11 Free Apps Like Fast Thoughts For Android & iOS

11 Free Apps Like Fast Thoughts For Android & iOS

Your opinion can give you real money. In fact, large companies consider your opinions – especially if they want to develop and reach their audience.

Especially because answering questions and getting paid for it is one of the easiest ways to make money. In fact, without getting up from the couch and just saying your opinion, you can get extra money – even if it’s not worth the size of the salary.

QuickThoughts is one of the most popular services, which assumes that you will tell about your impression of the brand or give them advice on development. But beyond your thoughts and opinions, there are other ways to make money on your smartphone.

You can tell about your favorite places, rate cafes and restaurants, play your favorite games and get rewarded for them – there are many choices. We have decided to choose the 11 best QuickThoughts apps for you so you can make money without getting off the couch.

1. Mobee – Secret Shopping App


Mobee is one application that pays you for your own entertainment. You can shop, get service, or even lunch at your favorite place by sharing your experiences with the application. Your prize will be for your feedback and a full description of your visit. This information allows companies to correct their mistakes.

Mobee will show you places on the map where you will receive real prizes for your visit. It should be noted that this application is valid in the United States. There you will find hundreds and thousands of different missions for restaurants and shops.

When you are there, you must answer a number of specific questions. As you progress and complete more and more tasks, your level in Mobee will grow and new achievements will open. All points you get here will be exchanged for goods or services at your favorite location.

2. MobiAudit


Mystery Buyers are one of the most popular income systems for people who frequently visit public places. You will be a mystery agent, shop, or have fun at your favorite coffee shop.

MobiAudit application is a special service that collects and checks all data received. It collects data from online and offline purchases, as well as market research and internal audit performance.

MobiAudit is an application for many devices, both mobile phones and computers. From different devices, you will have access to customer feedback and opinions. It should be noted that MobiAudit is specifically designed for those who manage all mystery buyer activities, as well as collecting data from surveys.

You can install MobiAudit at a kiosk or customer interaction terminal to get information immediately. Your customers will do their work offline, but with your constant monitoring even remotely.

3. Big Time Cash. Make Money Free


However, if you prefer games to restaurants, Big Time Cash will help you. This application will allow you to make money on your smart phone just by having fun – playing free games and just sitting at home.

All you have to do is play a certain game and get a lottery ticket. The ticket amount gives you the chance to win a cash prize and you can make money at any time.

You might have a few questions – how do they work? Actually, Big Time Cash is very simple. Each lottery has its own winner, and he gets a share of the total revenue.

Participation in sweepstakes is bought with tickets that you get in the game. You can play anywhere and when you really feel comfortable doing it. Big Time Cash gives you the opportunity to make real money, with a little test of your luck.

4. Brian Battle


Brian Battle is a game that works on the same scheme as Big Time Cash. In this way, you can play the game and receive prizes that you can find in the game. During the game, you will be able to get, find, or win lottery tickets, each of which gives you a chance to win.

Thus, the more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning – the company has paid several tens of thousands of dollars to the players.

You need to keep an eye on each lottery, because the ticket will show the names. As soon as you see yourself – you will soon realize that you are the lucky one this time.

Brian Battle is a free opportunity to win money while playing for fun. Access to the game is also free, so if you are not lucky enough to win, at least you will have fun.

5. SnapMyEats: Paid Surveys, Earn Free Gift Cards App


Always buying food, snacks at the cafe, and takeaway drinks? We know how you can make money for this! The SnapMyEats application will allow you to get prizes for this, as well as receiving coupons and real money.

All you have to do is save the receipt, take a photo, and do a quick survey for each place. In order for you to get your first money, you only need 3 receipts.

Your prize status is tracked directly in the application. Over time, when your income reaches £ 10, you can exchange it for a gift code from one of the vendors.

Be it your favorite place or a new place, the main thing is to partner with SnapMyEats. Every time you will answer 5 short questions about your order. Every month you can get an extra free visit to a restaurant or cafe – an amazing bonus!

6. EasyShift


EasyShift is a choice for those who regularly go to the store and buy lots of very different products. When you shop regularly, you can make money and express your opinions about many products.

All you need to do is find the map and order the closest mission in the store (here called Shift) and start working at the specified time.

New missions appear on the application every day and you must complete them. EasyShift allows you to buy goods and provide feedback – for example, whether you like quality, taste, or other parameters.

Your watch is flexible and can be accessed anytime. In return, you can pay bills – all money goes to your PayPal account. For each task, EasyShift gives you clear step-by-step instructions to follow. Just follow the instructions, buy your favorite items and you can make money from them.

7. Online Shopping With Cash Back & Rewards: Shopkick


Gift cards are another way to pay for your purchases. In the Store application you can get money back from your purchases and receive gift cards for them.

Purchases that you make, you do in a way that is really habit – in your favorite store and the way you do it in normal life. You will receive a free offer for transactions automatically.

Your points that are accumulated in the Shop can be exchanged in many large stores – Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, and others. Each brand will offer you exclusive offers, which can only be found there.

All awards are converted into gift cards with real money that you can spend. Now you don’t need to look for a coupon and try to bring it to the cashier – everything will be in one application. Watch videos, shop, and everything the same way you always do.

8. i-Say Rewards your Opinion


Online research is an area for many people to earn money. The company collects opinions and surveys from various categories of people who have tried certain products or can help in developing projects.

The i-Say application is a collection of surveys where you can express your subjective opinion. You can carry it anytime, anywhere – all done for your convenience.

i-Say features a unique survey that gives you the chance to win prizes. You will be immediately notified of each survey, and you can immediately start working. You can even choose the survey that you like if you think it will be very helpful.

You can exchange points according to your wishes or withdraw to PayPal. Change your settings, check your balance, and get a free gift for your opinion.

9. Dosh


Dosh is an application that can help you get your money back from shopping or earning money. You need to book a place to live, buy groceries and other items, and you can get money for all this.

Shop, eat at your favorite restaurant, order food at home, you can get a refund for all your purchases. Dosh works with retail stores as well as restaurants and hotels.

Dosh will pay you back automatically for every purchase you make with them. Keep an eye on gifts that come to you with exclusive online shopping offers, so your permanent savings will increase.

Dosh gives you some kind of discount by giving you money back. You can get a refund of up to 40% in total – but the standard cashback size is lower. You can choose all your favorite places – you might find it in the application.

10. CheckPoints Rewards App


Gift cards and cashback during shopping will help save your budget significantly. CheckPoints can be one of your savings tools – because the service will return your money during any purchase.

When you make a daily purchase, you will automatically get a portion of your money into your account in the application to spend it on other things. This way you can save a lot of money, because you will spend less than the actual value of the product.

Store points at CheckPoints are collected with your receipt. You can scan and upload it to the application. You will be able to collect prizes in many places in a day, and you can immediately exchange your points with popular service gift cards. In addition to your receipts, you also have other ways to make money.

In CheckPoints there is a slot where you can win a large number of prize points. You spend it for all possible gifts in the application – receipts, bonus cards, gift certificates, and more. Even your luck can give your favorite coffee at the coffee shop!

11. Field Agent


The mystery agents in the shop are not secret service agents, they are ordinary people. You can also become a Field Agent and do the shopping as usual.

The development team is constantly looking for people who are ready to share their own opinions and experiences while shopping. You can influence the way large companies treat their customers, and what you think is unacceptable.

Field agents create many daily tasks that agents must do. You will be able to choose the option that is most appropriate for you – auditing, research, mystery shopping, and other options. You become a candidate for this job and fulfill your mission.

For each correct assignment and honest opinion, you will be able to get 3 to 20 dollars, which you can withdraw and spend. The most important thing you need to remember is that assignments often appear, so the more often you check Field Agents, the better your chances of producing!

Mobile applications are the best way to make a living or make a little extra money. If you have lots of free time, no connection, and want to benefit from it, then the mobile app is an option for you.

The main thing is to have a gadget that you can use to watch videos, play games, or perform tasks. This method is suitable for young people who have not been able to get a formal job.

Tasks and games can be very different, and you won’t always be able to choose them. After all, this is one of the easiest ways to get money, because you hardly make any effort.

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