11 Free Radar Detector Apps For Android & iOS

11 Free Radar Detector Apps For Android & iOS

The search for offenders is one of the main tasks of each inspection. How often do you see people stopped for speeding on the road or violating traffic rules?

Usually, this situation is not caused by a serious violation, but by a small acceleration or deviation from the rules. But not everyone wants to pay for negligence, so they find ways to avoid it.

Aside from the fact that the fine takes your money, you also spend time paying it, talking to the police inspector, and other small things. What if we tell you that there is a special method for identifying police radars? And your smartphone can function as a “search engine” for those things.

The application that detects and colors you about radar will also help avoid congestion, you can also check out our review of the 11 Best Traffic Warning Applications for the United States (Android & iOS). In addition, you will always know where exactly the road is currently blocked and how to build your route better.

Of course, not many radar detection applications are very effective. But we have found 11 great apps for you that will help you avoid road problems.

1. Waze


Fast routes cannot always be built even by your navigation device. Such systems do not always take into account real-time traffic situations. What can’t be said about Waze – this app always knows what’s happening on the streets of the world.

Traffic jams, road improvements, police stations, and even new accidents are all displayed in the application and taken into account when building routes. So, if you want to reach your goal quickly, Waze is a good choice.

When you open the application, you will immediately see what is happening on the current road. After you build a route, Waze will automatically show you what you might encounter on the road.

The system takes into account all road nuances – even traffic lights – so that your arrival time is always accurate. Apart from routes, this application also has voice guidance from your navigation device – you only need to choose the appropriate option from the voice list and continue the journey.

2. Radar Beep


Beeeeeep is exactly the sound you hear when something happens on the road. The Radar Beep application is an important radar detector for drivers to help you avoid problems.

The main purpose of this application is to make life easier for drivers by telling them about all the radars around them. You will pass the control point at the speed allowed, thus avoiding violations and subsequent fines.

Beep Radar uses your smartphone’s GPS and internet connection to truly display the speed camera. The program also has a radar map, which is constantly updated. This map shows your location.

You can use Radar Beeps with your car’s navigation device so that your path can be fully tracked on the screen. With each update, the radar database grows bigger so you can avoid all fines.

For convenience, you can even set up an automatic connection to the system via Bluetooth. This allows you to launch Radar Beep as soon as you get into the car and connect to the smart default system via your smartphone.

3. Cobra iRadar App


Cobra iRadar is an entire network where people exchange information about traffic radars, laser guns, speed cameras and other tracking devices. Everything here is based on the fact that users color each other.

That is why all information displayed in the application is delivered in real-time. You will notify other users, and they will provide information to you.

Drivers who use the Cobra iRadar have the latest information – even if the radar or camera was installed only a few hours ago. All detector signals are displayed on the screen of your smartphone, and you don’t need to be disturbed by screen replacement.

You will find out about all the vehicle speed detectors some time before you approach it. There is a special system in the application so you don’t get a false alarm. In city and highway modes, the Cobra iRadar automatically reduces false alarms and will only give you color about real radar.

4. Radarbot


Radarbot will be your personal assistant on the road. This will color you from all obstacles in real-time. It should also be noted that this application is completely safe and legal, so you won’t face any problems when using it.

Driving you with Radarbot will be safer, and the amount of your fines and expenses to pay for it will be reduced.

Radarbot is an audible radar informant – you don’t have to keep looking at your smartphone screen to get information. You will be able to relax behind the wheel and not be disturbed by anything while watching the road and the speed of the car.

Radarbot takes into account both stationary roadside radars and control patrols that are entered into applications by other users. Besides radar, Radarbot can also track medium speed cameras and other tools for your trip.

Integrate this application into your navigation device and receive all warnings while you drive.

5. Escort Live Radar


We have already mentioned that some applications run information from users. Escort Live Radar is an application based on information from you and others who are constantly using the car.

You receive public warnings about all speed traps you might find. Escort Live Radar also shows you police patrols, accidents and dangerous road sections that are better to avoid.

Escort Live Radar can be used either as a navigator or in combination with the Escort Live detector. If you have used the system before, just log in to your account and continue to record your driving experience.

You can use several different features during the trip, such as Live Motion and Car Search, to help you drive more easily. Escort Live Radar also has premium features for drivers who want to combine the detector with the application. In this way, they will work together and you will be more confident in your safety.

6. Radarbot – Speed Camera Detector Free


Radarbot will be your ally in your daily trips and car trips. You get full protection from fines due to radar and detectors, and you will be notified of all the dangers.

It combines constant warning with a camera system that determines your constant movement speed. Several important functions are combined in one application.

In addition to the well-known security camera, Radarbot also features cellular speed cameras. Usually, they are added to the catalog by users who have already encountered it.

The database is updated regularly and every day so you only receive the latest information. For better results, it is recommended to use Radarbot together with the navigation application – so you will be notified immediately during your trip, thus avoiding fines and penalties.

Note that the application can run in power saving mode and will use up your battery. You will see all radars even with the naked eye on the screen.

7. Speed Camera Radar


The app that travelers appreciate most is those who work all over the world. Speed Camera Radar is an international application that has a large database for all cameras and radars.

The most accurate information is provided for major international highways, but the cameras are located on small roads and streets in small cities are also recorded.

The Speed Camera Radar application should be updated regularly to get you the latest radar information. The update consists of downloading the database with the camera to track the speed for the country you are currently in. This system allows you to save memory on your smartphone.

By the way, you will also be able to filter out the dangers you want to know about. For example, to get information only about security cameras, you must deactivate other warnings. You can change the list of hazards at any time.

8. Speed Cameras Radar


Radar Speed Cameras will help you avoid fines in many countries of the world. Almost all countries that actively use speed control with cameras are supported in this application and have their own location database.

Radar Speed Cameras will display all speed cameras, which are stationary, as well as the cellphone camera display.

After you launch the application, the map will open for you. Underneath, there are several buttons that are responsible for various functions. This can be a map of your current location, where you can search for destinations and ways to get there, as well as update the list of cameras on the road.

With the zoom around you, you can see the camera which is more than 1 km away. Set sounds or notifications to find out about all the nearest radars on the road.

9. POIbase speed camera warner


Fines are inconveniences experienced by each driver. If you exceed the speed limit or break the rules a little – the camera will record this fact and you will have to pay for the violation later.

To avoid such incidents, the POIbase application was developed. If you use it, you will forget about the fine and will be able to move calmly and without problems.

The POIbase application has more than 400 thousand active users, which helps developers update data regularly. You can even add radar to the application database so other drivers can see it.

With POIbase, you will always be aware of the speed allowed on certain parts of the road. While you are driving, the application will record this yourself and give you color about the next radar. No need to configure many additional indicators – POIbase will do everything automatically.

10. Glob

Road to a city

The Glob application brings together a large number of users. This is used by more than 3 million drivers who monitor the speed of their cars and try to avoid penalties.

With Glob, you can not only prevent fines but also reach your destination faster and enjoy a quiet driving experience every time without police patrol.

When the Glob application is activated on your smartphone, you share the latest information with other users and drivers. You can also send news about traffic conditions, accidents, and even the police ambush yourself.

Glob helps you build routes so you can avoid traffic jams and roadworks. Route changes automatically when new obstacles are detected. You just need to follow all the instructions left by Glob. There are several modes even for motorcycle riders, people with color blindness, and other road users.

11. CamSam – Speed Camera Alerts


Apart from cameras and road patrols, there are other unpleasant things about the road. This is a red traffic light, which can prevent you from reaching a certain point quickly.

With the CamSam application, you can learn how to best build your route based on signal colors from traffic lights and road cameras. With this application, your smartphone becomes a warning system that tells you all the dangers on the road.

CamSam supports multi-window mode and can work offline – you don’t need an application window to stay active. The system updates automatically every 5 minutes, letting you know about new cameras or patrols.

Alerts can be set in text and acoustic formats. You can also work offline with CamSam, but you must constantly download system updates to track all possible cameras.

Traffic jams, road improvements, speed limits and more can make you uncomfortable while driving. If you start using a radar detection application, you can avoid such situations. Of course, this does not mean that you can now violate traffic and driving rules, and regularly exceed speed.

The radar detector application is designed for people who just want to make their movements easier and not waste time paying fines. Most of the services presented work at the expense of information from users, so the result is a joint effort. We hope our article has helped you and now your driving will be more fun and safer.

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