13 Best Multiplication Apps For Kids Android & iOS

13 Best Multiplication Apps For Kids Android & iOS

Mathematics is believed to be one of the most complicated subjects in school. However, it is worth studying, because every aspect of life cannot exist without it.

However, many children have difficulty doing mathematical operations. While addition and subtraction are relatively easy, division and multiplication may be very challenging.

What should you do as a good parent to help your child learn and practice multiplication? There are two ways to solve a problem. The first is to become your child’s teacher. This will require endless time and patience.

However, there are other ways to help your child. If you can’t spend hours explaining to your child about the rules of multiplication, just download a good application.

Here is a list of the best multiplication applications. Most of them are free and available for Android, as well as iOS.

1. Times Tables Challenge


This application has a beautiful animated video explanation, which aims to show all the multiplied copying process step by step.

Then your child will find a complete training module. There are countless tasks that will enhance multiplication and sharing skills.

38 Times Table, however, has a variety of modes. You can practice addition and subtraction too. The main feature of this application is made by professional teachers, who know how to explain mathematics to children.

This application will be the best for children aged 3-7 years. Select the age in the settings so the application can find what you need.

There are also special challenges that are updated regularly. Make sure you don’t miss them!

38 Times Tables Challenge is available for iOS and Android users. It’s free, but there are some extras that can be removed.

2. Space Pig Math


This game is original and unique. First of all, he is famous for his mysterious dark graphics. Secondly, this application is a perfect educational tool.

After downloading it, you will see a guide that will help you understand how the application works. The interface is easy to use and friendly.

No need to help children and spend your time figuring out how to do tasks. He will do it without help.

Another key factor that makes this application so popular is its Puzzle Mode. It not only trains your child’s brain, but also keeps him entertained.

Space Pig Math is free with additions. There are several in-app purchases, but all basic items are free of charge. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.

3. Sumaze! Primary


Another great problem solving application, which helps you and your child improve their ability to be fast and creative. Practice your logic skills, complete challenging tasks.

The main feature is the application idea. You will never find something like this in other apps from this category. All puzzles are unique and difficult to solve.

You might think that this application is only for advanced math people. That’s not true, there are a large number of levels. Start with the basics and reach the top level.

Sumaze! Primary is aimed at children aged 4 and over, which makes it a good pre-school teaching application.

You can get this application from the App Store and Google Play. It’s free by adding.

4. Monster Maths


This is one of the best children’s fun apps. Here your child can start an adventure filled with great and thrilling mathematics. Discover addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, play interesting games.

This application is well known for its effective and friendly approach to the teaching process. Monster Maths is the best application for children aged 6 to 12 years. Choose the right mode in the settings, so your child can do the task on the topic he needs.

Another good feature is the multi-player mode. You can play and even compete with your child. There is also filtering skills. For example, you can practice copying only if you have a problem with it.

One of the best things about this application is the lack of additions. They appear so rarely that you are not disturbed from the game.

Monster Math is available for iOS, as well as Android users.

5. 2×2 simulator


This is the most multiplication oriented application if we can like it. The reason is that the 2 × 2 simulator has only one main type of task, which is multiplication.

This application can help your child overcome 3 very important skills:

  • Logical thinking. There are many ways to do multiplication operations. This application teaches them all, giving you effective problem solving strategies.
  • Fast reaction. There are several daily challenges that require the ability to solve problems with a blink of an eye.
  • Learning multiplication tables. We all know that this information is very important to be successful in math classes at school, so use this application to get this skill.

2 × 2 simulators in English, but also available in French, German and Spanish.

This is one of the few applications that is not free. The download price is $ 2.99, but it’s definitely worth it because of the large amount of profit. By the way, it was sprinkled with 5.0 out of 5 on the App Store.

2 × 2 available on the App Store.

6. Tower Maths


This application was made by professionals. Tower Math is a beautiful 3D game that can keep your child entertained and busy.

Tower Maths has 20 interesting and unique scenes that you can explore. Defend your Tower, do challenging tasks, and practice your skills.

Cam games boast good graphics and sound effects, which will make the learning process easier.

This application also has an effective reward system. Get coins and prizes for each defense and use them to improve and improve your tower.

Tower Maths is not free, it costs $ 1.99 to download. However, you won’t regret buying it, because this is one of the most thrilling math games on the App Store and Google Play.

Tower Maths is available for iOS and Android users.

7. Math vs Zombies


Have you heard about Plants vs Zombies? We are sure your child likes it! Now there is a mathematical version of this famous game. The principle of the game remains the same: protect yourself and your house from zombies.

However, in Mathematics vs Zombies, you need to use your counting skills. The faster you do and multiplicate, the more zombies you can destroy and kill. And don’t ever let a zombie approach your home!

Math vs Zombies is free, but you have to install adds, which can sometimes be a little annoying. Even so, they still maintain this game for free. This added never appeared during the game, that’s good.

You can download this application for your child from Google Play Market or the App Store.

8. Cool Times Tables Flash Cards


This is a great classic application for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are no thrilling 3D games, puzzles and other entertaining details.

This application is good for every child who wants to improve their math skills. However, we would not recommend it for young children, because it might be difficult for them to concentrate on solving the problem alone. Young children often get bored with such activities without rest and games.

This application is only available for iOS users. It’s free by adding. Cool Times Tables Flash Cards have several in-app purchases if you run out of content. But all basic things are free.

9. Big Math Flash Cards


Another minimalistic application intended to practice your child’s math skills. This application is actually a set of endless flash cards that help your child to memorize multiplication tables.

The more he practices, the more rewards available. Use them to unlock new levels and tasks.

The Flash Math Big Card recognizes how well the child is performing and assigns them easier or more difficult tasks. This makes the process of education faster and less stressful for a child.

We would not recommend this application for young children. This application is best for children aged 6-10.

Big Math Flash Cards are available on the App Store.

10. Math Ninja Free


Do you want your child to be the king of mathematics or ninja geometry? Then this application is a must for you! First of all, it has a really cool gameplay. The learning process will be interesting and fun.

This game is made by the best math teacher who knows how to help children understand mathematics without stress and difficulty.

The first step is to study the Times Table. After you do that, you can improve your skills and perform all tasks in a blink of an eye. Make and break your own notes, count faster and faster every time.

You can create your own set of tasks if you want to practice certain things. What’s more, there is a multiplayer mode, where you can compete with your opponent.

Math Ninja Free gives you the opportunity to learn from your own mistakes and use your experience to make good strategies and logic.

This application is available on the App Store for free. There are several in-app purchases. However, most of the basic features are free, so there’s no need to pay, at least at the start.

Math Ninja is available on the App Store.

11. Moji Multi


This is a good educational application that aims to develop calculation skills. One of them is multiplication. Select this mode to start a series of tasks. Practice until you reach perfection.

Moji Multi has the best graphics that make this game so unique. This game is made for children aged 4+, which means that Moji Multi is the perfect pre-school educational tool.

We cannot say that this application is the best in this category, but it performs its functions quite well.

Moji Multi is free of charge. There are some additions, but they don’t appear very often. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete it.

This application is available on the App Store.

12. Math BINGO


This is one of the best children’s math games. Very easy to understand. When you download the game, you will see a brief guide to Math BINGO.

There are two modes: single player and double player. Try it all, make and beat your notes, compete with other players.

You can practice division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Choose an operation and practice until your skills are perfect. Or you can practice it all at once, developing quick problem-solving skills and strategies.

BINGO Math is a free application with additions. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete it.

This application is available for download from Google Play Market.

13. Sushi Monster


This game is intended to improve mathematical fluency and strategic thinking. However, he has many tasks that require multiplication skills.

Check your intelligence and reaction! Sushi Monster will be the perfect game for the whole family. There are 12 consecutive levels (the first level is good for kids) and 7 additional levels.

You can also explore 5 multiplication levels. They need fast reaction, focus, and determination.

Earn points, collect stars and continue to develop your progress.

Monster Sushi is free. However, this application contains several in-app purchases and additions which keep the content free. Sushi Monster is only available for iPhone and iPad users.

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