins for faster friend search (ShakeShake! For SayHi). A large number of plug-ins are also available to change the appearance of chat and more.

As in most of these social networks, you can buy a VIP account that allows you to stand out among other users: your message will be shown first to the recipient, plus the ad will be deleted. You can also buy virtual currencies, the prizes of which are made for other users.

Program features:

  1. Interactive chat.
  2. A large number of packages with excited emotions.
  3. Mini-games built-in.
  4. Various themes.

11. Tagged


We all have long been used to the fact that Facebook is a leader among social networks but the American site Tagged, it turns out, is no less popular and deserves attention.

Unlike its famous counterpart, Tagged not only maintains your contacts but also creates a lively communication atmosphere, expanding the circle of acquaintances according to interests and hobbies.

This social network emerged in 2004 in San Francisco, initially it was a space for exchanging messages between schools, and then it grew into a platform for communication about interests.

At present, the number of participants has exceeded 100 million people, the number of viewers is not small. Tagged is a holiday where you can join at any time!


  1. To see Tagged, the game “Dating” will help: look at pictures and make verdicts for applicants. “Yes” form partners!
  2. Chat to communicate with other Tagged users. Our stickers and gifts will help place your own interlocutor.
  3. Game Pets: get acquainted, “buy” other players and get points – you can’t get away!
  4. Read other people or publish your own notes or comments. Tagged recordings are similar to the simultaneous conversations of millions of people!
  5. Send greetings everyday to friends! To track your “friendly” status will help to rate Tagged.
  6. Buy VIP status to find out if the recipient reads your message and who sees your profile!
  7. The ability to filter users based on gender, age and location.
  8. Registration is free, use is free!

The marked virtual door is open for all! On Tagged, you can get to know people both in the neighborhood and from the other end of the world. Tagged welcomes adult users from all countries and positions of life.

Note: Your privacy is Tagged’s top priority. The program will not disclose your location or personal information to anyone without your permission. Only you decide the date and method of dating.

12. Bumble


Are you ready to talk to the first man? To invite a date? If so, then you will love Bumble – a new dating service that is talked about all over the world. The main intrigue is that girls are the first to get in touch. Bumble – dating for lazy men.

Maybe, someone from the developer of this application bothers and kills the fact that girls almost always don’t write the first one, and waits for them to be the first to write a man, so, maybe, from whom to choose. Well, that’s not right, I don’t know what girls are thinking right now. And, apparently, to save everyone’s time and nerves, they came up with this kind of application …

Your job as users, register in the application, log in through your Facebook account, add funny / original / simple descriptions about yourself (cross out) and, if possible, add more photos. (Speaking of which, it is possible to find a man, if such a rule suits you or search for it all at once).

In addition, there is an opportunity to show your position by selecting it from the list in the appendix and education. You can link here and your account from the Spotify service and users will see your music preferences, based on what you do there.

Your job is to submit your signs of sympathy to those whose accounts you like and wait for 24 hours of mutual sympathy from the girl in the form of ANSWERS. Yes, the girl, in this case, write yourself the first for you! Well, of course, if he likes your candidacy. If within 24 hours the girl does not react, you have the opportunity to give her an extra chance not to lose her happiness and extend the time to respond for another 24 hours.

The selection of candidates is based on your geodata, access that will be requested by the application and, perhaps, if you are from a smaller city, then you cannot rely on a large number of candidates.

However, in settings, you can specify a radius greater in kilometers than you, where they will look for candidates, and increase opportunities, as well as organize data to be filtered based on age and gender.

There are no advertisements and donations in the application, you can communicate without restrictions. Russian interface with quality translation.

Bumble – interesting service, but may be suitable, perhaps, for residents of large cities.

13. Twoo


It’s easy to make new acquaintances, especially when there are amazing applications at hand. After registering, you can communicate with people around the world, and start a closer and warmer relationship. In addition, this application has many additional features – games, chat, sharing photos, viewing friends’ albums, and more. The interface is very well designed – spending time in such applications is a pleasure. Every day more than one million users are online, so you will never be bored.

14. Zoosk


Zoosk – a popular site for communication, not for serious acquaintances. This is one of the few sites that offers users to visit the site through many popular networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, and others, as well as communicate and get acquainted with users of this network. In addition, this site offers the possibility of changing the interface language. Zoosk dating site is available in 25 languages.

Dating on Zoosk is possible with residents from anywhere in the world: the US, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Spain and other countries.

You can register for free on the Zoosk dating site. However, your range of opportunities will be very limited. You can create your profile, upload photos, find new friends, wink Zoosk users. Sending messages to users will only be possible after you pay a subscription to the site. Zoosk offers several subscription options with different duration and fees.

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