11 Free Face Mask Apps For Android & iOS

11 Free Face Mask Apps For Android & iOS

Selfy has long been an integral part of the Internet. Browse often post photos, process them, and try to make them unusual. If you want to take not only beautiful photos, but also funny or individual ones, you can use a special mask. Here you can also find 9 best face shape applications for Android & iOS.

For example, Instagram has a direct effect for photos that you can apply at any time when you want to take a selfie. But if you don’t use this service, but still want to change your face a little, there are also options for you.

Individual photo editors won’t surprise anyone anymore. But if the application on your smartphone can take unusual pictures and change selfies, you can stand out among many publications – your friends will appreciate it.

Previously there was an MSQRD application, but it is currently not available. We have found for you 11 free face mask applications for Android & iOS.

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is one of the first applications where various masks have appeared. There you can chat with your friends, share your photos with the help of simple and interesting filters.

Some masks can change your facial features, make them spin or be fun – depending on the mask you choose. In addition to bright and unusual photos, Snapchat has many other features to help you organize your communication or even call your friends.

However, it should be noted that various masks are the main feature of Snapchat, which is very well-liked by users. As soon as you start the application, the camera is turned on – all you have to do is choose processing and take pictures.

You can not only add animal ears to your photos – but also change the color of your eyes, attach 3DBitmoji, or even play games. With Snapchat, you can also create your own filters that work for you. Snapshot results can be uploaded to the Snapchat history, so all your friends can see a selfie.

2. LOL Movie


This name makes it clear that this application is designed for your enjoyment. On LOL Movie you will be able to make videos that make you look funny. This will make your friends laugh, and you can continue to experiment.

Besides having different effects on your face, you can also change the sound in the video, add music, or other effects that will also create an extra atmosphere. In general, LOL Movie is a funny video editor.

The whole manufacturing process will not take much time. In total, LOL Movie has 35 face masks, 17 of which are free. There are paid and free effects in every video or audio editing section.

You can immediately share the resulting movie with your friends or upload it to your social networking page so your customers laugh too. In LOL Movie you can make a giant head, become an animal, or just change your face.

3. Avatoon – Avatar Creator & Emoji Me


Recently, it has become very popular to make cartoon characters that look like you. This can be a 3D emoji or another character where all your friends will recognize you for sure.

Avatoon makes it easy to create personal avatars that replace your social media shots. Usually, this approach to photos is far more interesting than boring selfies or animal photos.

You can add additional effects or stickers to your Avatar photo from your avatar. This application has a large number of different tools for editing your photos. The process of creating the face of your future character depends on the 1 selfie you made for Avatoon.

After creating a complete avatar, you can change poses, backgrounds, facial expressions, etc. – until the picture is perfect for you. Adjust all the details to suit your appearance or desires. It’s easy to change the color of your eyes or hair, as well as your clothes and other details.

4. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers


A beautiful caricature requires talented artists to make it. We thought the same thing until we found out about the MomentCam application. Here, your cartoon is made in a short amount of time, and you don’t need to find a professional to make it.

You can complement something in the picture, change your appearance, or make emoticons to express your emotions. In fact, you also create your own images with applications and snapshots, personalizing them with maximum resemblance.

There is a separate text window in MomentCam to add text. You can use it for quotes or jokes to complete your whole picture. When you see caricatures like that in a news feed, your friends will recognize you because MomentCam creates images that look like real people.

It should be noted that some editing categories have paid elements that are only available by subscription. But to try to make your own caricatures, MomentCam has enough features to process your images.

5. Face Swap: fun faceapp montage


Do you want to be someone else? Astronauts, zombies, bandits, or other characters? In this case, Face Swap will help you realize your desires and try unusual images.

The application works completely automatically, so you don’t need to highlight any area in the picture or place your face in a separate frame when making a photo. Face Swap can be used to take portrait photos in unusual formats or images.

So how does it work? Actually, the working algorithm is not the most convenient. You can only see the results of the mask when you take a picture and wait for a few moments.

Face Swap, using a sophisticated recognition algorithm, will detect your face and attach it to the mask or image that you have chosen. This system is uncomfortable because you won’t be able to try masks in succession – because it will take a while.

However, if you like the results, you can immediately send them to your friends. The main thing is to choose the appropriate picture.

6. Real Rage


Angry comics have long made internet users laugh. In their collection, there are quite a number of different characters who have funny facial expressions and can even make people laugh gloomy.

It should be noted as well as the real advantages of Real Rage – you can use different masks on several people in the photo. Some applications use similar features. This version of the application is free and displays advertisements to users, but if you like functionality and want to get rid of advertisements – there are paid options.

Real Rage has more than 150 different stickers with popular characters. This application does not automatically detect your hair color – so there are variations with different hair colors.

You will be able to pick up heroes who are truly similar to you or your friends. In this way, your picture will be more funny and emotional. We recommend that you start by sharing photos with the people in the pictures – they will like it.

7. Live Face Changer


Live Face Changer can completely change your look and face in a second – even be surprised by its effect. Your appearance will completely change according to the mask or effect you choose.

Even your friends might not recognize you in a photo first – Live Face Changer doesn’t always adapt the mask to your facial features, but the results aren’t too bad.

You can use Live Face Changer when you shoot by trying on a mask in real-time. Your emotions are captured by the camera and the mask will highlight them. You can also try the effects of old age so you will get a lot of wrinkles on your face.

You can also add a giant mustache (if you are a girl, your friends will be surprised) or other effects. The picture that you get after taking a picture, you can save to your smartphone memory or send to other applications – Instagram, Facebook and other services.

8. Banuba – Live Face Filters & Funny Video Effects


Stories on social networks become relevant to selfie videos. With the Banuba application, you can make it truly extraordinary, changing without being recognized in every new video.

Of course, you can also take pictures here, just by saving them on your mobile. Like many other applications, Banuba has free and paid masks. Premium filters can be tried during your trial subscription, but they are not available for free viewing or use.

Banuba allows you to be different. Regular updates are released for the application, adding masks and additional effects. Not only can you shoot yourself, but you can also show a friend what he looks like Santa or a fairy.

Here you can also find masks that touch as Beans or with large, cute eyes. If you record a Selfie video, you can also change the sound in Banuba. To confuse your friends or just laugh, you can even change the background into a funny picture or another country.

9. Faceover Lite: Photo Face Swap


Faceover Lite is an iOS application that helps you make friends laugh or make new memes for yourself. This application is designed to change faces in photos, and copy them to several people.

Just imagine: you and your friends take a group photo, but everyone has the same face. We think it will at least surprise them – and some people might laugh or even imagine themselves as this person.

You must select a photo to process it from your smartphone or tablet gallery. You can also use pictures of celebrities or animals to change your own face. Most importantly, Faceover Lite is completely free and gives you all editing tools (without buying a subscription).

For those who like to edit photos, there is also a feature: You don’t need to change people’s faces. You can also change facial features, shapes, or details in the photo. The results are really realistic and convincing.

10. YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics


Your selfie can be made more fun with YouCam Fun. Use the photo application to take pictures, and then you can use many different effects in real-time.

Here you can change the background of a photo or video, change your face, add text, or just use a mask and effects. The YouCam Fun catalog offers a variety of effects and masks, and even the most clever users can find something they like.

YouCam Fun lets you add stickers instantly, other characters or just change the details. Some masks may change your appearance beyond recognition – but it’s hard to understand before you try them all.

You will find different frames and decorations for photos and videos between filters, and there are even separate features for girls. Beauty Cam will change even the most tired people in seconds, and selfies will be ideal for social networking. To find your favorite effects or masks, you need to try them all.

11. SNOW


SNOW has long been popular throughout the world, and more than 200 million people have tried it. It is completely free and has no paid subscription, which is loved by users.

The entire interface is intuitive, and if you have used something similar before, you will immediately understand all of its functions. During world holidays or large events, thematic masks are added to SNOW – for example, for the New Year or Halloween.

In addition to photos, you will be able to complete and edit your videos on SNOW. You can also apply different effects, change the sound or color scheme on the effect.

From time to time there are exclusive filters that disappear after a while. You can save your favorite mask or filter for quick access and use it constantly when creating selfies. Only a few clicks and the picture is changed.

You can apply makeup in SNOW, change face features, or change the background. However, it should be noted that when editing, you must mark the oval of your face and the position of your eyes, lips, and so on.

Sharing funny pictures with friends has long been a common thing in everyday life. You can find unusual effects, masks, or stickers and only send photos to your friends so you can laugh together.

Even if you rarely take selfies, your smartphone can still take pictures at any time. Unfortunately, there are no interesting effects or masks on a standard camera – but there are enough in other applications.

You can even change other photo settings in it, such as color correction or improve image quality. However, you can play with masks and functions and laugh. We hope our articles have helped you, and your selfies will now become even funnier and more interesting.

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