11 Best Car Locator Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Car Locator Apps For Android & iOS

We all face situations when we lose a parked car because we forget where the car was parked. We are in a hurry or not concentrating. Sometimes it’s funny and we laugh at ourselves. But if it’s repeated it’s not funny at all.

We can park the car in a new place or when we go to another city and we cannot be well oriented there. Fortunately there are many free and paid car location finder apps made for Android and iOS devices. Below is a list of 11 car search applications. Check them out.

1. Anchor Pointer Compass GPS


Anchor Pointer Compass is an application that does not use the internet other than GPS signals. This application only works in open areas and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities. One of the most important features of this application for us is the ability to find our car wherever we park it. During this problem recently it became very large because of the large number of cars in the cities.

The key is in the pin used in this application for any location. Don’t forget to embed the location of your car in the application so that when you return, you will find it sooner than usual. That is precisely what is called Anchor Pointer. Throw the anchor and go back there. Whenever you need to go back to the car, you only need to press the button called My car’s Fing. This application will draw a line to your car and estimate the estimated time to reach it on foot.

Most of the use of this application can be found in cities and in nature when you are hiking or hunting and must return to your car parked somewhere in the forest. The good thing is GPS is a more reliable signal source than cellular data.

2. Parking Pin


Pin Parking is another application to help you park and then search for cars using GPS signal and pin features. Pin your car location using this application and get rid of headaches related to car search.

Before searching for a car, I guess you need to find a parking space to leave the car. This application is able to show all available parking places during the past 30 days. After you finish the first task, embed the location of the car and the application will calculate the distance between you and your car and the time needed to reach that place.

This application also displays your way around the car, the date and how long you have parked the car. It might be important because of the limited parking space in the city.

Pin Parking uses GPS signal and there is no internet and wifi just like the previous application on our list. This application is also available only for iOS devices and is not free. The price is less than $ 1.

3. Car Finder


Car Finder is quite simple and neat with several features. It has a comprehensive and user-friendly interface and design that simplifies the use of this application.

Car seekers can mainly do three things:

  1. take photos of cars or parked vehicles.
  2. Save location on the map via GPS.
  3. Other notes can be added to the application such as the number of parking slots somewhere in the mall.

The third feature is additional but no less useful. Very often parking is placed underground in buildings when we can use GPS signals. For this, we often try to remember where we parked. number and level. But more often we forget it. So it’s better to take a photo and save one application.

This application is free with advertisements. There are no additional in-app purchases and there is no option to share the location of the car.

4. Find my parked car


Find my parked car can be the most popular application on our list. It has a simple design and easy interface that does not require additional time to get used to it. There are two actions that are required by the user.

First of all, press the application button to save the place of your car. When you need to find your car simply press the next button to find your vehicle. As long as we live in a city that continues to grow with difficult infrastructure and parking problems, we need applications that can help us to be oriented in the city. Finding your own car can be a difficult task.

This application offers us a map where there will be two places: one for cars and one for us. In addition, the application will display the latitude and longitude of the car location. Precision will also be displayed.

This application is free with advertisements, but also offers in-app purchases.

5. ParKing: Where is my car?


The ParKing application will save you time to show the exact location of your car, save parking space beforehand in the history log and will remind you when it’s time to take the car out. Parking is an application that is only available for high-level Android devices and with a large number of downloads. People consider it nice and comfortable.

First of all, it offers the main features that we look for in the application. This saves the last parking space you put your car. This saves the exact location of your place of parking. In addition, you do not need to find a parking space again and again at the same address. This application stores everything in history with the option to show their location on the map. You can even edit any note in the history or delete it completely.

In situations where you have limited parking time, you can set reminders through the application. The alarm will notify you when your time is running out. In case if you park your car indoors, you can make photos of the car and the parking slot through the application itself.

6. Find My Car


Find my car is a simple but sophisticated application created to help park a car or find a car. It has many standard features that are useful such as GPS navigation, saving the place of the car and making a route. However, it has many other features such as sharing the location of a car or sending an alarm message to your friends if you are in trouble or get lost somewhere.

This application can save different locations and save them in the application for other cases. You can use any map application with GPS position to see the location of the car. Of course, because you can guess the application requires a GPS signal. However, if you lose the signal, you can use the default compass to navigate in another city or location.

This application is completely free but comes with ads that can be removed with one payment.

7. Apple maps


Apple Maps is another option to save where you park your car and easy to use. Not everyone who is accustomed to using Apple Maps knows that he can save where they parked the car just by pinning the location.

Likewise for all applications on our list, we can track the way back to our car using this application. This application is not specifically made for cars but here we have the added benefit of applications that help in our daily environment.

Apple Maps is the only application in our list that is famous and has a big name. We all know about its features but we don’t know that we can use the application in a different way instead of the standard. Of course, it does not display photography as well as timely reminders. But maybe that is not important for some of us.

8. ‎Find Your Car with AR


AR means augmented reality. Why does this application have a name like that? Because it uses the reality of an enlarged 3D image. Sometimes it can be more useful because it allows you to recognize where you parked the car. However, this application also has the option to use maps. You can switch between maps and 3D images with one tap on the screen.

Find Your Car with the AR application can remember the location of your car, street name, date and time. After finding a place and parking the car simply touch the button I parked here. Adjust the accuracy, high or normal. Height is more suitable for large parking lots.

Premium accounts offer additional features such as storing parking spaces and adding them to favorites for the next time you come in the same location. As long as our cities are large, we forget convenient places to park cars. We can’t remember everything and spend less time searching for a place, we just add the location to the list of favorite parking lots.

9. SpotAngels


Spot Angels – is a large community of drivers united by the idea of sharing parking spaces. The more you share a place with other members, the more convenient, the parking process will suit you. Thus you will find parking easier through this application. This application has almost all the biggest cities in the US at its base.

However, the main feature that we look for in this application is the ability to find your own car after parking. Cars work with maps and display where you parked the car. So you won’t lose it. At the same time, this simplifies the process of finding a parking space also using a map. In addition, the application will send a notification if there is street cleaning so you can more quickly bring your car from the parking lot.

This application also shares parking offers and temporary discounts, if you choose to park it here or there. check prices and find deals to save just by parking your vehicle.

This application is available for Android and iOS devices.

10. Fixy – Find My Car


Fixy is another forward dedicated to simplification for parking your car. It offers many features ranging from saving the location of your car to setting an alarm reminder.

Let me explain the features. This application will not only show the time your car was parked in the same parking lot. Due to the time limit set in several parking lots, car owners must keep up with the time. For example, some airports have a free parking time of around 15-20 minutes. More than 20 minutes must be paid. So, having an application notification will remind you to leave the parking lot on time. You can even re-enter the same parking for 20 minutes free.

If the parking lot occupies a large space or you leave the car in one place while moving a little further from it, you might have trouble finding the car later. Save yourself through this application. it will let you save a place and then trace the route to your car. Select a different map You can follow the route to find a car even without using the GPS speaker guide.

11. Parked Car Locator


The latest simple application functions as a parking aid not to find a car park but to find the car itself. Parked Car Locator is a sophisticated application with all the useful features.

This application memorizes where you parked the car and shows the route from to your location. Also, the estimated time you parked the car. As we already know some parking places limit the time you can put the car. Previous locations are also saved in the application. They are collected in history.

This application also offers a different map display. This additional feature is also useful because of places where you can’t easily navigate and need to see places around you.

Despite the fact that this application is only available for Android devices, this is very popular and has a high level.

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