13 of the best apps for learning German for Android & iOS

13 of the best apps for learning German for Android & iOS

With all the globalization not paying attention that we have a great need in learning foreign languages? Especially, languages in the most economically developed countries, such as German.

By the way, this language is the 3rd language that is popularly studied in the world. Which of course results in thousands of ways created by thousands of people to learn them. Of course, not everything is effective.

In addition, German is not well-known, so teachers here face certain challenges: not only teaching language in the classic way but also making this process less stressful and interesting. Below you will find 15 of the best applications that combine all innovations and old-style methods and help you learn German.

1. Rosetta Stone


Millions of people use this application every day to learn new languages, including German. Programs that have won awards because of their prospectiveness. This application only takes a few minutes every day for you to learn a new language. By using it you learn new words through total immersion. Each lesson consists of images, text, sound, and real-time scenarios so that new material will remain in your memory forever. The purpose of this application is to work with three main aspects of any language: speaking, reading, and listening.

It will also teach you to think and speak in a foreign language. In addition, most people ignore the aspect of pronunciation when studying, but here you will always be reminded to practice that part too. If you need to rest, the application will stop at your last point and will then resume when you will return. By the way, you can still learn German here without an internet connection.

2. FluentU


With this application, you will get the opportunity to learn languages by watching videos and more. The problem here is that it collects all media products in the language being studied so that you can watch them and remember them as quickly as possible. From the very beginning you see examples of native speakers, you will remember how to use things the right way.

Watch TED talks in German. And it doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have – this application is suitable for everyone. Thus, you will not only benefit but also a pleasant learning experience, however, you can always turn to the meaning of new words and practice your pronunciation and also work with your grammar.

After you watch a particular video, you can change the subtitles and view the translation below. This application also includes vocabulary and grammar exercises that have just been learned.

3. Memrise


This is a new generation application for learning languages. Already more than 15 million people use it in their daily routine, why don’t you try it? 2 million phrases and words are learned every day. Also, this application contains more than 30 thousand native speaker videos.

All techniques used in applications are developed by leading experts in the industry. Quinte centum the work of the digital development team and the best linguistic teacher makes this application very valuable for those who want to learn German without effort and anxiety.

This application has chatbots that give you the opportunity to practice your speaking skills with the machine 24/7. You can always choose which language learning field you want to improve – whether it is listening, reading, or speaking. When you feel more confident and ready to take your skills to the next level, you can use the “native speaker” option and find people who speak German.

4. AnkiMobile Flashcards


For those who prefer to learn a new language using a flash card, this application will be an excellent choice. It’s multi-platform and open-source. One important fact about this application is that it can synchronize your progress with other versions, on PC, for example. The same thing is for the schedule. And every time you stop practicing or just forget about it, this app reminds you of the need to keep going. Flexible interface designed for smooth and efficient study.

You can set AnkiMobile to perform different actions when you tap or swipe different parts of the screen, and control which actions appear on the tool button. If you want you can even track your progress in statistical data and graphs. This application has more than 100,000 cards. What’s more, you can download media clips on your device and your card will be accompanied by sound even without the Internet. There is also a search bar where you find certain words. If you want to remember a particular card, you can mark it and it will be saved in your application.

5. Busuu


Can you imagine more than 70 million people using this application? You can easily join them and start learning German too! There are many native speakers who are ready to help you study.

What’s even more useful, you can help others who learn your native language. Many experts claim that this application has the best efficiency in terms of language learning. If you need to learn new vocabulary for traveling or you want to improve your grammar, or, maybe, you want to feel more confident while talking – you can practice it all here.

You can even make friends using this application because you never know where the conversation is going. This application includes tests, exercises, accent training, grammar training, and offline learning. You will find vocabulary for any topic – from business to cooking. Next time you have to chat in German, you will become much smoother in it.

6. Learn German – Wie Geht’s

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If you prefer something more specific, here is an application created just for learning German. Many people think that this language is not the easiest, but Wie Geht actually makes this process fun and enjoyable. In a short amount of time, you will learn important phrases, vocabulary, and basic grammar.

But don’t think it’s only for beginners – this includes a variety of students of all ages and professional categories. It has 96 lessons based on real life situations so you can immediately see the practical convenience of the material you are learning.

All information for those who are learning German to travel (flights and hotel reservations, eating out, shopping, exploring and meeting new friends) is also included.

The vocabulary base is clearly impressive – more than 3000 words. For those who have to make a lot of effort, make themselves to learn there are some games to involve you in the process. Repeat words and phrases after the native speaker to get an accurate pronunciation. And, of course, a large number of tests and exercises are available to help you remember the material.

7. Learn German Phrases & Words for Travel in Germany


Will soon be traveling to German-speaking countries, but don’t know anything in German? This is the application that will save your case. It’s very funny to use because the main feature of this application is a parrot that will be your tutor for learning.

Everything will depend on you as you practice your speaking, listening and reading skills. You will not see how quickly and easily you make progress. This application is especially for those who don’t need in-depth knowledge of languages – just the basics.

You will find about the most common words and expressions in German, introduced in native-German pronunciation. Even if you are already on a trip, you can start learning a new language because this application does not require an Internet connection. All lessons consist of funny pictures.

8. Learn German DeutschAkademie


This application is intended especially for those who prefer classical training rather than innovation. In other words, here you will find lots of grammar exercises and multiple choice vocabulary. Well, sometimes, they say, classics are the best way.

First of all, you need to note your German level (there are special tests for that). Then the application will suggest you study with textbooks (yes, they are still in use). However, don’t think that you will be too restricted by this method.

You can still search for the necessary information about Germany in the application. And let the fact that it’s attached to traditional old-school methods not scare you – this program is approved by the European Reference Framework for Languages.

All patterns and exercises are composed by experienced teachers who love their work. So don’t hesitate to try it!

9. German Complete Grammar


Now we are going to a more specific application for learning German. Or, more precisely, with the application switching to its components. This is one for those who want to improve their grammar in German which, by the way, is known as one of the most difficult in European languages. Choose your language level and then go to various types of tests.

The higher your level, the more practice you will offer. You will find more than 3,000 tests for verbs, nouns, sentences or grammar structures popular in Germany. Or just select the grammar category you want to work on and start your practice.

There are no lessons shared so you can train forever (or until they end). All in all, this application will be the perfect solution for those who are familiar with German but want to have more practice.

10. Learn German by MindSnacks


Learning German has never been easier compared to this application. Guess why? Because it consists mostly of games that will help you improve your language skills. And those games aren’t made just for facts, they are really very charming and can keep you sticking to the screen of your gadget for hours. 9 games are designed to teach you basic vocabulary and German grammar aspects.

They will be suitable for everyone, including children. Everyone who is planning a trip to Germany can use this application.

The point why learning languages ​​through a game might be more effective for you is that the game is interesting while watching cards is not always useful because many people consider it.

Here, interacting with the natural language atmosphere, you will copy phrases and words from native speakers in relevant situations and use their accents. This application includes more than 50 lessons. You can learn more than 1000 words from here. Even if you feel bored for any reason, additional search & challenges will keep you motivated.

11. Mondly


This application gives you the opportunity to learn all languages, including German as well. The lesson session begins with memorizing the core words. Some time after you will start to take part in the conversation and practice other skills. Fun language learning enhances your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation like other language learning methods.

This application keeps track of your strengths and weaknesses making the learning program specified for you afterwards. If you like, you can practice any skill here – reading, listening, speaking or writing. Read helpful information, about verb conjugations, for example. In other words, this application is a personal teacher in your pocket.

Another problem when learning languages ​​is that audio for the hearing part can be of poor quality. Here the quality is good and all texts are read by professional actors. This application also suggests useful vocabulary for every life situation. Follow the conversation to pay attention to certain things that only native speakers in German use.

12. 14 000 Deutsche Verben


This is a curious application for those who already have knowledge of German. Or, maybe not, but in this case keep in mind that this application revolves around verbs and verbs. There are actually a lot of them (and even those who might be a discovery event for native speakers). So, as you can see, there are lots of things to explore for both beginners and fluent speakers.

You can access this application offline too. You can see translations from verbs into other languages and also their definitions in German. Find out more about conjugations and phrasal verbs that may be difficult to learn. However, this application will be relevant for those who like a simple interface without additional attachments.

13. Learn German Basics


This is a great application for those who are just starting to make the first steps to learn German. To make this process as easy as possible, the developer created a special system that aims to help you capture the main aspects of the language in a short amount of time.

The course consists of several lectures, each of which mentions certain rules about grammar, spelling, speaking, and reading. After that, you will be advised to do some exercises. Soon you will learn to write simple and short sentences.

This app will help you to get to the first level of German (A1) in accordance with common European (MR) references. Here you will find more than 7000 different exercises and more than 500 words for daily vocabulary.

Each exercise is made so that you will memorize spelling, writing and pronouncing certain words. Don’t forget to mention numbers, days of the week, time and so on. By the way, there is the ability for you to add your personal notes in the application.

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