11 Fun Cat Apps 2020 Android & iOS

11 Fun Cat Apps 2020 Android & iOS

Application developers for smartphones, to reach the widest possible audience of consumers, not to ignore cat lovers.

Most of these games are distributed for free or for a nominal fee, and some of them have become a real hit among cat fans.

This review contains the best fun paint application. With them, you can enjoy a pleasant and interesting time in the company of virtual cats.

1. Talking Angela


Every girl wants to have a cute pet to care for and socialize with.

The charming cat Angela has won the hearts of more than 165 million children, so the choice to install this game or not is almost clear.

The game consists of many levels, where each of you needs to achieve several goals.

For example, playing with Angela, feeding her, washing, dressing, and more.

For completed tasks, you can get coins, buy furniture, clothes, and more, and cards for albums.

You can change it with other players and even buy or sell very rare items.

2. KittCat Story


Everyone knows that SEALs are actually very magical creatures.

So it’s time to act a little and try to make your own, lots of different new cats.

You take two cats and put them in a basket.

It will take some time before the magic happens.

From a few minutes to a few hours.

To reduce waiting time, you can play three simple games.

For example, bursting bubbles, connect tracks of the same icon in the field and cards for memory.

3. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever


In front of us, a large collection of mini-games, made in a very simple pixel format.

Each game lasts for 10-15 seconds.

During this time you need to catch birds, frogs, fallen glass, points from the laser pointer, correctly determine the sequence of numbers and more.

Bring them together all the protagonists – the world-famous Angry Seal.

And, despite the slogan “This is the most terrible game” and the simplicity of the graphics, this game is very dragging.

4. Castle Cats – Idle Hero RPG


Now you have become the leader of the cat guild.

Help Conan knight, archer Katniss, and magician Francis to defeat the evil Necromops once and for all.

To do this, complete the quest by sending heroes with the right skills. Hire more characters and develop your castle.

Battle quests can occur in automatic mode.

But for those who like fighting, you can take part.

Here, you can often click on enemies and use magic when available.

5. Cat VS Dog -Online


A simple but fun game that you can play as one or two with friends.

The story is very simple – the eternal confrontation between cats and dogs.

Separated by a high barrier, the characters take turns throwing each other with different objects.

Players can only adjust the power of the throw while taking into account the direction and strength of the wind.

This is a free game that does not include default purchases.

6. Cat Physics


Everyone knows that cats like to play with balls.

So in this game, two cats – black and white – level by level trying to throw a ball at each other. But they cannot do it without your help.

After all, the ball will be on a different obstacle course each time.

And your job is, using sliding arrows and various devices, can make the ball hit the same way from one cat to another.

For all stick and game lovers where you have to make a ball, make groups of three or more.

In this game, you have to make a great journey of 400 levels, along with a cute Bagel cat and its cute assistant.

7. Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time


One of the most famous SEALs in the world – Simon SEAL – needs help.

He and his friends, as usual, were eager to eat.

And to help them, you need level by level to collect various cat food statues.

At the same time, you must connect it in lines of three or more parts of the same color.

The game design is not too bright, but the style is cute and charming.


8. Indy Cat Match-3


This is a bright and very colorful game from the “three in a row” category.

Here the main character – a cat, very much like Indiana Jones, is waiting for many trials and adventures.

We collect gems, make them in rows of three or more pieces of the same color, get bonuses and get points.

And all to overcome hundreds of difficult levels, the protagonist can get the mysterious Club of Fate.

This game has amazing feedback from users.

9. CatHotel – Care for cute cats


Congratulations, now you are the owner and part-time employee of a small hotel for cats.

From time to time, you will be greeted with a mustachioed tail, and your care will make them happy and satisfied.

And to do that, you have to feed them, play with them and check their health.

When you have one cat, it will be easy and fun.

But after the cat is added, the real work will begin.

10. Cat Face – Photo Editor, Collage Maker & 3D Tattoo


This is a very good and easy-to-use photo editor that can be used to make simple manipulations with photos.

For example, cutting, filtering, blurring or vice versa to make images clearer.

It also contains many other functions.

They can be used in creative hands to turn each photo into a small masterpiece.

And the main feature of this application is a set of stickers with ears, nose, and mustache belonging to certain animals.

As you have understood, the main emphasis is on seals.

11. Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat


“My little cat – my favorite cat” is a joint project with Fox & Sheep and Squeakosaurus.

It tells the story of the adventures of a little cat named Crumbs.

This fun educational game will be interesting not only for children of various ages but also for all cat lovers.

At the beginning of the game, we meet the main character – a cute gray striped kitten with a funny character, left in a box on the side of the road.

Attracted by the sound of the bicycle bell, the kitten tried to get out of the box and, following its future owner, went to his house.

The game features high-quality 3D animations that make pets, their movements and the world around them look realistic.

Well selected music and sound effects complete the atmosphere, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

“My kitten includes six educational mini-games that your child can learn without realizing

That. For example, hide and seek and solving related puzzles increase concentration and attention. Playing cats and mice trains memory, and drawing develops creative thinking.

Small players will be able to experiment with paint to get different colors and then use it to write works with feet or brushes. All images can be saved and then shared.

By choosing different combinations of animal body parts in the mosaic, children can win and feed various foods for their pets. He can also observe how he eats, then lick and feed the rumbles.

Jumping on the bed will help improve the acrobatic tricks performed by kittens in the air. Exit any mini game by clicking on the outline of the downy cat.

Witnessing Crumb’s actions throughout the game, it seems like a real kitten is curious about everything around it.

“My kitten” is a very good and funny game with great animations and lots of surprises, offering kids a fun and easy way to learn.

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