11 Best Free Podcast Apps For Android 2020

11 Best Free Podcast Apps For Android 2020

Podcasts – this is, perhaps, the next most popular thing after music on our Android smartphones and tablets. The variety and level of distribution of podcasts is increasing every day – but you also need a decent application to listen to them. Fortunately, there is no shortage of applications, but here we have gathered what we think deserves your closest attention.

1. BeyondPod


BeyondPod – is one of the first applications to listen to podcasts, which are released on Android. A very large podcast database makes it possible to subscribe to interesting stations without having to add them manually. In terms of functionality, this program has various options, such as the ability to change speeds, listen to online broadcasts, playlists, and many others.

Previously, BeyondPod did not have external brightness, but now the appearance has changed, making it far more attractive. And so this is a very good application, which many people have remained loyal to for a long time – powerful, with many functions and access to large libraries that will please even the most demanding users.

In addition, this application is compatible with Chromecast devices and Feedly services. Thanks to the latter, you can even download old editions of podcasts that are no longer available, and then, synchronize news feeds between cellphones and computers.

This application is available in a trial version for seven days, completely free. A pleasant approach, which is not everywhere you can find. In addition, the strength of the application here is the opportunity to organize work with podcasts, which will be relevant for highly-powered consumers of this type of media product.

2. Podcast Addict


This application assumes free use by viewing advertisements or paid without it. What is lacking in terms of design, it is obtained at the expense of functionality. In addition to podcasts, this provides an opportunity to set up RSS feeds and YouTube channels, which are not permitted by competing applications.
Here you can listen to podcasts from various sources, as well as discover new ones, sorted by interests, channels, etc. Already turned into “pole support” for Chromecast also included.

To create a collection, you can use the default search or add the required source manually, in addition, podcasts can be imported automatically from the specified source, and then, if necessary, automatically deleted. In the application, it is possible to download interesting material, and listen online with the default player.

This program works well on all devices because it requires few resources. Share your podcast on the network, and also see other people’s videos and audio files in the default video player. Customizing widgets on the desktop, where you can monitor priority podcasts from around the world. This application has a variety of themes that you can choose more comfortable for your eyes!

3. Doggcatcher


This is another favorite of all time, which won the title of Android Central Editor’s Choice as the best application for podcasts. At that time competitors could not oppose anything to this application but now, when they gain strength, this application does not disappear in their background.
Of course, it would be nice to give Doggatcher a little sparkle but its strength is not in this reality but in easy work with podcasts – autoloading and deleting, playing at different speeds and convenient division into categories. Chromecast support is also presented.
With the help of DoggCatcher Podcast Player, you can download, watch and manage your favorite podcasts.
Download your favorite audio and video podcasts using the system’s search engine or view the top 100 to play them without being connected to the Internet. Celebrate your favorite podcasts and get other podcast recommendations that you might like.
In addition, you can interact with community users, as well as restrict access to programs by creating logins and passwords.

Here, too, there is a 7 day trial version, so before you exit, you can try the application at work.

4. Podcast Player


This application is for those whose appearance is important – the most “fashionable” in our top ranks, made in the style of Material Design. Looks chic, otherwise you wouldn’t say it. But this isn’t all a plus – the functionality here is also good, there is support for Chromecast and Android Wear. And it is worth noting separately the search possibilities – whatever you are looking for, shows or individual channels, you will surely find high-quality content.
The FM player is the most popular and convenient application for finding and listening to podcasts. With it, you can not only follow the creativity of your favorite podcasts, share interesting ones with your friends through social networks and listen to notes offline but also find new idols and like-minded people.
FM player has an intuitive interface and nice design. The main window of the program consists of several lists with podcasts, movements of which are carried out by snap and through the action panel. The latter will help you find the right podcast, will answer all questions in help and allow you to configure the application “for you.” This convenient program organization allows you to find interesting notes in seconds. Not surprisingly, FM Player has repeatedly hit the “glossy pages” of popular online magazines such as Android Central, Tested, or LifeHacker.
A separate word must be said about the possibility of application. About 30,000 podcasters from iTunes, BeyondPod, PocketCasts and other services, more than 120 different categories, the ability to listen offline and download notes to the device, synchronize between all user devices and widgets that are convenient for desktops. And these are not all “chip” applications.
FM player will definitely be your favorite application for listening to interesting podcasts. At home, in the office, in the car, on the bus or even on the moon, the application will function properly and make you happy!

And this application is completely free.

5. AntennaPod


Among the free options, the AntennaPod application is worth noting. Here we have a minimalist design, and a set of basic functions will suffice for non-demanding users.
Among the advantages are also noteworthy the presence of various playback options, as well as startup by releasing new podcasts, and auto-delete after listening. Unfortunately, there is no support for Chromecast yet.
At present the following functions are implemented:

  1. Download and stream release.
  2. Change the playback speed (requires Presto Sound Library or Prestissimo).
  3. Support for Atom and RSS feeds.
  4. OPML imports and exports.
  5. Integration with Flattr.
  6. Widget for the home screen.
  7. Look for it
  8. Channel automatic update.
  9. Automatically download new releases.
  10. Sleep timer.
  11. Integration with MiroGuide.
  12. Access to subscriptions.
  13. Synchronize subscriptions with the service.
  14. Support for table of contents in MP3, VorbisComment, and Podlove Simple Chapters formats.

6. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts


This application is for devices running the Android operating system, which is designed for listening to podcasts. This player has repeatedly deserved the best reviews, including foreign publications. This is largely due to a very good application interface design. See, good tile design is quite pleasing to the eye.
When you enter the application, you can view the recording in tile form. Each entry is a tile.
In the application, everything is adjusted for a convenient podcast search on topics such as sports, news, comedy shows, and so on. A very interesting feature is the creation of the so-called user station, allowing you to make interesting recordings of airwaves.
First, you choose a topic that interests you, for example, technology and lifestyle, then see what is offered. The video is displayed in the form of a timeline, you can see the name and the author, in addition, in a prominent place, there are two buttons: to play now or pause and listen later. Pending podcasts will be stored in a separate section, they can always be returned. With the push of a button, you can make the delayed audio available offline, you will have what to listen to on your way to the office or while jogging in the park. You can create your own playlist.

If the suggested video doesn’t work for you, you can search more accurately, for example, directly to the desired section.

You can view subheadings: in education, you can only choose history or only language, or news in the training field; in games – video games, cars, handicrafts. There is a large section for parents, for those who are interested in science, sports, business, etc.

You can place likes from videos that you like, the application picks it up when creating audio ratings. There is an opportunity to post your favorite stories on social networks. In total, there are more than 25 thousand podcasts in the application. Subscription removes advertisements from services, longer as long as no additional services are provided so the application can be fully used free of charge.

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts has received many awards and warm words for rich features, excellent design, and comfort.

7. Podcast Republic


Podcast Republic does an excellent job in managing and playing podcasts, audio books, YouTube channels, and streaming radio listings. In the application, you can subscribe to, view, and listen to podcasts. You can broadcast podcasts without downloading and uploading to listen without access to the Internet. A number of playlists, synchronization between devices, OPML import and export, many languages, special markup for tablets, integration with Chromecast, Android Wear, and Android Auto are supported. The default media player can play podcasts at different speeds, remember the position of the swivel slider, connect via Bluetooth and support the sleep timer. This application can be flexibly configured, settings are available on two levels, global and for each podcast separately.

In addition, it is better to highlight the side menu, opened with the appropriate movements. In it, we can choose the country where our chart will be formed. Also, in this menu, you can configure track and podcast synchronization with Dropbox cloud storage.

Well, the main element of the Podcast Republic application is a widget. There are two of them, they only differ in size and allow you to control the reproduction of podcasts.

Podcast Republic is a good program for listening to podcasts on an Android device. Convenient, sophisticated and beautiful, because it offers a functional player and a number of useful functions, for example, synchronization with Dropbox, gesture control, and so on.

8. NPR One


NPR One for Android – is an amazing program that won’t leave you out of the way, in the process of doing your things, and only in your free time. What is the program? Its main function is the ability to listen to podcasts, which is very large in the application. When you first start the program, you will see a large list of different podcasts on various topics. At any time, you can switch from one radio station to another. Really all stations are available for free listening – and this is probably the main advantage of such a program.

What is a podcast? This is an original story that appeals to a particular audience. Some people like to listen to simple stories, others like to read the latest news, others want to listen to cool music. This application is very feasible on the grounds that the developer managed to combine all the most useful in one project. There is radio and music and podcasts here – there is no analog that offers you such a mix. The developers themselves say that they have been working on the project for a long time. That’s understandable, because it’s far from easy to collect a large number of stations in one application, and several radio stations are created by the developers themselves.

Features of NPR One for Android:

Beautiful and stylish decoration. Yes, one can say that such a factor is not at all important. But, you know, if the program isn’t designed beautifully, then certain inconveniences are created – the eyes get bored working with utilities quickly, and interest starts to disappear to projects, whose designs are far from the best. But here by design everything is fine – the style of the program does not attract attention, does not interfere with the application, and at the same time looks beautiful.
A large number of radio stations on various topics. Thanks to a large number of stations, every listener will be able to find something interesting for himself. This application is not intended for a specific audience – this can be useful for every user.
Free – You don’t have to pay to listen to one or the other station. Some analogs (after a while using the application) ask for money for further work with this program. But in this case, we don’t have to face such problems.

9. CastBox


To create the world’s most loved things in one place now possible with the free Radio Music – CastBox application.
This application provides amazing opportunities to explore many free audio and video podcasts, make your favorite list and play it anytime. The program is divided into various categories for convenience. In the recommended tab, you can see all types of popular graphs, which allow you to find out coercive events. Add freebies to your list of favorite podcasts from new product categories and also subscribe to regular updates to not miss anything.

But this is not the only advantage of the CastBox application on Android. With it, you can easily share and send large streams of music, videos or photos to social networks. And to send all the media information needed to watch your TV will not be difficult, nor will it take time with this program. In addition, CastBox supports various file formats.

Don’t lose interesting films and videos, just listen to your favorite music, save pleasant memories in photos and all of this is easily shared with friends – these are the main features of the owner of the CastBox application on Android.

10. LucidPod


There is nothing special about it, but thanks to that you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts, watch updates, and listen to any podcast without problems and comfort. Of course, it’s a good idea from the developers to add the ability to download podcasts so you can listen without the internet.

As mentioned above, the interface is implemented so that you don’t need to do a lot of unnecessary movements to start listening for cues. Open search, find podcasts or authors, register and turn on podcasts. In the future, it’s only enough to start the application and choose the podcast that you need to start listening. Under the name of the podcast, the number of new entries is always displayed, making it easier to track updates. As soon as you start listening, the notification automatically displays a button for quick control, but it’s nice to have a button for fast rewind with 10 seconds backward or 30 seconds forward.

There are no settings for the application, which is quite logical because the developers themselves are guided by the development for maximum simplicity. Together with LucidPod, listening to podcasts is very simple, and most importantly – convenient. Without the offline listening function, the application will not attract much sympathy, but because it already exists, this application can be recommended for everyone.

  1. Add podcasts via RSS link (just paste the link into the search bar).
  2. Import from OPML file.
  3. Download episodes to listen without access to the network.
  4. Lock screen: start / pause, 10 seconds, Back, 30 seconds. carry on.
  5. Mark all previous episodes as heard.
  6. A practical hint showing the number of new episodes and downloads.
  7. Easy access to the list of downloaded episodes.
  8. The interface is adjustable for one-handed use.
  9. Supports the link.

11. TuneIn Radio


TuneIn is a free application that lets you listen to more than 70,000 radio stations from all over the world using an Internet connection. Tunnel turns your device into a source of music, political and sports news, podcasts, and radio stations from around the world.
“Car Mode” has large buttons and voice search capabilities, which makes it easy to use the application and allows you to not be disturbed from the road. Select one of the many categories in the main menu of the application and select the appropriate radio station or search for a radio station by name.
Radio Tuneln app features:

  1. Works over the Internet but for proper operation, it will be enough even to have a GPRS connection.
  2. The user has more than 100,000 radio stations, more than 4,000,000 podcasts.
  3. The largest music library, news, sports and talk station in the world.
  4. You can choose the best podcasts, local radio, etc.

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