11 Best translation apps for Android & iOS

11 Best translation apps for Android & iOS

Translation applications have become an integral part of our lives. We live in an era of globalization, where people from all over the world communicate with each other.

We can go to any country and travel all over the world. Here, we have problems in understanding and communicating in foreign languages. Modern technology solves this problem.

This list includes the best translation applications. With their help, you will be able to translate not only text but also direct speech.

1. Dictionary Linguee


The Linguee Dictionary application is a comfortable and high-quality translator. Here you will find a large number of different functions that make it special.

This service supports around 19 languages. It has the right to occupy the leading position in the market. This program can translate individual words and winged and stable expressions.

The Linguee Dictionary application can also translate entire texts. You can get a better translation after you determine the subject matter.

There is also an integrated dictionary. It shows detailed grammar help and examples of how to use certain words in context.

This program can be integrated into the site as a widget or button to translate the site as a whole.

Advantages of the Linguee Dictionary application:

  • Translation can be improved by clarifying the subject matter
  • Can translate web pages
  • Contains default textbooks and grammar guidelines

Thanks to this free application, you can always translate any amount of text.

2. Google Translate


The Google Translate application will become an integral part of your mobile device. With his help, you can translate any text and even communicate with strangers.

Services from Google can translate text or web pages into 103 languages. It has a large number of dictionaries and features available.

So, Google Translator is the most functional and versatile service available today.

If you translate each word, the application automatically switches to online dictionary mode. It offers alternatives with a brief description of each word.

Also, this application shows transcription and transliteration and provides sound.

Benefits of the Google Translate application:

  • Large language base
  • Transcription and transliteration
  • Voice Support

This application is very easy to use. You need to take standard actions for this type of application. Enter text and get quality translations. Done Now you don’t need to worry about finding words in the dictionary.

3. Translate Photo, Voice & Text – Translate Box


The Translate Photos, Voice & Text – Translate Box application is a dictionary and service for translating large texts and web pages. For each word, there are variants of meaning in language and other synonyms.

A useful feature is that the program can translate text from images. It supports voice and text input. It should be noted and options to predict words with meanings. This basically saves time on text input.

The Translate Photo, Voice & Text – Translate Box application supports not only a set of simple words using the keyboard but also handwritten input.

This is activated by pressing the pen icon. After that, you will be able to draw individual letters and whole words with your finger.

Under the input box, you will see words that can be recognized by the service. This input method can be very useful for those who learn hieroglyphic language. For example, Japan, China, or Korea.

The Translate Photo, Voice & Text – Translate Box application may have been running for a long time without a network connection.

All you need to do is download the dictionary of the language you need. You can do this from the application’s side menu by selecting “Offline Translation”.

In this section, you can not only save language packages. But also delete it from your smartphone memory.

4. Day Translations


The main feature of the Day Translation application is a forum where users can ask for help and advice.

This application provides detailed translations. This selects a list of synonyms for words and supports voice and text input. You can also listen to text.

There is a line-by-line translation option. If the program finds a stable expression on the line, it is also highlighted. Footnotes show an explanation.

A very useful function of the Day Translations application is “Communication”. This allows you to switch to simultaneous translation mode for dialogue with strangers.

In this mode, the Day Translation application listens and translates phrases into partner languages. It speaks in a voice and displays it in text.

To invite someone to chat via “Communication”, you must choose a language. Then, click on the palm icon in the upper right corner. A special welcome message will then appear on the screen in the language of your choice.

Additionally, you can activate the sensor function for simultaneous translation and voice input. This will hide behind the asterisks of all recognizable abnormal vocabularies. You can find this function in the application settings, in the “Voice input” section.

5. Translate Now – Speech Text Translator


Translate Now – Speech Text Translator is a service for online translation into 10+ languages.

The main feature of this application is context translation. You can learn the meaning of the word in the context of certain applications.

Translate Now – Speech Text Translator application is suitable for simple texts. It does not contain special terms, idiomatic expressions and slang.

This is especially true for articles with highly specialized terminology.

It is possible to translate in several modes, depending on the problem made by the user. For example, there is a dictionary with columns for text input and parts for words.

Also in the Translate Now – Speech Text Translator application, there is a check for word forms.

Another useful feature of this application is the translation of texts using a smartphone camera. In real time, the completed text will be displayed instead of the text you are capturing.

Instant translation is useful when you need to know what an alert or warning sign means. This is very useful abroad.

To switch to this function, you only need to start the camera from the application toolbar. In shooting mode, you can open before getting a photo where you have something to translate.


Naver Papago application – AI Translator supports more than 60 languages. Offline mode is available in the application. However, to use it, you must download the required dictionary.

This service not only translates text but also voice messages, photos and screenshots. For each word the program offers an alternative.

The Naver Papago Program – AI Translator also offers special expressions and various manuals.

Translations of any word or phrase can be saved in your own dictionary so you can come back later. All you have to do is click the star. This section is displayed directly opposite the translation.

You can go to the list of translations stored on your smartphone via the main menu by clicking on “Phrase Book”.

Naver Papago application – AI Translator offers a quick translation function from any application, where you can choose text. If you mark the desired word or phrase, you need to expand the context menu and select “Translate”.

The translator mini window opens above the source application. Here you can change the language or listen to the pronunciation if necessary. This feature is activated in the application settings. In the section with the logical name “Quick translation”.

7. TripLingo


The TripLingo application provides translation services in more than 130 languages.

The TripLingo application is capable of self-study, which allows you to customize it as much as possible. It can translate text, web pages, and downloaded files.

For quality translations, you can choose a thematic dictionary or make a special dictionary. You can translate incoming messages. To translate the message text, you don’t need to use paste-paste.

You can go to messages directly from this application. Just click on “Message Translation” from the main menu and select the message.

If you need to know the translation of one or more words, you can do it without a simple search query in the search box. For example, if you translate into German, it should look like: your word or phrase + “in German”.

There are three different ways to translate text from foreign sites. The most obvious is copy and paste it into the translator. In the case of small text fragments, it can be inconvenient. But if you need to translate an entire page, it’s better to use another method.

For example, you can simply copy the link to the page and enter it in the TripLingo application. In the window on the right a link will appear to the same site, but in the right language and with all markup.

8. iTranslate


iTranslate is a service for translating handwritten texts, uploaded documents, web pages. Into more than 80 languages. This application has many useful options, which are available without additional purchases.

ITranslate application supports offline translation, voice-over, text recognition. Also here are expressions. Translations can be shared in other applications.

When translating specific text, you can choose a particular subject. For example, communication, business, computers, cars, travel, sports, or “other”.

In addition to text translation, this translator also offers web page translation services. Translation is provided with full preservation of the original format.

If you want to get a translation ready from a web page when you follow the link, you must enable the “Translate link automatically” check box. Then select the appropriate topic in the “Subject” list and click the “Translate” button.

The iTranslate application also supports fast translation by cameras. This is very useful to recognize inscriptions that are not well known in travel. Integration with cameras is implemented at a high level. The program accurately determines the text that is captured with its help.

In the settings, you can change the preferred language and voice input parameters. You can also activate fast translation and display abnormal vocabulary. The collection of languages available for offline translation is organized in separate menus.

9. SayHi


The SayHi application will help you translate any text quickly and easily. This is useful for those of you who are traveling because it works very well and even without a network connection.

This service has several convenient new features. Now you can’t use the “Translate” button. The SayHi program translates words or text when entered into the appropriate fields.

When translating each word, the application functions as an online dictionary. It offers all variants of translation, dividing all words into speech parts.

In addition, translating words that are difficult to pronounce, the SayHi application offers the option “Show transliteration”. It spells this word with the help of the expanded Latin alphabet.

This option is available for all languages that use non-Latin scripts. Except Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.

Like other translators, SayHi translates web pages. It also supports the additional search function “Search by translation”. It is possible to find websites in the user’s language to translate words or sentences.

10. TextGrabber


TextGrabber is a cross-platform social service with open access to online dictionaries.

Thanks to this application, you can find translations for each of your own words or expressions.

The TextGrabber application shows word forms, possible alternative meanings, and transcriptions. You can listen to the pronunciation and examples of word usage briefly.

You can use the on-screen keyboard for convenience. The main advantage is a strong internet community.

This can be used to translate words that are rare or highly specialized. But to do this, you must be a registered user.

This translator supports 32 languages. The TextGrabber application has an advantage function. For example, the possibility of choosing 20 specific topics. You can enter special characters for each language.

In addition to websites and texts, this application translates text files and e-mails. To translate e-mails, you need to specify the names and e-mail addresses of the sender and recipient.

You also need to determine the direction of the language. Set the subject and enter the message text using special characters. Then, the translation of the message will be sent to the recipient to the specified address.

11. Microsoft Translator


The Microsoft Translator application can translate large texts and individual words with high accuracy. It can also work without an internet connection.

Thanks to this application you can communicate with people anywhere in the world. This application will be your friend on any journey.

Here you can use the voice input function. To do this, you need to turn on the microphone and say the phrase.

This way you will get the translation ready. You can also listen to this translation directly in the Microsoft Translator application.

Also in this application, there is a collection of the most common travel phrases. Popular applications are voiced by the media. In this way you will never be confused and will not forget the pronunciation of words.

If you need to translate certain words, you can use a dictionary. Here, you will find variants of translations and explanations of the meaning of the word. You will also find here sections of speech, pronunciation, and more.

Also, a useful feature of this application is that Microsoft Translator is a fast translation. All you need to do is copy the selected text. The application will automatically display the translation of the selected text to you.

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