10 Free music streaming apps for Android & iOS

10 Free music streaming apps for Android & iOS

Music streaming applications are increasingly popular. This is the best way for smartphone owners to get access to a huge database of music tracks anytime, anywhere. You can listen to your favorite music on any device. Very comfortable.

Music has become an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Previously, the music player was one of the most popular portable devices. But now the smartphone has replaced it.

This list contains the best music streaming applications, with which you can enjoy your favorite music.

1. 8tracks playlist radio

The 8tracks radio playlist application will allow you to listen to music wherever and whenever you feel comfortable.

He has collected more than 50 million musical compositions. Listen to representatives from various genres. You will also receive individual recommendations. They will replace your favorite music collection.

With this application, you will dive into the ocean of the best music. Learn about new hits from your favorite artists by entering special notifications.

Use easy search. So, you can find songs by genre, title, or artist. You can also start playing random music from the recommendations section.

Mark what you like and what you no longer want to hear. So the 8tracks radio playlist application in the future will be able to make for you the best music choices.

Each song has lyrics and clips if there are any. So, you can sing along to your favorite hits or even take part in karaoke. To do this, open the special section of the 8tracks radio playlist application.

Create a personal music collection. Add your favorite tracks to your favorites and share with your friends. To do this, you can register in the application using email.

2. TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts

The TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcast application is a unique and convenient streaming service for listening to music.

This application can recommend you new music that you definitely like. How does it work? During the week you listen to music in the application.

Next Tuesday, you will create a playlist based on what you listen to. This is one of the main benefits of the TuneIn application – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts.

Playlists consist of 30 tracks, of which you will definitely like 50%. You can’t restore a playlist last week.

Thus, you need to immediately save your favorite tracks to your favorites or to your playlists. Listening to this music you will provide application information on the basis of which he will prepare the next choice for you.

The TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts application also offers daily choices. They start with a few songs that you listen to and then continue with new songs.

Interestingly, this service sorts your tracks into collections by genre. For this kit, he adds a composition that matches the mood. Usually, you get about three to four playlists per day.

Listening to your playlist, you can disable the “repeat everything” option. Then, after playing the last song, songs like the contents of your playlist will start playing.

This service has a large number of playlists themselves. Usually, they are divided by genre or mood. Collection of good quality for every taste. In addition, you can use other users’ popular playlists.

3. Spotify Listen to music, podcasts and new songs

Spotify Listening to music, podcasts and new songs is one of the most popular music services used by people around the world.

This application has become famous thanks to cloud features. Favorite songs can be downloaded to the cloud, which is synchronized with the phone. Thus, music will be available offline.

This service places a strong emphasis on famous artists. Unlike other similar projects, the application offers a popular group as the main one.

Spotify Application Listening to music, podcasts and new songs ranks well because of the possibility of choosing sound quality.

Not everyone has a smartphone with high system requirements. In this case, loading with poor sound quality helps.

At first glance, this application might seem simple and even limited to the music listening function. But this is not true. In the service, it is possible to communicate with other application users.

You can take part in news discussions about your favorite artists. Offer friendship to your interlocutor.

Also available to you daily updates about publications and music news in the world. You can listen to music and at the same time read the latest shows about the group. Make comments and share links with friends.

Spotify Listen to music, podcasts and new songs is an application with all the functions available on your smartphone. Music albums, radio stations, chats, publications, news feeds, and more in one application.

4. Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts

Pandora – Music, Radio & Podcast Streaming Application will be an excellent assistant for you in finding and listening to music.

This application has an extensive music library. In total, more than 30 million songs are available for users. Among them there are many artists from different genres.

Also here you will find exclusive releases. Even music lovers with certain tastes will find it easy to find any type of music.

This is for a good algorithm that the Pandora application – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts is liked by millions of users around the world.

This service offers special playlists, which are updated every Tuesday. It also contains recommended tracks. There are also tabs with dozens of popular and little-known artists, chosen based on your taste.

Apart from playlists with recommendations, there is an updated daily collection here. They consist of favorite and new songs, divided by genre. The listening statistics are collected with difficulty. At the end of the year, service is total steep.

At the same time, the accuracy of recommendations can be improved by placing likes. They are available in all collections.

All tracks marked with a heart are not taken into account in the recommendation. They are stored in your favorites list, from which you can listen to them or put them in a separate playlist.

A large listener community with good taste is also a plus. Thanks to the public playlist feature, you can subscribe to a friend’s collection.

5. YouTube Music – Streaming Songs & Music Videos


The YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos application is a new streaming service for listening to music. Here you can find what you like. Listen to all songs for free.

To start using this application, you need to register. During registration, you must state your favorite music genre. After that, the application will ask you to choose three favorite artists from this genre.

These steps will help the YouTube Music application – Streaming Music Songs & Videos prepare a selection of recommendations for you. You can skip this step if you want to start using the application immediately.

The unique feature of this application is the feature selection recommendation. These are things that, based on your music preferences, choose music for you. Something like a personal radio, but with the ability to skip tracks that are not liked.

YouTube Music Application – Streaming Songs & Music Videos allows you to save music to your device. This significantly saves cellular traffic.

You can listen to music from any playlist in the desired order. Listen to podcasts and radio stations directly. This is useful for those who are interested in world music, trends or learning a foreign language.

You can create and listen to your own playlists, only compiled from your favorite works.

In addition, here you can listen to the entire album of your favorite artists. Find musicians of the same genre. For this, special tips will help you. You will learn about many interesting teams that play music that was previously unknown.

6. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

The SoundCloud – Music & Audio application is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world.

A large number of users are registered here. This application presents a large catalog of music from various genres and artists.

To start listening to your favorite music, you must register. You can do this using an email or account on any social network.

In the first stage after registration, you will be asked to declare a “starting point” service. This is used to start more successful dives into the world of music. Choose your favorite genre and music artist.

After that, you will be welcomed by the start page. Here you will see the latest releases, editorial choices, and recommendations for you. It should be noted that the playlist and editorial options in this service are good.

More accurate recommendations will appear after you start listening to music every day. Mark the song as “favorite” or “unloved”, create and edit your own playlist.

The application fulfills its main function: it allows you to listen to music.

SoundCloud Application – Benefits of Music & Audio:

a large base of various musicians
editorial compilation
automatic recommendations
beautiful blanket
speed and smooth work

This free application lets you listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere. You can share your playlist with other users from the SoundCloud – Music & Audio application. Download your favorite tracks to your mobile to listen without internet.

7. LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events

LiveXLive music streaming application – Music Streaming and Live Events will be especially interesting for music lovers. Using a special algorithm, the application records every song you listen to.

Then add it to your account statistics. In your account, you can see the number of songs listened to. Check popularity ratings among all your songs and artists.

Based on statistics, the LiveXLive application – Music Streaming and Live Events recommends your music. The more statistics, the more accurate the recommendations.

This application also allows you to listen to online radio based on your taste in music. You can add other users as friends and watch your “music compatibility” with it.

When you open the program, three tabs appear in front of you: profile, event, and search.

Profile. All information about you is in this tab. List of favorite songs, most popular songs, and artists. Quick access to their friends and online radio.

Events Information about the event you are subscribed to, recommendations and events closest to you.

Search Quick search for artists, songs or genres. When you click on the artist found, a brief information about him opens.

The main task of the LiveXLive program – Streaming Music and Live Events is to record music that is heard on the phone. As such, all arrangements are dedicated to this.

Here you can listen to your favorite music for free and discover something new for yourself.

8. Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts

The Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts application is intended to listen to music for free. But, this has extra advantages. Here you can receive recommendations and make audition ratings.

To start using the application, you must register. Now you can visit your personal profile and listen to stored music.

Then you can use the ability to choose recommendations. When you listen to music, you can add tracks and skip them.

So the Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts application will understand what you like and can make recommendations.

Recommendations can be chosen separately for artists, albums, songs and events. In the “Events” section you can find information about upcoming concerts. In addition, here you can change locations to see what concerts will be held in other cities.

We turn to personal statistics. On your page displays basic information about your audition:

the total amount of drama
the number of artists you listen to
the number of tracks you marked as favorites
Next are the current statistics of each.

All sections can be configured by period (week, month, year, etc.). Also in some sections, you can adjust the appearance of the “cover”.

Next is the “Library” section. Here you can see your statistics for different time periods.

There are sections with subscriptions and customers. Here you can browse your friends’ music and recommendations. There is also a “Neighbors” section – these are people with similar tastes.

Every artist, every album, every song has its own page. On the artist page, you can write a comment.

9. Stingray Qello

The Stingray Qello application is a music streaming service from the best developers in this field.

To start using this application, just start and do a few simple steps. The first is email authorization. The second is the initial tuning of music preferences.

You can also use a recommendation system based on your music preferences. Listen to more different types of music – recommendation systems are getting smarter.

This is dream radio, where every next song is more fun than the previous one.

This service is rich in quality playlists. Good professionally created editors and other service users. They can be shared or added to yourself. If the author will make changes to them (add or remove tracks), you will see this change.

Here you will find a variety of music for every taste. You can also add your own music if you don’t have enough ready-made content. To do this, use the special “My Downloads” section.

The Stingray Qello application is very fast. All music compositions are loaded very quickly and have high quality sound. Also, almost every song here has song lyrics. So, you don’t need to do additional searches if you want to sing with your favorite artists.

In addition, you will find many collections and radio stations based on your taste. Thousands of station variations, automatic and author selection, playlists, and recommendations.

10. Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes for Free

Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes Free is an application for musicians and listeners. Artists can share their content, and listeners discover new artists and music.

This application has many mixes and songs that you can listen to. Download it for free depending on the artist. You can find new artists that you have never heard of.

Here collected as a music industry legend, and the latest news. You can create your own playlists that are comfortable to listen to even without the internet.

Subscribe to your friends if you are registered in the Audiomack app Download New Music & Mixtapes Free. By the way, registration here is very simple.

To do this, you can use your account on any social network or email. When you subscribe to a friend or artist account, you can see what type of music they listen to. In addition, you can share your composition with him.

Also here you can listen to interesting radio or podcasts. Get the latest news from the world of music in a special section. Very convenient to combine business with pleasure. Listen to music and learn many new things without leaving the application.

The Audiomack application Download New Music & Mixtapes Free to function properly in the background. This means you can use other programs while listening to music.

In the “Popular” section you will find the hottest hits that are heard by millions of users. Here you can adjust the genre to see what is relevant today.

On the search page, you can easily find tracks or songs from any artist. You can also use the advanced options. This is useful if you want to listen to certain genres and themes, but don’t know what to choose.

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